Caption Time #278

Caption Time #278


  1. He does look like he’s hitting the age where he’s going to buy himself a lock for his bedroom door and a left-handed mouse for his computer.

  2. djb200

    Are you sure that you didn’t Photoshop some D & D geek’s head from the early 80″s onto a W O W geek’s body? That kid is retro 70’s/80’s, disco/pop. I look at him and immediately remember watching Dukes of Hazzard, Solid Gold and Sat. morning cartoons. God, I’m old.

  3. Little Billy never really understood girls. For some reason, when he would try to impress them with talk of his level 80 Elven Mage, their eyes would glass over for a minute or two then they would run screaming away from him. Perhaps it was his hair style……. :limp:

  4. fruf

    Warfrickengeekcraft WTF this throwbwck to the 80ies needs a haircut and loss of his viginity

  5. A little makeup and a proper cape and I’ll look just like me mum…

    πŸ˜† @ LtY

  6. junkman

    -what do you think of my magic clothes peg?
    -what? alot of heros wear avacado towel capes!
    -i traded my penis for this game.
    -i have more power than my dad leif garrett

  7. Looking back through old pictures, Todd came upon this reminder of the day that his Ability To Attract Members Of The Opposite Sex power level fell to zero.

  8. If his parents took this picture, I think it qualifies as child abuse.

  9. Bigwavdave

    Neil Diamond before he got his first guitar.

  10. It’s amazing what you can get people to do when the stakes are high and the IQ is low!

  11. Doug B

    That was me, before I started using Old Spice Swagger.

  12. Patrick

    Doug Henning Jr? Sadly, that picture is not a remnant of the 80’s. It’s barely a year old, it seems. His mom never got over her first crush. And he never grew the stones to say, “Mom, I want a fucking haircut”!

  13. Bec

    [quote comment=”629700″]-
    -i have more power than my dad leif garrett[/quote]
    LOL, I was laughing thinking Shawn Cassidy, but you are right, it is a clone from Leif Garrett

  14. I’ve been dying to think up something quirky about that big green plastic clothespin, like the URU CLOTHESPIN OF POWER, but I just cannot get my brain around to it.

    Nope, I got nothin’


  15. “Okay Mom, before you cut my hair, THIS is what I want it to look like. I don’t want a mullet… again.”

  16. Timm

    Even though he’s geeky or dorky or whatever, I’m a little bit jealous. I’m tired of this being a grown-up shit. Sometimes I want to go back to being a kid. I want to ride the school bus not drive the school bus. haha

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