1. Please tell me that Ross is driving the car and a cliff is very near by.

  2. Drusky

    Looks like a picture of StevieC’s very first ‘do it yourself’ exhaust pipe kit… 😆 😛

  3. AlexBallew

    What a hoser!

  4. [Comment ID #386087 will appear here]

    My pipe is so long I’ve got to wrap it around a few times to keep it from dragging :wang:

  5. patrick

    Looks like a visualization of Drew Caery’s “101 ‘My Dick Is So Big’ Jokes”. “My dick is so big, when I say I ‘laid pipe’, I used a trenching tool”. “My dick is so big, it has its own forklift”. “My dick is so big, it needs a front end lift kit”. ahahahaha, sometimes I crack my own ass up. Thank you and good night. I’ll be here until Sunday. Don’t forget to tip the waitresses. And oh by the way, try the veal.

  6. patrick

    Fuck, I misspelled Carey. Missed it by that much

  7. Spud

    Nice yellow rope tying it together, apart from that, I see nothing unremarkable about this picture, seems like a perfectly viable and safe method to transport pipe.

  8. Drusky

    Why does ‘Kissing with Ross’ look very much like my sucker fish going after the stuff that grows on the side of the tank? :wtf:

  9. Bigwavdave

    So, he’s trying to commit suicide, but borrowed the hose and didn’t ant to cut off a piece?

  10. Bigwavdave

    Actually that hose was stolen from Chernobyl and will be used at the dairy farm… :puke:

  11. Bigwavdave

    Unable to afford gas, Ivan decides to find a tanker truck and siphon off enough to get him to Minsk.

  12. [Comment ID #386165 will appear here]

    funny how all men think they have enough to make jokes like that!!! 😛 :limp:


    Is a vette? NYET!


    No, I said I needed a LUBE job…..

  15. Russ

    You’ve obviously never been to Home Depot in Southern California. Not that I have anything against Hispanics. They can be very creative in a comical way.

    Mobile irrigation in its infancy.

    Mandy – please just a little to my right (your avatar) :wang:

  16. In Soviet Russia, pipe and hose drive you!

    Man, what a hoser!

    This guy was definitly a psycho hose beast!

    Man, what a HO(se)!

    Yuri got it wrong, Santa said Ho Ho Ho, not hose hose hose!

    They see me rollin’ they be hatein’. I got my hose…..

    I could go on and on and on……

  17. Chris S.

    The second most dangerous way to drive, behind talking on a cell phone.

  18. Supercharged_goddess

    :limp: :puke: ross: :puke: :puke: :limp:

  19. julesOdeNile
    • giant pipe goes rollerskating
    • attack of the killer pipes
    • “mommy look, no eyes!”
    • “we’ll move everything but the kitchen sink…”
    • “HOSE-r your daddy!”
      at this point i take a break to think out loud “how did Ivan get INTO his truck, let alone make it all the way out onto the free way???????”
  20. Due to a spelling mistake in a training message from Al Queda to the Chechen insurgency, the local terrorists began attacking the Russian occupying forces with ‘Suicide Plumbers’.

  21. julesOdeNile

    [Comment ID #386391 will appear here]

    good one 😀

  22. julesOdeNile

    A [local] attempt at a scientific means to the emissions and pollution issue: “let smoke swirl around the long pipe causing it to loose all pollutants along the walls of apparatus, end result will be hydrogen and water – good for the environment!!!” can i hear “Nobel Price!?!”

  23. Well, sure it takes longer to fill up, but those 12 extra gallons mean that I don’t have to stop for gas as often.

  24. junkman

    could someone please drive this lada up the ass of ross and send him to an early rapture? i will kill his pet after.

  25. How did the get in and Now, how are they going to get out?
    Crazy Pic.

  26. Drusky

    [Comment ID #386391 will appear here]

    Actually, they were told to ‘blow up a bus’ and figured with a longer hose attached to the tail pipe, they wouldn’t burn their lips this time… 🙄

  27. Lake Effect

    [Comment ID #386671 will appear here]

    Well, that’s funnier than what I was gonna post,
    so never mind.

  28. Bigwavdave

    :puke: I decided to check out “Ross” after the odd comments…PEOPLE!!! please give us a warning about that sort of SHIT. :wtf:

  29. [Comment ID #386729 will appear here]

    Damn! Now I’ve got to Spray 9 my monitor. blech

  30. Today Ivan finally decided he needed to buy a tanker truck if he was to succeed at his new septic sucking business, oh sure hauling the hose was no problem but the trunk full of shit was killing his MPG. :wtf:

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