38 thoughts on “Caption Time #242

  1. OK – It’s either the line at Dave’s Starbucks, or somewhere around San Francisco…Are those man-titties?

  2. Cruella deVille’s contribution to the San Francisco Gay Pride parade! And yes, unfortunately, those are man boobs.

  3. There seems to be a third “dalmatian” on the left side of the picture. Three-some! Doggy-doggy style! Puppy chain! Hmmm…. Wondering why they didn’t make-up their arms and legs. And the one with the “man titties” (right), is the bitch, see the other ‘teats’ for the pups to suckle upon? Uggh. Definitely not the image I wanted to see before going to bed….

    Hey Dave, Starbucks is closing 600 stores nationwide. Is Royal Oak losing any?

  4. Note to self: Do NOT look at this picture before you go to bed or dalmation moobs will haunt your dreams all night. :wtf: :dead:

  5. Yes, there definitely is a third dalmatian there on the left, but please, Please tell me there aren’t 101 of them!

  6. “This is Bob Barker reminding you to spay and neuter your pets…”

    I’ll bet there will be some leg humping tonite… 😈

  7. Guy on the left is thinking, “I feel sick is my tongue spotted?” The guy on the right is thinking, “this is my Jack Nicholson impression if Jack Nicholson were a dog.”

  8. [Comment ID #385673 will appear here]

    I really think you missed the boat here. If these guys aren’t sniffing each other’s ass & “doggy styling it” right after this pic, my gaydar is broken.

  9. Bob Barker (hehe it’s really his name) would be rolling in his grave…………….oooooooo wait he’s not dead yet.

  10. [Comment ID #386117 will appear here]

    yeah, I think he is, haven’t you seen “Weekend at Bernie’s”……only for Bob, it was the Beauties holding him up……and I’m saying this as a longtime fan of Bob Barker and Drew’s show… :wtf:

  11. ‘Doug, could I speak with you for a moment’ .

    ‘Honey, is it important? I’m busy preparing for the school governers meeting tomorrow’

    ‘Well, I was just looking through the images on your camera of the insecticide solutions conference you went to with Greg last week in Miami’…

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