Hold up, son

Now hold up, son

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  1. Spud

    Okay, I’ll bite.

    WTF is it :wtf: a bird smuggling racket smashed at Heathrow Airport?

    Your last budgie caught in a drain pipe?


  2. Spud

    Well, whatever it means, the bird looks like it’s about to take a chunk out of those fingers.


  3. cbatdux

    One of the original Yardbirds sings one of their early hits….

    The finger = para-meat

    Squawk to the finger

  4. Driver

    From the looks of that picture I’d say the beheading is about to begin .

    I’m reminded of the movie -The Hills Have Eyes- MMMMMMM Parakete . 😛

  5. Amanda B.

    The HELL w/spiders…now I’m terrified of that SATAN CAT!!!!!
    HO-LY-SHIT! 👿

  6. Omega

    Eh? That’s no parakeet. It’s a cockatiel, a relative and fellow member of the parrot family. And judging by the relative size of that finger, I’d guess that the bird has only just grown into those feathers.

    And if you actually have one of those birds, you would know that that face is relatively normal. Dave, you disappoint me. This post was far too :limp: for me.

  7. Zinta

    Ahhhhh… TASTE LIKE CHICKEN!!!!

  8. After years of experimental video shoots with “Rupert” he went missing. I see that he has turned up in the local animal shelter!

  9. liza

    :wtf: :wtf: :wtf:
    i wonder why the satan cat is still at the animal shelter?

  10. don’t fuck with me. i’ll take that finger right the fuck off. serioulsy. this happened, once, already, to the guy before you. yeah, remember all the screaming? that was him, losing his finger because he thought he could just go up and touch some dude. i ain’t the bitch, man. you touch me without my permission, you better hope you got two things: an ice bucket for your finger and motherfucking glass of ice cold milk for all the teeth you’re gonna lose. i trained in the “Kicking Your Ass Through Town” school of hard-ass knocks, beeyatch.

    now give me a dollar and get on your way. go on, now, git! :wtf:

  11. Drusky

    -Are those fingers original or extra crispy?
    YOU try being crammed into a small egg and then hatching out only to be poked at by a set of fat fingers…
    -That’s right, bud! I’m a nasty chicken hawk and I’ll rip those annoying, pesky fingers right off your smelly hand. Then, I’ll peck your eyes out and, for the crowning glory, I’ll fly outside and crap on your car! Grrrrrrrrr! 😈

  12. mikeB

    That bird is giving him the bird

  13. Amanda B.

    Hey OMEGA, chill the fuck out! It’s just a blog!

  14. silentstorm

    All I have to say is….Satan Cat, WTF…I will make sure my cat doesn’t watch that

  15. C Bannan

    I told you: Polly doesn’t want to suck your dick 😈
    Polly don’t roll that way, whitey
    Polly says: Thems had better be fingers

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