Caption Time #133

Caption Time #133

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  1. Spud

    1. “They all come to Big Al’s Restroom for the Stars”

    2. “Heeeeyyyy watch this!….”

    3. “Big Al had already decided the night before, that if the mime with the spotted pants came in again and jumped over his nice clean tiles, that this was the day he had to die…..”


  2. liza

    “Hey, Randy, you better stop, the’yre watching you.”

  3. Anna

    I don’t care what anybody says, I WANT THOSE PANTS!!!!!!

  4. Red Dog

    New to the X-games… Vert peeing ! The rules are a little vague still, but I think it involves a spotter and a stopwatch. Bonus points for fasion of course.

  5. High on Urinals.

    George was aghast. His best friend John had just married his cousin Janet. Good friends with both, George was proud to join the groomsmen for the ceremony. Now, an hour into the reception, he thinks, ‘This must have been a mistake. Poor Janet!’

    For John grabbed a new camera from among the wedding gifts, and with a giggle dragged Janet and George into the church men’s room with a chipper ‘I gotta get high on the urinals, and you gotta take my picture!’ It was so embarrassing. Janet’s parents and little sister, George’s wife and oldest son, all came to watch. Now here stands George, a mere support for the apparently obsessed John, posing at the urinals. ‘Please don’t get me in this picture,’ thought George, but he could see even that hope would be flushed along with his pride, and his concern for the life ahead of Janet.

    And those pants John had pulled from somewhere. George had blinked twice at the first site of the loud pattern and gaudy fabric — and then watched in horror as John actually put them on himself! And as the nausea passed, and the wonder at this apparently sober behavior in front of friends and in-laws, John announces that he will walk across the room — above the urinals. This just couldn’t be happening, not to people George thought he knew, or to his family.

    ‘What all will tonight bring?’ wondered George. Dreading finding out, he regretted already that John had arranged to honeymoon in George’s spare bedroom. What should have been a ceremony marking the start of married life for friend and cousin, George now found an ordeal in dread and humiliation. ‘John,’ George thought, ‘Please don’t fall off on me.’

  6. Lee

    “When Batchelor Parties Go Bad! – What NOT to do, wear, and throw them.”

  7. bhamm

    – The new reality show “America Ain’t Got Talent” ends after it’s first airing.

    – Guy in Blue: “This dude don’t know how to drop acid, man. He just keeps freakin’ out and stuff.”

    – If David Lee Roth had groomsmen.

    – Jose and Jimmy are trapped in a 1980s vortex and are trying to escape using the sacred “Bathroom Time Warp”

  8. Isn’t the guy on the urinals Bill Nye the Science Guy?

  9. Why you don’t take 30 year old men to prom,..

  10. junkman

    i’m sinnnngin in the pee. just sinnngin in the pee. what a glorious feeeeeeling, i’m glad to be me.
    the other guy is an unwilling gene kelly if ever there was one.

  11. I know the attention should go to the President Boy George/Peter Parker hybrid in the colorful yet tacky pants……why in the blue hell is BIlly Zane in this picture?

    And I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted on here…..and…….(tear….sniff….. :twisted:) if you’d like to know what I’m doing……..

    I promise I will be on more often here soon……..

    Later on……

  12. Bob used to be the lead singer for the popular rock band Fido and the Leg Humpers. But, when he took alcohol abuse too far, the band broke up. He then got into working as a wedding singer and recently sang at the wedding reception of Craig and Maria Martinson. However, things got out of hand when Bob raided the open bar and took the show into the men’s bathroom, scaring the shit out of Maria’s brother Hector, thus earning Bob a black eye and broken arm.

  13. Myra

    Clowns gone bad!

  14. Zinta

    I don’t care what anybody says… look what she made me wear to the wedding… I ain’t marrying that bitch.

  15. MrDoug

    It’s OK we are with the band

    William “the healer” Davidson demonstrates how the power of the urinal can be harnessed to heal the sick. Here we see him healing one of his bodyguards who contracted a nasty case of the clap after sharing the magic with one of the faithful a few nights before

    Why not to do shrooms before your Prom

    After a bad trip on the brow acid Wild Willy thinks he is spiderman

  16. “Hi, I’m the Urinal Fairy! Now rub my magic knob and I’ll grant you your wish!”

  17. Mitch

    It looks like a Matthew Lesko “Free Money” ad gone bad. :limp:

  18. runnineric

    that looks like fun i should try it sometime. i’ll go to a nice restraunt and just start running on the urinals.

  19. runnineric

    Looks like someone got a little bit tipsy!! :dead:

  20. runnineric

    I wonder how he came up with that one.

    (after the wedding, in the bathroom)
    Bill: What are ya doing man, c’mon this is my wedding

    Doug: Dude i love ya sooooo much. this is a great day.(gets on urinal) lets make a toast to bill.

    Bill: Man i’m the only one in here.

    Doug: Bill you’re my best friend and i’ll miss ya

    Bill: OK just get off the urinal

    Doug: I can’t i’m not done with the spech yet

    Bill: Well can you at least zip up first!!

    Doug: What (looks down, and then slips) ohhhhh, Shitttt!!!!!

  21. Chicky

    [Comment ID #74637 will be quoted here]

    OMG! LMAO!

  22. crystal

    OMG…. Please don’t pee on me… :limp:

  23. [Comment ID #74618 will be quoted here]

    So, you were there, then.

  24. silentstorm

    As Larry tries to explain to the camera man “Harry saw the movie ‘wedding crashers’ and decided to try and do it, but I tried to explain to him that they BLENDED in with the crowd! He didn’t follow the rules *sigh*”

  25. Infernos

    And here we have Bubba, Mayor of Cell Block B, hanging with his boy at his bachelor party.

  26. gani

    This is the newest game from the folks who brought you the LIMBO!!

  27. Drusky

    One only hopes he drank punch out of the right bowl… 😈

  28. Drusky

    [Comment ID #74640 will be quoted here]
    Welcome back, Master S…

  29. Kevin Smith

    Eeeeeew….Steve help me there’s pee all over the floor!

  30. mesmereyes

    wow it reminds me of those retarded marc jacobs ads where they have these ugly people in ugly clothes doing wierd things…….

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