Note to Self, No. 6,013

Buy headphones and close the windows at night. The girl next door is a bit of a screamer in bed. Sounded like two raccoons fighting over a pecan pie.

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  1. Driver

    Dave tell her if she’s going to broadcast live audio at night she should provide video tape the next day so your loss of sleep wont be a complete waste .

    I wonder if you can buy pot scented room spray to go with that silk plant ?
    { For those of us with jobs that wont let us live the HIGH life anymore .} 🙁

  2. JFLY

    Send her over some KY Jelly…maybe that’s the problem. 😳

  3. Went to the link…and the 10 items are arranged in perfect order…

    The “turd twister”…my God, I live on the same planet with somebody who thought of the “turd twister”…. ❓

  4. Jester

    Is this supposed to be funny? This is getting boring………….

  5. Ron

    She might not be in bed. She might be trying to squeeze one out through her new Terd Twister. :wtf: :puke:

  6. scamper95

    I’d say fuck the headphones and go get me some of it, why waste it when she can taste it. I rented a room to a friend like that, she could wake the dead. Sadly for me, I couldn’t get in on it due to a spinal cord injury. She had some big tits tho. Shit now I need a smoke..
    :boob: :boob:

  7. Alex

    Don’t forget to buy a turd twister!

  8. Tape it and play it back whenever she’s outside.

  9. What really disturbs me is that the Turd Twister is dishwasher-safe….

  10. mikeme

    Turd Twister? What kind of wierd shit is that?!!??!!! 😳 :thong:

  11. mikeme

    I really don’t care for artistic shit.

  12. Francesca

    note to self: never eat when viewing link about turd twisters :puke:

  13. Da Popster

    A bucket of cold water should do the trick …….. and prevent future episodes. 😈 :limp:

  14. [Comment ID #52851 will be quoted here]

    No, she’s just that loud! 😈

  15. Paige

    Who would put a turd twister in the dishwasher. Remind me never to go to that persons house and eat. :puke:

  16. Ron

    Turd Twister!? Whats next,”The Crap Carver”?

  17. Flash Gordon

    Ha! check out! Leave the girl next door alone;
    sounds like she has her hands full. She’s probably being serviced by a
    Mexican or two. :wang: 😈 :thong: 😕

  18. miss tickle

    [Comment ID #52767 will be quoted here]

    i totally agree

  19. Marcus

    I am going to buy a turd twister for everyone here. You really need to add a little style to your life. lol

    Dave you should do a webcast at night and make a little money on the side or have a TV crew come over to discuss noise pollution. :wtf:

  20. Nancy was like that for a while. She was hot, I gotta tell you. My landlady got fed up and raised my rent 30 bucks a month. Hey, it’s worth it.

  21. cbatdux

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    too funny

  22. cbatdux

    [Comment ID #52761 will be quoted here]


  23. cbatdux

    at least she doesn’t leave a thong and a paper clip outside the door – movin on up babies….

  24. Drusky

    Another way to have your co-workers leave you alone at work has arrived… Just keep the ‘Internet Urinal’ on the table next to you during the next long meeting with the boss… 😆
    Bit of a screamer in bed, Eh? What’s she like when she has somebody else in the apartment with her??? 😈

    mmmmmm, raccoon…

  25. [Comment ID #52853 will be quoted here]

    No, I’m not!!


  26. JFLY

    [Comment ID #52823 will be quoted here]

    My thoughts exactly… :dead:

  27. Meagan

    I bet the Smoking Baby’s first words are gonna be, “Momma, go buy me a pack of smokes! Cough, hack!”

  28. Timm

    “The Smoking Baby” – The first modeling job for Sean Preston Federline.

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