Note to Self, No. 6,013

Buy headphones and close the windows at night. The girl next door is a bit of a screamer in bed. Sounded like two raccoons fighting over a pecan pie.


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  • Driver

    Dave tell her if she’s going to broadcast live audio at night she should provide video tape the next day so your loss of sleep wont be a complete waste .

    I wonder if you can buy pot scented room spray to go with that silk plant ?
    { For those of us with jobs that wont let us live the HIGH life anymore .} 🙁

  • JFLY

    Send her over some KY Jelly…maybe that’s the problem. 😳

  • Penguin Pete

    Went to the link…and the 10 items are arranged in perfect order…

    The “turd twister”…my God, I live on the same planet with somebody who thought of the “turd twister”…. ❓

  • Jester

    Is this supposed to be funny? This is getting boring………….

  • Ron

    She might not be in bed. She might be trying to squeeze one out through her new Terd Twister. :wtf: :puke:

  • scamper95

    I’d say fuck the headphones and go get me some of it, why waste it when she can taste it. I rented a room to a friend like that, she could wake the dead. Sadly for me, I couldn’t get in on it due to a spinal cord injury. She had some big tits tho. Shit now I need a smoke..
    :boob: :boob:

  • Alex

    Don’t forget to buy a turd twister!

  • Nikki

    Tape it and play it back whenever she’s outside.

  • TheFaramir

    What really disturbs me is that the Turd Twister is dishwasher-safe….

  • mikeme

    Turd Twister? What kind of wierd shit is that?!!??!!! 😳 :thong:

  • mikeme

    I really don’t care for artistic shit.

  • Craig

    mmmmmm, pecan pie.

  • Francesca

    note to self: never eat when viewing link about turd twisters :puke:

  • cronewynd

    Dave, you moved in next door?

  • Da Popster

    A bucket of cold water should do the trick …….. and prevent future episodes. 😈 :limp:

  • Davezilla

    [Comment ID #52851 will be quoted here]

    No, she’s just that loud! 😈

  • Paige

    Who would put a turd twister in the dishwasher. Remind me never to go to that persons house and eat. :puke:

  • Ron

    Turd Twister!? Whats next,”The Crap Carver”?

  • Flash Gordon

    Ha! check out! Leave the girl next door alone;
    sounds like she has her hands full. She’s probably being serviced by a
    Mexican or two. :wang: 😈 :thong: 😕

  • miss tickle

    [Comment ID #52767 will be quoted here]

    i totally agree

  • Marcus

    I am going to buy a turd twister for everyone here. You really need to add a little style to your life. lol

    Dave you should do a webcast at night and make a little money on the side or have a TV crew come over to discuss noise pollution. :wtf:

  • rust

    Nancy was like that for a while. She was hot, I gotta tell you. My landlady got fed up and raised my rent 30 bucks a month. Hey, it’s worth it.

  • cbatdux

    [Comment ID #52851 will be quoted here]

    too funny

  • cbatdux

    [Comment ID #52761 will be quoted here]


  • cbatdux

    at least she doesn’t leave a thong and a paper clip outside the door – movin on up babies….

  • Drusky

    Another way to have your co-workers leave you alone at work has arrived… Just keep the ‘Internet Urinal’ on the table next to you during the next long meeting with the boss… 😆
    Bit of a screamer in bed, Eh? What’s she like when she has somebody else in the apartment with her??? 😈

    mmmmmm, raccoon…

  • cronewynd

    [Comment ID #52853 will be quoted here]

    No, I’m not!!


  • JFLY

    [Comment ID #52823 will be quoted here]

    My thoughts exactly… :dead:

  • Meagan

    I bet the Smoking Baby’s first words are gonna be, “Momma, go buy me a pack of smokes! Cough, hack!”

  • Timm

    “The Smoking Baby” – The first modeling job for Sean Preston Federline.

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