Caption Time #112

Caption Time #112


  1. jwalkingthunder

    :wtf:man thats 1 ulgy thing some one get the pigions

  2. Timm

    There are several ugly things in that picture. They are called “Hummers.”

  3. cbatdux

    Paul Bunyon is to Babe the Blue Ox as Captain America is to ____?

  4. cbatdux

    At long last, President Bush unveils his response to 9/11…..

  5. plopsie

    Gassholes and ugly sculpture–it’s what freedom is all about.

  6. Mjaz

    I’m speechless… The smarmy patriotism touches me deep inside.. really close to the stomach.. swelling with pride and bile…

    I think it goes in the same category as the american flag panties that were advertised in the Target ad today…

  7. Patrick

    Yes, this is my newest creation. I call it “Cheney’s Wet Dream”.

  8. Mandy

    Red state. :dead:

  9. mikeme

    Get one of these FREE with every Hummer.

  10. Amanda B.

    Brittany Spears and Michael Jackson need to get married!!! 😕

  11. Pappy

    Wow. Brittany’s drink really did remain intact. :wtf: She does [b]not[/b] need to be reproducing.

  12. Mjaz

    Britney is one of those women who knows their priorities!

    Oh, and by the way.. the “ghetto ball cap” look is adorable on an infant! Amazing contrast to how ridiculous it looks on a “big boy”.

  13. scamper95

    [Comment ID #53174 will be quoted here]
    R you nuts he’s already got fucked up parents. besides wako jacko likes em to hold their own drink, to keep his hands free for other things.
    As for the ugly, it’s in the oil company lobbist parking lot at the white house.

  14. JFLY

    Kids and marriage will do that to ya… 😛

  15. Anita Mann-Badley

    That’s the last time that eagle takes a nap on the subway.

  16. Spud

    Proposed “Hummer” hood ornament…

  17. cbatdux

    [Comment ID #53307 will be quoted here]

    how come spud always gets the good lines? No fair!

  18. not in love

    “A gathering of Hummerites at the yet unfinished Wedgie Building captured and chained and American Eagle, honoring with the colors of Old Faithful.”

    It’s time we put a stop to this.

  19. Francesca

    this is Toby Keith’s lawn ornament…. Patriotic isn’t it :puke:

  20. Drusky

    Ooopppss, Britney almost spilled it again… 😆

  21. Meagan

    Behold, the giant American eagle, here to reign down terror on all the heathen countries!

    RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!!!!!! :wtf:

  22. miss tickle

    [Comment ID #53160 will be quoted here]

    good one dude :wtf:

  23. miss tickle

    [Comment ID #53174 will be quoted here]

    i totally agree!

  24. look at all those Hummers…
    that is no caption
    that is disgusting

    freedom to be a dumb ass

    I hate those things

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