Note to Self, No. 6,011

Before presenting to the Senior Vice-Presidents again, be sure to wipe all the toothpaste off your face first.


  1. And make sure you’re wearing pants (or something else suitable).

  2. Bjorn Freeh

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    I thought May 5 was pants a coworker day.

  3. Ace

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    Once you pants a coworker it becomes No Pants Day! (Woo-Hoo!) Thus, the lesson here is: on May 5 Dave must pants his Senior VP at a presentation. It’s his duty.
    Don’t worry about the toothpaste on your face, now they are sure you brush so the search for the origin of the mysterious office stench can move on to the next suspect, Fran, who giggles a little too much if you ask me.

  4. Ace

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    BTW this really cracked me up!

  5. Spud

    “Before presenting to the Senior Vice-Presidents again, be sure to wipe all the toothpaste off your face first.”

    and stop grinning, it only confuses them.


  6. Mandy

    Mmmmmm! Boys with no pants. My favorite holiday :kiss:

  7. Meagan

    Personally, I think I like Go Braless Day. Let the girls free! :boob: :boob:

  8. [Comment ID #46799 will be quoted here]

    Do I need to post pictures next weekend?

  9. Craig

    You have to make it fair for everyone, so tomorrow will be “National FreeBallin Day” for all the fellows.

  10. prtyprincess

    Just tell them it’s toothpaste on your face day…
    Or just tell them to shut the hell up! 💡

  11. evilqueen

    That link…. Is that guy is reading from the yellow pages? It is! He’s quoting scripture from the freakin’ phone book.

    Send yo god damed money now to the verizion preacher man. All hail Joe’s pizza and his delivery of the devine goodness with pepproni! Amen!

  12. evilqueen

    It’s not that I’m not all for no pants day but there’s this thing I gotta do, and ya see funerals just aren’t the same without pants. Ya know?

  13. Anita Mann-Badley

    These senior VPs — were they in Arkansas? They would not have recognized toothpaste (very little need down there, you know). Perhaps they thought you were rabid and you gained their respect.

    Unless it was minty. They they were just confused. :wtf:

  14. Driver

    About the link WHAT THE FUCK ???
    Am I the only one sure that guy is going to burn in hell ?[Comment ID #46798 will be quoted here]

    Nobody can stop grinning on no pants day . Dave just make sure you dont have one of these :wang: to …uh I mean when you present at your VP meeting .

  15. Da Popster

    Are you sure that it’s toothpate ? :wtf:

  16. Jennifer

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    mine too 🙂

  17. Jennifer

    [Comment ID #46816 will be quoted here]
    no you’re not

  18. Kate

    hmm i would have to agree with that one and thnx again dave i must seem like such a total ass idiot to you now is e :troll: 😀 😛

  19. Francesca

    let’s not forget God’s words, apparently they are ‘Shut Up Bitch!!’

  20. |nSan|ty

    Ummmmmmm, prolly wasnt toothpaste… 8) and as for the link.. that is exactly the reason why I never go to churches, just instills my belief that its much safer and more sane to pray at home. :wtf:

  21. Patrick

    Re: link- Holy Crap, Jimmy Swaggert’s meltdown wasn’t that bad. That guy was hiiiiiigh! all the way to the sky. And that footage was shot just ten minutes before they pulled the plug on his show and hauled his ass straight to rehab! Guaranteed. Must have been public access cable.
    And for all you gangsta wannabes- The verb tense of conversation is CONVERSE, not conversate. That’s not even a word, word up dope!
    Re: Sr VP’s always a good idea to check the fly before a presentation too. It’s kinda like that old joke: Betcha a beer I can make that mule laugh and cry. How’d you do that? Made him laugh by telling him my dick was longer than his. Made him cry by proving it! :wtf:

  22. Paige

    I didnt know m-fer and beyatch was in the Bible!!!! Where did this dude come from and can I get h im on satellite??????I love that guy!! and that crazy haircut!!!! 😆

  23. Jester

    That video funny? I thought that guy was a retard

  24. cbatdux

    Braise Jaysus! (Muthafucka’s brain be fried!). Demon come OUT!

  25. Driver

    [Comment ID #46888 will be quoted here]

    Thats what I thought OR Totaly high on meth .

    Retardation is the only thing that could save his ass from the blaze of hell .
    {And his hair cut SUCKS }

  26. Toothpaste?? Uh-huh! Yep! Um-hmm! Sure, Dave!!

    Is that the black version of the mullet? Is it really OK to call God’s flock Biotches and Mofo’s? This freak is definitely going to hell, and I’m not so sure U ain’t following him, Dave, for promoting this blasphemy to your innocent flock!! PRAISE JESUS & PASS THE PORNO!! HALLELULAH! :boob: :wang: :boob:

  27. Driver

    [Comment ID #46912 will be quoted here
    Amen Brother… Wait… what did you say PORNO

  28. Amanda B.

    The question is who the Hell LET that guy be on TV??? They are going to Hell fo-sho! And maybe if HE would’ve used toothpaste, he’d still have all his teeth!

  29. Marcus

    Note to self: Shotguns are inappropriate to bring to a meeting with your manager no matter how much you want to see him crap his diapers. (Mommy Jane is my manager’s Mommy)

    Lord love a duck… what were they thinking when they filmed that video. They were probably thinking it is going to be very funny. Let’s get a crackhead to spew religion and profanity at the same time. I agree… Praise Jesus, but pass the pot…not the porno.

  30. Tina Marie

    [Comment ID #47012 will be quoted here]

    Lord love a duck! I haven’t heard that phrase used (except by myself) since I lived in the Midwest. Marcus, you have made my day.

    As for the preacher, he sho’ can shut his muther fukin’ mouf–callin’ me a biyath and my man a mofo! Who he thank he is, conversatin’ about the Most Holy Lord God while calling out names and shit? He is going straight to hell, sho’ nuf!

  31. Tina Marie

    People, that was biyatch.

    And now if you will excuse me, I need to go get my rubber ducky. It’s time for me to take my biyath.

  32. family jules

    I love to see anyone spewing God’s word holding a pimpstick. Gotta love that.

  33. Timmmy

    Drats! Mofo webtv won’t get the Mofo Preacher video. Webtv is a biyatch!

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