The next time you go to the laundromat, ensure that the box of Arm & Hammer you are taking with you is detergent—not cat litter.

That was embarrassing.

20 thoughts on “Note to Self, No. 5,811

  1. Holy Moly, that was hillarious. I’m sorry that I’m laughing at your misfortune, but to be honest I can see myself doing that. I have to agree with CroneWynd though; when did you figure that out? 😆

  2. When teaching a large group of students, remember to check your fly. Let’s just say everyone knew the color of my boxers. 🙄

    Paranormal dating service. Is it the same as dating you previous lives?

  3. The information that’s missing dave, is this, did you in fact pour the cat litter into the machine?

    if so, say 3 hail marys and give yourself a stiff uppercut.


  4. [Comment ID #21426 will be quoted here]

    I discovered it early. An attractive woman gave me a flirtatious smile when I walked in. Then her brow furrowed and she got a very concerned look.

    Then she began to laugh really hard. I looked down to see I had left my zipper open or spilled something. That’s when I saw the words “cat litter” and hastily retreated. 😳

  5. The Paranormal Mates Society brings to mind Alice Cooper’s “I Love the Dead” 😈

    Oh, and my first job was at a laundromat…LOL.

  6. If you want to know my first job… I was a Carnival Ride Operator. I pushed a button and little kids threw up. I guess the swings were too fast or they ate too many sweets. :puke:

  7. [Comment ID #21498 will be quoted here]

    the zipper thing has happened to me before but i also have……. :wtf: never mind no one needs to know about that one 😈

  8. Who knows Dave…..if you had made it to the washer, then maybe you would have started a new trend. “Multi=cat litter ….the new detergent……..for the multiple (WO)men in your life!” :boob: :boob:

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