Four things meme

I’m not normally one to post memes here, but I was tagged by the famous Joe Lamantia, so I couldn’t say no.

Four jobs I’ve had

  1. Pet store manager
  2. Illustrator
  3. Web Designer
  4. Information Architect

Four movies I can watch over and over

  1. Raising Arizona
  2. The Wicker Man
  3. Serenity
  4. Resident Evil

Four places I’ve lived

  1. Darien, Connecticut
  2. Birmingham, Michigan
  3. Detroit, Michigan
  4. Royal Oak, Michigan

Four TV shows I love

  1. Myth Busters
  2. The Office
  3. Daily Show
  4. Walking with Dinosaurs

Four places I’ve vacationed

  1. San Francisco, California
  2. Vancouver, British Columbia
  3. Boca Raton , Florida
  4. Toronto, Ontario

Four of my favorite dishes

  1. Dal Curry
  2. Sushi
  3. Chana Masala
  4. Black beans and rice

Four sites I visit daily

  1. Luminescent
  2. Zeldman
  3. Buttershug
  4. Tamityville

Four places I would rather be right now

  1. Natalie’s place (actually, I am there now)
  2. Kitsilano, Vancouver, B.C. with Natalie
  3. Watching Serenity with Nikki
  4. On my balcony with my cat

Four bloggers I am tagging

  1. Natalie
  2. Nikki
  3. Tami
  4. Minnie


  1. Spud

    Four jobs I’ve had

    1. Store person
    2. Laminator (fibreglass)
    3. Plumber
    4. Builder

    Four movies I can watch over and over

    1. 12 O’clock High
    2. To Kill a Mockingbird
    3. Kelly’s Heroes
    4. Matrix

    Four places I’ve lived

    1. Melbourne, Victoria
    2. Southport, Queensland
    3. Perth, Western Australia
    4. Sydney, New South Wales

    Four TV shows I love

    1. Myth Busters
    2. The Office
    3. Combat Zone
    4. House

    Four places I’ve vacationed

    1. Port Arlington, Victoria
    2. Byron Bay, Nsw
    3. Gold Coast, Qld
    4. Home, Nsw

    Four of my favorite dishes

    1. Braised Steak & Onions
    2. BBQ Steak and salads
    3. Roast lamb & vegies
    4. Veal Parmigana

    Four sites I visit daily

    1. Davezilla
    2. Rc
    3. Fark
    4. Co-op

    Four places I would rather be right now

    1. Band practice
    2. Music lesson
    3. Playing a gig
    4. Walking with the dogs

    This list is incomplete as far as movies and food go, but it’ll do.


  2. Master Solace

    Not to copy but can’t be helped:
    4 jobs I’ve had:
    1: Cashier
    2: Stockman
    3: Professional Wrestler
    4: Tech Support for car customization website

    4 movies I can watch over and over:
    1: Sin City
    2: The Punisher
    3: The Matrix
    4: The Longest Yard(either Reynolds or Sandler)

    4 TV shows that I love
    1: Smallville
    2: Saturday Night Live
    3: Distraction
    4: The Price is Right

    4 places I’ve vacationed
    1: Calgary, Alberta
    2: Venice, Italy
    3: Tokyo, Japan
    4: Pigeon Forge, TN

    4 sites I visit daily
    1: Davezilla
    2: Tamityville(introduced to me on the Zilla’s b-day)
    3: Prowrestling
    4:(Tie) ILL WILL PRESS & KillSomeTime

    4 of my favorite wrestling opponents
    1: Chris Kanyon(we have an even record)
    2: Vampiro(still hasn’t beaten me yet)
    3: Kurt Angle(lucked out beating him, will NOT happen again)
    4: Mick Foley(didn’t matter that I lost, he’s is my wrestling idol)

    🙁 The only bloggers I know are you guys. 🙁 Happy tagging, you depraved freaks…what…that makes me a depraved freak too. COOL!!!!!!!!!!!! 😛 🙄 😆

  3. JFLY

    Four Jobs I’ve Had:
    1. telemarketer for a cemetery (I gave away graves…TOP THAT)
    2. wench at a Renaissance Faire
    3. stable hand…(i.e. shovelled horse shit)
    4. slave…oh, wait…I meant wife and mother…sorry

    Four Movies I can Watch Over & Over:
    1. Pirates of the Carribean
    2. Van Helsing
    3. Monty Python & the Holy Grail
    4. Harold & Maude

    Four Places I’ve Lived:
    1. Chicago IL…Woo-Hoo!
    2. Hobart IN…yay?
    3. Mt. Vernon KY…why?
    4. Kenosha WI…beer & cheese, what more do you want?

    Four TV Shows I Love:
    1. Will & Grace
    2. Mad TV
    3. Jeopardy
    4. Oprah (stop laughing)

    Four Places I’ve Vacationed:
    1. Disneyworld (when I was 9)
    2. the basement (in an effort to hide from my captors)
    3. Albuquerque NM (during a rare escape)
    4. oblivion…I mean the internet…lol

    Four of My Favorite Dishes:
    1. dumplings and sauerkraut
    2. pizza
    3. tacos
    4. veggies & spinach dip

    Four Sites I Visit Daily:
    1. Davezilla
    2. my Cafe Press shops
    3. Davezilla
    4. Davezilla

    Four Places I Would Rather Be Right Now:
    1. Anywhere
    2. Somewhere
    3. Someplace Else
    4. Not Here

  4. Amanda B.

    4 JOBS
    1. Waitress
    2. Secretary
    3. Mail Clerk
    4. Corrections Officer

    4 MOVIES
    1. Finding Nemo
    2. Old Yellow
    3. Hope Floats
    4. Independence Day

    4 PLACES
    1. Merrill, Michigan
    2. Breckenridge, Michigan
    3. West Branch, Michigan
    4. Grayling, Michigan

    4 TV SHOWS
    1. CSI Las Vegas
    2. Design on a Dime
    3. MASH
    4. CSI Miami

    1. Vegas
    2. Canada
    3. Tennessee
    4. Florida

    4 DISHES
    1. quesadillas
    2. baked chicken
    3. grilled steak
    4. pizza

    4 SITES
    1. Davezilla
    2. Overheard in the Office
    3. Bringing up Shelby
    4. Savage Chickens

    1. Home
    2. The Bar
    3. A Cabin in the woods
    4. Swimming

  5. mitch

    4 Jobs:
    1. Addictions counselor (presently)
    2. Social Worker
    3. Luggage salesman
    4. School maintenance man

    4 movies:
    1. Dogma
    2. Goldfinger
    3. The Night of the Hunter
    4. Heat

    4 places I’ve lived:
    1. Marion, SC
    2. Atken, SC
    3. Charleston, SC
    4. Greenville, SC

    4 TV shows
    1. Most Haunted
    2. My Name is Earl
    3. The Office
    4. The Daily Show

    4 Vacations:
    1. Key West
    2. Asheville, NC
    3. Naples, Fla.
    4. New Orleans

    4. Dishes:
    1. Red beans and rice
    2. cheesecake
    3. anything Mexican
    4. Cuban sandwich

    4. sites
    1. Davezilla
    2. Screenhead
    3. Bookslut
    4. Davezilla

    4 places to be right now.
    1. Key West
    2. Key West
    3 Key West
    4 Key West

  6. Craig

    1. Security Guard
    2. Cable Guy
    3. Stagehand
    4. Production Asst. For An Outdoor Music Venue
    1. Animal House
    2. The Jerk
    3. Best In Show
    4. This Is Spinal Tap
    1. Cops
    2. The Soup
    3. Best Week Ever
    4. The Daily Show w/ John Stewart
    *Places I Lived*
    1. Nashville, Tn
    2. Dallas, Tx
    3. Houston, Tx
    4. St. Louis, Mo
    1. Cabo
    2. Chicago
    3. Florida
    4. Vegas
    1. Pizza
    2. Wings
    3. Pasta
    4. Steak
    1. Davezilla
    2. Overheard In NYC
    3. Fark
    4. Ebaum’s World
    *Places I Would Rather Be*
    1. Drunk
    2. Fishing
    3. Skiing (water or snow)
    4. Someplace Warm!

  7. Doug

    1. Gas Pumper
    2.Teacher/Soccer Coach
    3. Customer Service Manager: Contact Lens supply
    4. Husband and Father

    1. Field of Dreams
    2. The Godfather
    3. Guys and Dolls
    4. It’s a Wonderful Life

    1. Erie, PA
    2. Willingboro, NJ
    3. McMurray, PA
    4. Cleveland, OH

    TB SHOWS \
    1. The West Wing
    2. Medium
    3. House
    4. Daily Show

    1. Gettysburg, PA
    2. Hollywood, FL
    3. London, England
    4. St. Louis, MO

    1. Caesar Salad
    2. Shrimp Cutty
    3. Veal Marsala
    4. Paprikash

    1. Davezilla
    2. Rocketboom
    3. Fantasy Sortts
    4. Daily Sudoky

    1. I like it here just fine
    2. Back in bed
    3. In the kitchen, getting more coffee
    4. In the shower

  8. 1. telemarketer for a cemetery (I gave away graves…TOP THAT)

    Did that, too.

  9. Bjorn Freeh

    Four jobs I’ve liked

    1. Garbage man
    2. Sewer plant laborer
    3. College audio/visual guy
    4. Database programmer/analyst (Ford)

    Four jobs I’ve hated

    1. Programmer/analyst (Dow Corning)
    2. Programmer/analyst (AAA-Michigan)
    3. Database developer (Ford)
    4. Manager (no names — need the income)

    Four movies I can watch over and over

    1. Rustler’s Rhapsody
    2. White Christmas
    3. Kelly’s Heroes
    4. Shanghai Noon

    Four places I’ve lived

    1. Royal Oak, Michigan (sorry Dave, I was there first)
    2. Marysville, Michigan
    3. Mt. Pleasant, Michigan
    4. Armada, Michigan

    Four TV shows I love

    1. WKRP in Cincinnati
    2. The Simpsons
    3. Lunch With Soupy
    4. Red Dwarf

    Four cars I’ve loved

    1. 1963 Plymouth Valiant
    2. 1973 AMC Gremlin (with Levi seat option)
    3. 1985 GMC S15 pickup
    4. 2004 Ford Escape

    Four people I miss

    1. Kenny (my son)
    2. Frenchie (college roommate/best man)
    3. Steve (high school/ comm. college buddy)
    4. Mark (high school buddy)

    Four sites I visit daily

    1. Davezilla
    2. Google
    3. MyYahoo
    4. CBS SportsLine

    Four politicians I admire

    Four 1970’s bands I’d like to see in concert

    1. Loggins and Messina (again)
    2. Doobie Brothers (again)
    3. Three Dog Night
    4. Bob Seeger & Silver Bullet Band

  10. starbugmama

    Reading this is like watching a car wreck, you just cant look away. Even though it was interesting learning more about you freaks, you guys have way too much time on your hands! Now get back to work–all of you 😆

  11. Beaner

    I find it interesting how many diff places everyone has lived! I feel so sheltered, (sigh)what would I of ever done if the internet had never been invented?! 😛

  12. cbatdux


    Movie Projectionist (showed “Convoy” 3X/day for 6 straight weeks)
    Maintenance Crew Chief (drove a surplus ’53 army munitions carrier!)
    Telemarketer (tried to sell health care software that wasn’t developed yet – ie “vaporware” that didn’t run on IBM or Apple)
    Junk Mailer (stamp licker extraordinaire)


    Animal House
    This is Spinal Tap
    Monty Python’s Holy Grail
    Reds (ok, kidding)

    Places Lived:

    Baltimore, MD
    Winston-Salem, NC
    Chicago, IL
    Duxbury, MA


    Sailing in British VI
    Hawaii (Big Island)
    Outer Banks, NC
    Fishing in Northern MN


    Anything from Yoshi’s on Chicago’s northside
    Alaskan King Crablegs
    Jambalaya from K Paul’s


    George Bush
    Dick Cheney
    Tom DeLay
    Donald Rumsfeld

  13. 4 Jobs:
    1) waitress
    2) certified nursing assistant
    3) computer instructor
    4) Guest services manager

    4 Movies:
    1) Matrix
    2) LOTR (all three of them)
    3) Sense and Sensibility
    4) Broken Arrow

    3 places:
    1) California
    2) Minnesota
    3) Washington state

    4 places online i go to daily:
    1) Davezilla
    2) You Knit What?
    3) Daily Zen
    4) Gmail

    4 Dishes I love:
    1) Vegetable lasagna
    2) Garlic mashed potatoes
    3) Hashbrowns my husband makes
    4) Pad Thai Noodles

    I’d rather be here, now.

  14. marcus

    4 jobs I have had

    1. Computer Software Sales
    2. Novell Network Engineer
    3. UNIX teacher
    4. English teacher (Easiet Job in the world)

    4 places I have lived

    1. Pittsburgh, PA
    2. Boston, MA
    3. Cambridge, MA
    4. Bangkok, Thailand

    4 movies I can watch over and over

    1. Amadeus
    2. The Rose
    3. X-Men 1 and 2
    4. Kill Bill 1 and 2

    4 places I have vacationed

    1. New York City (used to go every summer)
    2. Singapore
    3. Panang Island, Malaysia
    4. Samui Island, Thailand

    4 TV programs I like

    1. House
    2. Connections
    3. Desperate Housewives
    4. Are you being served?

    4 favorite dishes

    1. Chicken Masala Tiki
    2. Dun Dun Mee (Noodles with very spicy peanut sauce at Mary Chung’s Cambridge, MA)
    3. Nam Thoc Moo ( Spicey pork salad)
    4. Buffalo Wings

    4 places I would rather be right now

    1. On the beach
    2. In a movie theatre
    3. A spa
    4. A cheap Thai restaurant surrounded by chilli eating fools like myself.

    4 people I admire

    1. Ayn Rand
    2. Ghandi
    3. Martin Luther King
    4. Ichiro Suzuki

    :wtf: Tuna? Why Tuna? :wtf:

  15. Paige

    4 jobs i have had 1. bartender 2. stripper

  16. Paige

    3. janitor 4. waitress 4 movies i can watch over and over 1. Raising Arizona 2. Titanic 3. Shakespeare in love 4. The Birdcage 4 places I have lived 1. Colorado springs, Co 2. Danville, Il 3. Danville, Va 4. Panama City Beach, fl 4 places Id rater be right now 1. Las Vegas 2. Hawaii-anywhere 3. Miami, FL 4. In bed with my boyfriend :wang: I love this website!!!!!!!Keep up the good work, Dave

  17. Peaches

    Ok, I have my tuna-safe thongs on and am waiting for someone to “create a Vacuum”………………any takers?

  18. logan

    [Comment ID #21501 will be quoted here]

    i will 😆 just as long as i can get some tuna sandwiches :thong: but no cooking them 👿

  19. Four jobs I’ve had
    Apprentice at an architect’s firm
    Assistant to an interior designer

    Four movies I can watch over and over
    Godfather (parts I and II)
    The Shawshank Redemption
    My Fair Lady
    Beauty and the Beast

    Four places I’ve lived
    London, UK
    Bombay, India
    New York, New York

    Four TV shows I love
    Whose Line Is It Anyway
    Daily Show
    Most programmes on Discovery, Travel Channel and Nat Geo

    Four places I’ve vacationed

    Four of my favorite dishes
    Mashed potatoes
    Chana Masala and naan
    Salmon steak

    Four sites I visit daily
    Noah Grey

    Four places I would rather be right now
    New York, with dad and Alex
    Disneyworld, with dad and Alex
    Having girl time with Nikki and her girls
    Newport, with you and Nikki and dad and Alex and the rest of the fam!!

    Done! :kiss:

  20. jeffro

    1 Bagboy
    2 construction worker
    3 outboard engine machinist
    4 Used car salesman
    1 Harold & Kumar
    2 Dude where’s my car
    3 Dumb & dumber
    4 Schindler’s List
    1 Toronto
    2 Coconut Grove
    3 Key Largo
    4 Marshall, MO (nowheresville)
    TV SHOW:
    1 Overhaulin”
    2 American Hotrod
    3 Extreme Home Make-over
    4 Everybody Loves Raymond
    1 KC strip & baked potato
    2 T-bone & baked potato
    3 Rib eye & baked potato
    4 A wheat grass & watercress salad :puke:

  21. hippychick

    Four jobs I’ve had

    Office Mgr
    Dept Mgr at retail store
    Certified Dialysis Technician
    Massage Therapist

    Four movies I can watch over and over

    Raising Arizona
    Steel Magnolias
    Fried Green Tomatoes
    LOTR (all of them) drives my daughter crazy

    Four places I’ve lived

    Dallas, TX
    Houston, TX
    Lafayette, LA (hated it)
    Austin, TX

    Four TV shows I love

    Almost anything on Discovery Health
    The OC
    Any of the CSI’s
    Criminal Minds

    Four places I’ve vacationed

    Cancun, Mexico
    Las Vegas
    Lake George, NY

    Four of my favorite dishes

    Crawfish Etouffee
    Boiled Crawfish
    Any kind of seafood
    Anything with pesto on it

    Four sites I visit daily

    Ultima Online

    Four places I would rather be right now

    Hawaii, North Shore of Oahu
    any of the above mentioned places with my lover – ummhmmm!

  22. jen

    i was gonna tag ya, but didn’t know if you’d see it let alone do it, so i replaced your ass. :mrgreen:

  23. [Comment ID #21859 will be quoted here]
    You replaced my ass? :wtf:

  24. kayla

    well i dont think we really care where or wut u do

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