Note to Self: 5,335

No matter how good the idea of a carbonated coffee drink sounds, do not use Perrier to make coffee again. I felt the hand of God reach down from the sky and smack the back of my head after that one.

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  1. It’s not as bad as the time I tried “Cool Whip Coffee”. Or Coffee+Vanilla Ice Cream. I just don’t learn sometimes.

  2. Anna

    So it wasn’t you regular “pick-me-up”, but more of a “slap-me-down”.

  3. Perrier smells too much like the detergent I put in the dishwasher.

  4. Spud

    Nice turn of a phrase dave, so discriptive, I felt the hand of god actually smack the back of my head.

    I haven’t ried making a coffee in mineral water before, most probably won’t now.


  5. shelley

    Well, I should *hope* so.

  6. Warning: Yuppy bashing ahead

    Next of FOX, the extremist yuppy movement!

    Does the Starbucks 1/2 mocha, french caribu, double expresso latte not seem snootie enough for you? Live on the wildside – use Perrier in place of the boring distilled / spring / or god forbid tap water.

    Our next segment features a man in stumbled into a bad batch of double mocha latte. Hear his painful story after this word from our sponsor…


    My wife and I use distilled water to make coffee. We are not nearly as adventurous… with our taste buds.

  7. Mandy

    Dave, Dave, Dave. 🙄

  8. JFLY

    Not good for the fishbowl either – no matter how spoiled the fish is….

  9. Didn’t you ever have Mocha Java Cola when it was around?

    It was like crack in a bottle. My brother and I used to buy it by the case.

    Damn I miss that stuff. 🙁

  10. Also, never substitute crack for sugar in one’s Cheerios. It’s just not the same.:grin:

  11. Lace Valentine

    Now I must go get a coffee cooler, a cigarette, a thin novel and enjoy the solitude of a Saturday afternoon, savoring the fact that I’m still a bachelor, how vast time is still all mine. One day it’s loneliness; the next, a luxury.

  12. God

    *Smacks dave again*

    For fun this time.

  13. Janell

    *ducks* I fear I may get the hand for using V8 to make mexican Fideo soup.

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