If I hear anyone singing, whistling, humming or even legitimately discussing, My Humps one more time, I am going postal.

Just sayin’.

30 thoughts on “Note to Everyone

  1. Umm…Dave? That whole video was extremely disturbing and I shall have nightmares.

    Oh, and I didn’t realize someone had written a song about me…

  2. Thank you …. I thought I was the only one. That song really makes my :boob: :boob: droop. Oeps, I mentioned it. Sorry.

  3. Hey you can I phunk with your hump. Angelina Jolie has beautiful bumps and hump. They are lovely lumps. lol 😆

  4. Dave has humps? :wtf: Or could it be that today is hump day? :wang:

    BTW, why do they call Wednesday “hump day” if most people don’t get laid until the weekend? 😕

  5. I’m glad you voiced this concern, Dave…but I just wish you hadn’t done it on…er….Hump Day. Sorry, dude.

  6. I have no comment at this time, the following quotation is an automatically generated response.


    Whatcha gonna do with all that junk
    All that junk inside that trunk


    I’ma get get get get you drunk
    Get you love drunk off my hump

  7. Ahem, I’ve just returned from PUNTA ARENAS, so I’ve been out of the link… is this some sort of rapper’s song? something about camels? something about a penis? something about an unspeakable sex act?

    I got to get myself a radio, I think.

  8. Can’t speak to the song; never heard of it. But props to the website! As any blind man can tell you, touching is indeed good.

  9. She has no hump she has a bump, but i would love to rub that bump 😛 at least she could dance 🙄 and sing :roll:and umm i dont know , i just like to hear her say my hump.

  10. your right she cant rhyme worth a damn either, she should stick to singin backup and not try to rap anymore, i still thinks she’s cute tho, little bumps but cute 😛

  11. Amen, Brotha. That has got to be one of the most annoying songs ever. It wants to be catchy, but I don’t want to catch it. 👿

  12. That song totally reeks, I’ve heard a lot of bad songs in my life but this song is like construstion worker full port-o-pot shit. And the radio stations and teenager want to play it like it’s best song ever made. I say screw them and blow up the radio stations responsible…….oh wait, if you blow them up, you risk losing the opportunity to hear anything good……maybe. Another solution would be to buy all of “Monkey Business” albums, and torch them or break them or whatever seems worthy of their fate.

  13. the girl has neither a bumps or a hump, she needs her ass kicked for the line in the song that goes ‘i drive these ni**as crazy! her ass has to be drunk, as a damn skunk!! :wtf:

  14. i absolutely hate that song. my girlfriend, when i had one, sang it all the freaking time. i mean, the first time i heard it she had it on a cd that was burned for her, she was “oh cody! you have to hear this!”, and i listened to her sing it and it was funny. after that i heard it on the radio and thought it was funny cause i remembered her singing it. then it was on all the time and it got annoying. it was even worse when i heard my sister’s who don’t even have the body parts yet, singing along. i am furious that my siblings and friends have been sexualized by a song that is so dumb. and gross. and now that i don’t have a girlfriend anymore it makes me cry too.
    yeah…take that.

  15. Man that song is whack. My friend has a fifty something year old sugar daddy (I know what you may be thinking but its not me dating him, trust me!) and he invited us out to lunch. During drinks he mentioned if we heard this new catchy song. I’m thinking “Body Rock”, or “I’m on it”. No, its that Hump garbage and he’s singing it out loud in the restaurant. I wanted to jam my crab leg up his lame ass nose. Just thought I would share that with ya!

  16. WTF, thats the best song in the world so, yunno what… whatcha gonna do w/ all that junk
    all that junk inside that trunk
    im gonna get get get u drunk
    get u luv drunk off my hump!! take that assholes 😈 😛

  17. i still say y’all r gay for hating that song, oh and Becky… put yo milk w/ my cocopuffs, milky milky cocopuffs, yo milk w/ my cocopuffs 😛

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