Caption Time #90

Caption Time #90

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  1. “Does this mean I get to play with my dinner before eating it?”

  2. Duker

    Cocksucker!! 😛

  3. Duker

    The cat ,too! ❓

  4. b-dizzy

    “Your puss really has a thing for my cock”

  5. evilqueen

    Due to funding cutbacks, Hybrid technology researchers are forced to make due as best they can.

  6. Duker

    Today on Wok with Yan, fresh….. :puke:

  7. Satine

    Baldy looks like he is enjoying that way to much. How many times do you think he has made those two get with each other. Eww! ❓

  8. Spud

    That is one big cat, sort of looks like it’s sniffing dinner, but can’t quite make it out.

    Strange shot all the same.

  9. Not many people know that before getting a break with the Hollywood studios, the young Wilford Brimley was involved in some pretty dubious filmmaking.

  10. Anna

    This used to be a man with 2 chickens and a cat. It looks as if the cat already ate one of chickens.

  11. Daniel

    The first porno flick. They call this clip “Tasting the Cock Before Entry” or maybe this is how Colonel Sanders got his first taste-tester. Either way it’s still considered working with a pussy. 😀

  12. Steve

    Smells like chicken ….

  13. mitch

    “Bubba, I won’t tell you again! Stop playing with your food!”

  14. frisko

    It appears that they are kissing.

  15. Lace Valentine

    That mustache is really over compensating for the baldness.

  16. Kari

    MMM thanks dad. You know I love me some chicken. 😐

  17. Craig

    After being fired from the Fort Worth police dept. for inhaling, Cop stash Mcdrug snitch is seen here showing the next 2 contestants on “Who wants to see an unfair cock fight” :wtf:

  18. Laura

    I don’t know what bothers me more about this photo. The fact that a cat is kissing a chicken or that this man has a chicken in his house.

  19. Patrick

    Velcome back to Russian Genetics. I am your host, Yuri Andropov. Today ve are goink to make the perfect house pet- cat that produces eggs so you don’t starve during cold Russian winters! 💡

  20. Da Popster

    Somebody pleeeeeeeeeze get this man a life ….. :puke:

  21. cody

    funny he doesn’t look like he’s the kinda guy who eats chinese food. i guess not chicken either.

  22. tenderflower

    I think he’s suggesting that he’s bi sexual.

  23. Cat and rooster together…we shall overcome.

  24. warren

    Watch yer step there! Ahm sorry y’all have ta keep yer coats on, but ifn we turn up the heat the place gets a mite gamey!

  25. cbatdux

    Cat to Cock (whispering) “He’s stoned again. I claw his face, you peck his pecker, then we make a break for it…..”

  26. Foghorn

    Boy? I say, boy, are you listening to me boy? (Boy is about as sharp as a bowling ball). Go away boy, you’re botherin’ me.

  27. MrDoug

    After a hard day drywaling the new trailer, and a few tokes on the old bong “big dave” finaly gets some fresh pussy for his cock.

  28. shelley



  29. Duker

    Somethings wrong with these damn bagpipes again, they sound awful!!

  30. Becky

    REDNECK!!!!!!!!!……oops I mean time to eat! 🙁

  31. Rachel

    Maybe thats the only way he can get pussy near his cock.

  32. GIGI

    cat to chicken ” That’s the ugliest egg youv’e every laid”,…hee hee hee; I said ‘laid’. (Good one MrDoug)

  33. tinamarie

    Look at this guy–cock in one hand and pussy in the other. This guy’s a sexual ninja! :mrgreen:

  34. Ron

    The guy is bi and trying to decide if he wants cock or pussy tonite 😕

  35. Ron

    Lets see, what was it I was going to do? Was it eat the chicken and pet the cat or pet the cock and eat the pussy? Hell I’ll just smoke another doobie. 😳

  36. Jim S

    Bisexuality defined. :wtf:

  37. I would say this guy has no idea what planet he is on let alone what he actually has in each hand. Maybe he has a fur fetish.

  38. “Hi, I’m Jamie Hyneman. Tonight on Mythbusters…”

  39. Well heck I’m a Christian an’ that there book of Isaiah done says that the Lion wud lay down with the lamb. Anyways I cud’nt find me no lion round here and them lambs runs awful fast, so I says to myself, I says ‘Cleetus you gotta improvise’.

  40. Dennis Bookhart

    HMM? I suspect it would taste OK if only it worn’t for the feathers! :puke:

  41. Listen up folks, coz I’m gonna use these here critters t’explain Intellegent Design to y’all.

  42. Slopony

    Hi, I’m Ranger Rick. Today you will be trained in the art of Choking a chicken while playng with a pussie. Tomorrow you will be introduced to the hamster behind me.

  43. It took me two days to understand the photo… right, bald guys love cock and pussy together…



  45. [Comment ID #19475 Will Be Quoted Here]

    😆 Perfect.

  46. Kalee

    awww the cock :wang: loves the pussy :thong:

  47. Cody

    you people have nothing better to do ! 🙄

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