Not like lettuce

  1. Bears are not like lettuce.
  2. Epidemics are not like lettuce.
  3. Noctambulists are not like lettuce.
  4. Ibuprofen is not like lettuce.
  5. Slingshots are not like lettuce.
  6. Narcissists are not like lettuce.
  7. Oligarchies are not like lettuce.
  8. Thongs are not like lettuce.
  9. Lasers are not like lettuce.
  10. Invertebrates are not like lettuce.
  11. Kites are not like lettuce.
  12. Epiphanies are not like lettuce.
  13. Leviathans are not like lettuce.
  14. Etruscans are not like lettuce.
  15. Tabula rasas are not like lettuce.
  16. Tautologies are not like lettuce.
  17. Umbilical cords are not like lettuce.
  18. Catechism is not like lettuce.
  19. E. coli are not like lettuce.
  20. So do tell. Which things have you found to be not like lettuce?
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  1. Mandy

    Well my :boob: :boob: are definitely not like lettuce. :wtf:

  2. Narcissists ARE like lettuce. They both have consecutively repeated letters.

  3. pablo

    [Comment ID #153469 will be quoted here]

    I say lets change the subject!!!!

    What are Mandy’s :boob: :boob: like?

    Two ice cream sundaes with cherries
    Majestic like the grand tetons
    The infantry for her comando strike?

  4. Mandy

    [Comment ID #153534 will be quoted here]

    Wouldn’t you like to know? 😀 Small but perky.

  5. Spud

    Feta and Italian Drugs are not like lettuce.
    Mandy’s breasticles are definitely not like lettuce.
    My cup of coffee is not like lettuce.
    My keyboard is not like lettuce.
    …getting on a roll here…
    My hair is not like lettuce.
    That fart, it was not like lettuce.
    My life is not like lettuce.
    This lst is not like lettuce.


  6. Anna

    – Sometimes :limp::limp: are like lettuce ….
    – We females will get to that age that our :boob::boob: will be like lettuce (even Mandy’s perky ones)
    ooh, NOT like lettuce:
    everything is lettuce … it’s f….ing monday morning!!

  7. Forbiduce and Preventuce are not like Lettuce.
    Permituce and Allowuce are a bit like Lettuce.

  8. sledge

    St.Patrick’s day tho’ green is not like lettuce

  9. StevieC

    Octopus sex is not like lettuce
    A road trip is not like lettuce

    Is Davezilla lettuce-like or not?

  10. Jay Laverdure

    Lettuce not to the meetings of great minds
    lend impediments (like human-sized banana slugs)…

  11. Although it has been said before, it was so profound I think it bears repeating.

    Cheese is not like lettuce.

    Now you know

    – Aunt Elephant

  12. Bigwavdave

    :boob:rump :boob:rump :boob:rump rump rump

    Anyone? Anyone?

    I’ll give you the answer later today. It’s NOT lettuce.

  13. Elephants are not like lettuce, but I can’t be sure until someone gives me a hand job.

  14. junkman

    -moleskin cookies are not like lettuce.
    -swan vomit is not like lettuce.
    -stitchy mcyarnpants is not like lettuce.
    -losing ones testicles to an unfortunate accident is not like lettuce. (but the resulting high voice is funny and a little like lettuce)
    -elephant ears are like lettuce while giving one a hand job is not. (i read this in an article somewhere)
    -we could decide if mandy’s :boob: :boob: are like or not if she would lettuce see them. :wang:

  15. fishyfishskin

    that two posts with :boob: :boob: in them. Lets see them or are you just a tease? :wtf:

  16. Wayne

    black magic is not like lettuce

  17. slave2oshun

    Cheese is NOT like lettuce.. (my fave btw) 😛

  18. slave2oshun

    And Davezilla is NOT like lettuce, he’s more a crouton, but THAT is a horse of a different color isnt it Dave?

  19. [Comment ID #154290 will be quoted here]

    No more croutons! Or wire coat hangers!

  20. family jules

    Lorem Ipsum is not like lettuce.
    Moosepants are not like lettuce.
    Invertebrates are a bit like lettuce.
    My mother’s snit-face is not like lettuce.
    Cats are not like lettuce.
    Dogs do not like lettuce.
    The more you type it, the less lettuce looks like lettuce. :wtf:

  21. pablo

    I keep wanting to non-conform today

    If it is Head lettuce, then Cheech & Chong are like lettuce

    If it is bunch lettuce, then bananas are like lettuce

    If Brussel sprouts are little head lettuce , then my :wang: is like lettuce

    And I will agree with Mandy, I’ve never, ever gone into the store looking for a small but perky head of lettuce! 😛

  22. mikeB

    Nice hidden message! Very clever, Mr. Zilla.

  23. Lettuce is not like lettuce.

    Latest poll: Sorry Mandy, your small perky ones would normally be my top pick :boob: but when you’re getting it good :wang: , nothing beats amazing, no-strings-attached, horny, always satisfactory, daily+ sex! 😈
    I’m sure you understand. 😉

    Dave 😕 I respectfully request a “winky” face icon when you make the bar addition. Maybe even a “drunk” and “hang over” to go along with all those alcoholic beverages… 😛
    Also, why is the male buddy there :wang: but no female genitalia, only underwear which not all of us wear/like? Is it too hard to isolate what should be included in the design? I know, try a soaked cat and call it “wt pssy”!
    I’d like to see a “butt” too, I’m very much a ‘butt lady’ not so much boob nor have a panty fetish. A funny one would be a “flat-ass” one called 7up (the uncola).
    Sorry, Just throwin’ ideas out there now… 😳

  24. Re: Link of the day…I just watched Jackass 2…you can imagine the effect this had on me… ❓

    My cute pudgie piggies are not like lettuce.
    ..Though when I get toe jam there may be a slight similarity..

    My ears, butt, :boob: :boob: as well, my belly button, my pretty kitty, Killer the Cornsnake and Sgt & Blade are not like lettuce.

    [Comment ID #154102 will be quoted here]
    Octopus sex on Roadtrips are definitely not like lettuce! As neither is Davezilla!

  25. AnnieB

    [Comment ID #154200 will be quoted here]

    Mandy jumping rope?

  26. Joe-the-ragman

    [Comment ID #154693 will be quoted here]

    Mandy jumping rope Mmmmmmmmmm – Mandy j u m p i n g r o p e 😮

  27. Arugula is not like lettuce. In the way that arugula is NOT lettuce. And bees. Bees aren’t like lettuce at all.

  28. Cara

    E. coli is on lettuce but its not like lettuce

  29. Patrick

    [Comment ID #154200 will be quoted here]

    It’s the punchline to a child’s joke, or the William Tell Overture (Lone Ranger theme)! The joke involves a line of naked Indian maidens, faced forwards and backwards to send an message. You figure it out after that.
    Mandy’s breasts, while beautiful, small and perky will be like lettuce in the future. Wilted and droopy. Sorry sweetie, Mother Nature and Father Time will have their day.

  30. Bigwavdave

    [Comment ID #155119 will be quoted here]

    Good Job!

  31. dougieace

    [Comment ID #153469 will be quoted here]
    maybe mandy should lettuce see

  32. Driver

    Hey Spud correct me if I’m wrong but Vegimite is not like lettuce.

    Mandy pay them no mind, I bet you have years and years and years before you and your perky gals have anything to worry about.

    My truck is not like lettuce.
    Greese is not like lettuce.
    Toenails are not like lettuce allthough they do make a crisp snapping sound when cliped like breaking lettuce from the head.

  33. Drusky

    Mmmmmm… :boob: :boob:’s… Huh? Sorry, lost my train of thought faster than Amtrak…

    Basketball Players are not lettuce although Chamberlain could ‘Wilt’…
    The Titantic wasn’t lettuce but it hit an ‘iceburg’
    Gladiators are not lettuce but they were ‘Romaine’
    Prisoners are not lettuce but some of them ‘tossed the salad’…
    Money isn’t lettuce but is sometimes called it…

    Mandy’s :boob: :boob:’s aren’t any kind of lettuce salad, but Ambrosia? 😛

  34. Russ

    The Great Alaska Bush :thong: Company(ABC) has lots of small perky :boob: :boob: that are nothing like lettuce; they also have some that are.

    Sorry Mandy you don’t have the market cornered but I’m sure the girls :boob: :boob: are very nice.

  35. [Comment ID #154424 will be quoted here]

    Glad someone saw that! 😈

    [Comment ID #154498 will be quoted here]

    I’ll get right on it. Yup, in all that spare time I have. :dead:

  36. But…You’re Davezilla, you can do anything!! 😛 😉

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