Caption Time #168

Caption Time #168

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  1. It was all going well until the atomic wedgie made something slip out.

  2. Ok.. umm.. is it bad that I may know one of the pictured girls on the Link of the Day….. dern UNC people. :puke:

  3. Spud

    That wedgie is not like lettuce.

  4. Russ

    I found Waldo! I found Waldo!I found Waldo!

    Wait I’m sorry it’s not Waldo it’s Pat!


    “The Rosie O’Donnell Illustrated Guide to a Better Sex Life.”

  6. It’s too early in the morning for Comic Sans.

  7. Bigwavdave

    Welcome Back Nikki.

  8. Buck

    Julie really hopes that cheerleading will like make the world better and stuff. Because she sees herself as, like you know, an ambassador of happiness and stuff. Because cheerleading isn’t like all about cheering you know, its also about leading, like the crowd to do the cheers.

    I see this little tarts everytime I go to Franklin street. Thinking they are living in “Sex and the City: The College Years.” ❓

  9. cbatdux

    “Get in my belly!” screams Fat Bastard’s sister Mathilda.

  10. junkman

    moses parted the red sea and “big dale” parts “wan’s/jaun’s (can’t tell)” deep blue sea. it’s not as deep as fabulous julie. i would like to see “big dale” give fabulous julie a wedgie like that. i believe she’s wearing the beige slacks in her tricky photo. she is so tricky though! that might be one of her fabulous friends. i don’t know….geez. awesome trickiness! if i were blindfolded in a tricky julie/pepsi/ass test, i would pick the ass that smelled like lemon gin and vinny barberino. :thong:

  11. Cynical Villain

    damnit..I’m gettin Pwned! Must do my new signature move. Double Superpower Nuclear Wedgeie! :thong:

  12. “After the ’97 atomic wedgie incident, Women’s Sumo Wrestling went down in ratings. Well, maybe that wasn’t the ONLY reason.” :wtf:

  13. slave2oshun

    Is it a BAD thing that I wanna smack the hell outta Julie?

  14. Cara

    The reason guys shouldn’t wear thongs… their bestfriends always want to make a big deal about it.

  15. Joe-the-ragman

    MMmmmmmmm Mandy, jumping rope!!!

  16. Just a few more inches… just a few more inches and I’ll immobilize this sucker with a full body, power wedgie.

    Too early for comic sans you say? How about too early for that much friggin’ day-glo yellow?

  17. [Comment ID #156651 will be quoted here]

    Definitely not!!! Please smack her a few million times for me. :puke:

  18. Bjorn Freeh

    “Next time, wear a mawashi,” said Luther as he continued to pull on the now-blue Garrett’s scrotum.

  19. I love these wacky page links, always an exercise in net archeology.

    Julie’s page first appeared in 2002 (largely the same state it is today) and was last updated in 2005. A degree at UNC well-earned.

    I flat out cannot believe that it wasn’t made in Frontpage Express in 1995. You know, back when John Travolta was young enough to be considered “the hottest thing alive”. ❓

    But no, the generator tag says “Mozilla 4.76 Windows NT 5.0” and the *only* way you get that user-agent string is if you installed Netscape on Windows 2000!
    Maybe her boyfriend set it up for her after she got malwared… since he’s clever enough to get beer out of a Pepsi bottle.

    I guess it makes sense if your fave font is Comic Sans MS, your second fave would be Bradley Hand ITC.

  20. cody

    yall r abunch of mental phsocopaths (.)Y(.)

  21. pablo

    The Bull Dyke in their natural habitat. Watch closely as they help each other sinch up their strap ons. Uh oh, we may have to turn the cameras off because the the mating ritual usually begins with the reach over wedgie and the full breast face plant.

  22. sledge

    Whooie Flabzilla and her arch enemy tons o fun try to make hammocks out of thongs

  23. [Comment ID #157006 will be quoted here]

    Shh! Don’t give away my sources, arthur. 😈

  24. And I bet Julie thinks Lorem Ipsum is Spanish.

  25. DG

    “By the time I get this damn chastity belt off I’ll be too tired to see if I’m still Bi-curious”.

  26. slave2oshun

    IF I hit Julie hard enough.. She would be like lettuce.. A freakin vegetable..

  27. The Bulgarian Sports Authority decided that allowing “Melvins” would expand the marketability of Women’s Sumo Wrestling.

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