More people we dislike #12

  1. Clueless men who wear Crocs with business suits to work. This cannot be allowed to continue and I beseech all my loyal readers to grievously harm anyone attempting this.
  2. The balding, boorish Boomer—unacceptably impatient in line at the coffeehouse and swearing at everyone to hurry up—who had no idea what he wanted when his turn arrived.
  3. Politicians who try to brainwash their countrymen through bullying and repetition, then change their minds and feign sudden amnesia.
  4. People who say Hispanic, when they mean Spanish language.
  5. The rude bastard at the office that takes one bite out of a donut and puts it back in the box.
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  1. Drusky

    First comment!

    (from the Dateline series on people seeking children out on the net…)
    People who say that they didn’t access child porn on their computer, it must have been someone else… (the computer in question is probably password locked, locked in a room with the person holding the only key, etc. etc. etc.) and also claiming how they are SO religious…. 👿

  2. scamper

    [Comment ID #78905 will be quoted here] you mean Mark Foley.
    Another person is the dumacrat running for govener of california. he’s a


  3. Spud

    Yeah, I’m kinda glad you brought this up Dave, that bastard who takes a bite out of the donuts and then puts them back in the box needs shooting, if I ever get my hands on who it is…… WHAM! right in the kisser, I tell ya, they’d have to hold me back from getting all primitive on the rotten sod.

    The rest is sort of Feh apart from the guy in the coffee shop, that was me.

    :geek: :java:

  4. Cindy

    I’ve got one worse than the one-bite-out-of-the-doughnut-guy…..I used to work with a woman that would stick her very long (and questionably clean) fingernail into chocolates to “see what was in them” so she “wouldn’t get a ‘yucky’ one…” EEEWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!! :puke:

  5. Crocs with business suits? Do people actually do this?

  6. Anna

    ~queenlike she says~ We dislike no people, we royally hate them

  7. junkman

    that rabbit video was awesome!

    i dislike people who walk past smokers outside and make an obvious effort to start coughing and then look at the smoker with a glare like they are being killed or they say something like “i hope you die” (this happened to me). oh yeah…. and mouthy christians. basically everyone that can’t mind they’re own fucking business.

    Got to get behind the Mule
    In the morning and plow. tom waits – mule variations

  8. phud

    In a grocery store line up and the sweet little old lady wants to pay with exact change..goes to her wallet first and pulls out a bill.Then this genius goes to her change purse,rumages around ,finds out that she doesn’t hane change.She the goes back to her wallet to put away the bill and the pulls out one to cover the bill.All this while 20 people wait in line behind her ARGHHHHHH

  9. MJaz

    [Comment ID #78933 will be quoted here]

    One step worse is the parents who think it’s CUTE when their tiny tots tell adults things like “smoking is BAD” or “you are hurting MY air”. I reply, as sweetly as possible “children should not tell grown-ups what to do” – resisting the urge to punch out the parents…. grrrrrrrrrr.

  10. Bigwavdave

    [Comment ID #78925 will be quoted here]

    I knew her too! She’d flip ’em over and stick her nail in the bottom. Disgusting and sneaky… :puke: :puke:

  11. family jules

    I am a Catholic and a non-smoker, and it seems to me that unfortunately, the new religion is not Christianity (by force) or non-smoking (by shame), but Telling Everyone Else What to Do Because I am the Only One Who Knows What is Right Anymore. It doesn’t matter what the topic is, it’s not about their belief in something else, it’s about their conceit in themselves, and making sure all of us bow to it.

    I punch them in the face and let my kid tell them they are ruining her “high”.

  12. Those dickheaded bastards who take a crap in your toilet while you ask them to feed your pets while your on vacation and then you get home and its still sitting in the toilet

  13. Grimreaper

    :evil:dave your web site isn’t posting my coments wtf

  14. Eric W.

    Actually, how about we ban/destroy all crocs period (except for medical personnel specifically, where it originated and should remain)? I wonder if you remove them from the wearer’s feet, it has bludgeoning potential.

    As for the donut thing, our mail/supply crew would bring in donut dots and the like very often and the pig (but thin as a rail) of a receptionist would ask for a couple and end up taking half the box.

    And if I may make one addition to the list: The moronic asshats who wave and jump around on news shows when they are caught in the camera’s line-of-sight through the window.

  15. Eric W.

    All crocs should be banned/destroyed, excepting those for medical personnel (where it originated and should remain). If you took them off the feet of the wearer, I wonder if they have bludgeoning potential.

    As for the donut thing, at my previous job, the mail/supply crew would bring in donut dots and such very often and the pig (yet, rail thin) of a receptionist would ask for a couple and then proceed to take half if not more the box.

    If I may make one addition: The moronic asshats who wave their arms and jump around when they fall within the camera’s line-of-sight on a news program.

  16. For the mother that eats her children.

  17. mikeme

    [Comment ID #78908 will be quoted here]

    Anyone who doesn’t respect donuts should be shot!

  18. Flash Gordon

    Illegal alien Mexicans who pretend not to understand English. 🙄 😕 👿 😈 :wtf:

  19. Spud

    Damn right, you know how the “hole” in donuts came about huh?

    Well in 1847 in Lucerne Switzerland Morris Hogwether was in his shop busily creating his famous deep fried dough treats when the husband of the woman he had been “seeing” came into the shop with a double barrel shotgun.

    He missed with the first shot, but cleaned up Morris with the second, straight through the heart, Morris’s last thought was to raise the donut he was holding up in front of himself for protection.

    The result was of course observed by Maurice Fingleberger the consulting coroner at the scene who was intrigued by the sweet treat found on Morris’s chest with the neat round hole in the middle.

    The rest they say is history.


  20. mesmereyes

    1. Fat people in tight clothing.
    2. Fat women flaunting their ASSets.
    3. Horny old men on the subway.
    4. #3 can be kind of flattering on a VERY bad day. 😛 😳
    5. Disregard #4

  21. Pappy

    Okay, so that video is officially the scariest thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life. :wtf: :puke: 🙁

  22. MJaz,

    Actually, I hate the Dept of Education and School District that think ‘we are building a better planet’ by *teaching* your kids that telling adults that ‘smoking will kill you’, ‘If you loved me you would live a long time with me and wouldn’t drink’, and ‘if you don’t recycle you are killing the earth and all the people.’ This is Your Tax Dollars in Hilary’s and Bill’s hands being spent to teach kids to ‘take care’ of the planet. What we need to teach the kids is the difference between being responsible and appearing to say the politically correct thing about others.

    I hate the morons that think selling bogus candy and ‘items’ as school fundraisers is a responsible social attitude. ‘fundraising’ is extortion. You ‘raise awareness’ by intimidating ‘donors’. Sharing is about giving, people — if someone has to ask, that is begging and extortion.

    I hate Congress for making common, everyday porn so hard to find, they created a multi-billion dollar industry for child porn and deviant stuff.

    I hate the lawyers for the recording industry, lawyers for the movie industry, their lobbyists, and Congress for extending the life of patents and copyrights longer than an already obnoxious 17 years.

    I hate the marketing bozo at Microsoft that thinks it is cute to install a program that refuses to run a computer unless *it* is certain all the licenses are correct. As a ‘security update’. ‘Genuine Windows’ my ass.

    I hate the criminals that write email bombs, worms, viruses, and spam-tool defeating mailing programs. May the jail cells be deep and cold.

  23. Creepy guys on airplanes that stare a lot and don’t want to put the armrest down between you.

    Strangers who tell me to smile, after I’ve had one of the worst days of my life.

  24. People who trim/file their nails in public places (eg., the subway) or who do their entire makeup routine on the streetcar/bus. Especially the nails. Ew.

  25. Driver

    People who make bizzar animated videos .

    That rabbit thing is the most freaky fuckin thing I’v ever seen in animation , I’m a hunter and fresh rabbit is good eatin , but I always through the Idol away with the guts .

  26. [Comment ID #78965 will be quoted here]

    I used to work with an editor who would take off his shoes and clip his toenails while editing copy! :puke:

  27. Mandy

    Well thank you, Dave. Rabbit will give me nightmares for the next 40 years. :wtf:

  28. mesmereyes

    Silly girl, you cant make a big fluffy muff out of 2 halves of a rabbit!! You have to skin it whole!

  29. Howie

    I hate tobacco companies cause I’m addicted to their legal crap.I hate Congress for allowing the tobacco companies to stay in business.I hate lobbists that force the Congress to allow the tobacco companies to sell their crap.I hate tobacco farmers that are making money because of the lobbists and Congress and tabacco ocompanies that are killing me.I hate this kid Keith that gave me my first cigarette, but he is dead now so F him!Dear Tobacco farmers… start growing pot! Then I’ll die happy.

  30. People who play their muzak at work without donning headphones. Even I have standards. They’re low…but they’re there.

  31. thatonechick

    amen howie

  32. Howie

    Thanks Dave. Finally got around to watching Rabbit. Prove that I’m a light weight in the battle to be the sickiest puppy on Earth! Truely disturbing, disgusting, warped, and a few thousand other adjectives that escape me at the moment.

  33. [Comment ID #78933 will be quoted here]

    You’ve gotta be kidding! Random stranger on the street just said, “I hope you die.” to your face in passing? Jeez! Did you make up a good come-back?

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