Just a thought

You know how dolphins are capable of using their sonar to herd shoals of fish into tight balls to attack and eat? I wish I could do that with dust bunnies and lint.

Except for the eating part.

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  1. God

    I thought you were going to launch into how Paris Hilton uses her money/sonar to herd young men into her bed.

    I could make her bald, or give her leprosy say or even better, make her monthly last 24-7-365

    I can do it

    But I need a bribe

    Think large

    Praise me

  2. Esther

    One flaw in your plan there, God. It’s kind of hard to make someone who possesses no reproductive organs get her monthly on a daily basis.

    You do realize she’s a man, right? Granted, a very skinny, bleached-blonde, tan out of a can man in drag, but a man nonetheless?:geek:

    Oh, and Dave? Invest in as many Swiffer products as you can. Dust bunnies are afraid of it.

  3. Spud

    The solution to living with dust, is to live in a dust free enviroment.

    Easy if you have one of our new 100% foolproof dino-buster heavy duty blower/vacs*.

    Blow that dust into tommorrow, come join the clean air society for only $29.95 per/month.

    Blow your troubles away.

    Ring 1-900-blowme

    *may constitute a health hazard in certain situations*

  4. Hi there, those agents who came visiting with dark glasses on said I was funny. SO thought, you might want to pay a visit.

  5. Kirk

    Actually I like the dust bunnies…they are the only pets that my landlord will let me have.

    God, do you think you could put a curse on him for a smaller bribe than one for Paris Hilton?

  6. God

    I saw what you did last night Kirk!

    Praise me 3 times to the evening sun and I’ll see what I can do.

    All Hail!

  7. Mandy

    So Dave’s a dolphin? :wtf:

  8. Thank god she didn’t put my number in the list. Honest, it was just a quickie, no commitment!

  9. frisko

    Really now, why would I want to hang out with friends of Paris. I have plenty of my own pals. I just can’t seem to find her friends more intresting than the ones I already have.

    Frisko the meanie

  10. JD

    The Davezilla reader I most want to see :wang: Paris Hilton is, well, no one, because I don’t wish any VD on anybody here.

  11. CJ

    The girls of Davezilla are hotter than Paris and her friends also.

  12. mikeB

    it was just a quickie, no commitment!
    She told me you were unintentionally quick. 😛

  13. I wish I could herd women like that!



  14. I’ve seen whales on some discovery channel show herd fish with bubbles they blow into a “bubble net”. Really impressive.

  15. Mandy

    How many of the 510 contacts have been inside Paris’ :thong:?

  16. You’re assuming she wears :thong:s Mandy. From what I’ve seen, she’s a commando girl.

  17. Kirk

    commando girl……..ewwwww

  18. God

    Kirk will have to do penance for that comment.

    Praise me!

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