Is everything tasting OK?

Over the past few years, I’ve noticed a change in the patter of waitstaff. I only pay attention to these things because I was once a waiter, myself. Time was, a server would come by, a minute or so into the meal and ask, “How is everything?” A concise sentence.

Nowadays, servers come when you have one bite left in your meal. “Is everything tasting OK?” they blurt out, without making eye contact. I have several problems with this:

  1. It’s just a lame thing to say. Would your mother ask you that?
  2. It assumes that your only possible issue could be flavor, avoiding the issue of say, bad service? A crappy table? Overly loud big screen TVs? No, you are only allowed to respond to one question and it’s probably too late in the meal for it to matter
  3. What are your thoughts? Agree? Disagree? Something else bugging you?
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  1. Simon

    Well, I am sort of, half a waiter and half a kitchen boy, and I always make sure I ask “is everything okay?” about 2 or 3 minutes after the main course has been served and I strongly belive that a smile, please and thankyou from time to time go a long way into improving the customer’s experience

  2. Bigwavdave

    Yup – Hate it when you get good service through out the meal and your “waitperson / server” or whomever, vanishes when it’s time to pay the bill and head out.

    1st in line – – – Woo Hoo!

  3. Bigwavdave

    OK, I got another one…”Do you need / want your change?” Not just yes, HELL YES! And when I get it, I’ll decide how much to give back to you.

  4. harley

    I have never agreed with you more Dave !!!!! I also was a server in the past and the way some of these people are makes me want to hurl my plate at their heads! My favorite thing though is if you leave them any thing lesss than five dollars the look of death you get as you walk out the door.I know that tips are their REAL paycheck but if you dont do the job you won’t get paid!!!! 👿

  5. Sallie

    I am a sous chef…if I go out to eat and my server says, “does everything taste okay” is gonna make me wonder why did you ask that?..yeah and I want my change back!

  6. sledge

    most waitstaff wait till everyones mouth is full before asking the question.Hold up one finger and make them wait till you finish swallowing your food..then answer.

  7. Don’t get me wrong; I’m a good tipper. I leave 20% on decent service and 30% on outstanding service. If I get lousy service, I know they won’t likely remember a bad tip, so I do something far more effective: I leave 15% to the penny, so they can’t say I was a cheap jerk.

    Then I write “the wort service I’ve ever had” in ink across the bill. That way their boss sees it at the end of the night.

  8. Spud

    Fortunately here in Oz we don’t ‘have’ to tip at a restaurant, so a big kiss my fat hairy arse to all those crappy shitty mealy mouthed pimply faced pigs done as mutton useless waitpersons.

    Thank you

  9. junkman

    ok. what the hell is “Stedged”?

  10. To ask that so late in the game and without having stopped in to check in on you is almost like an “Oops! I forgot all about you, I gotta make sure I get a decent tip and pay SOME attention to these fools…”

    See, to ask it early on, I think, shows attentiveness and gives a natural conversation opener, to see if the food tastes good, is too hot/too cold, is the wrong order, if their drinks need refilling, or if there are any other complaints or issues. Taste isn’t always the biggest issue on a diner’s mind… or plate.

  11. patrick

    I’m less concerned with how the waitstaff inquires as to the quality of meal as I am with the timing. Invariably, it seems that person waits until I have a fork stuck in my mouth so I am left sheepishly nodding my head in some crude attempt to convey satisfaction.

  12. AnnieB

    [Comment ID #197970 will be quoted here]

    Well, you were about 6 am when I first read this post. Man, some comments sure take a long time to show up! :wtf:

  13. Guy

    I hate it when the waitperson comes to your table, and you have two bites left and asks “Is everything alright”
    What are you suppose to say! Something like ” The food really SUCKED, and I don’t feel that I should have to pay for this swill” :mrgreen: It’s never worked for me!!! :wtf:

  14. AnnieB

    Ha! It wasn’t deja vu! Fun with Waitstaff, 5 Apr 2007. You also made the SAME comment! Did you just copy and paste?

    Something else bugging me? Yeah, searching your Archives sucks man.

    Have nothing better to do AnnieB? Apparently not.


  15. Brooklyn R.

    I’m a server and I’d have to say that I’m guilty of asking “How is everything?” when my customers have mouth fulls. It’s not like I try, it’s just bad timing sometimes. Oh, and by the way, if I ever ask “How’s the food taste?”, it’s because I just had a lobotomy and I’m still trying to regain some brain function (sorry if I can’t spell)! :dead:

  16. StevieC

    [Comment ID #197998 will be quoted here]

    A woman with no pants and nothing better to do. ‘Tis a shame, it is.

  17. chainstay

    Interesting cultural dynamic. I know that in most restaurants everyone is in a hurry to sling the hash and get the cash. If you go to an authentic Mexican restaurant it is considered rude not to engage in a bit of friendly banter. In fact, if you go to the same place several times you might end up talking about your family, politics, or the world in general.

  18. chainstay

    On the other hand, I remember going to a diner once an the owner came out with a cup of coffee and sat down across from me and proceed to tell me his life story. So what is worse, being ignored or being intruded upon?

  19. Bigwavdave

    [Comment ID #197998 will be quoted here]

    Oh, I’ve got something better for you to do… :wang:

  20. Real life experience:
    :kiss: Could I have the special but with salad instead of the soup?
    👿 No, you can have this *points at menu arm outstreatched in front of my face and proceeds to write down “my” order*.

    :kiss: *still visibly eating the fries on my plate, I can feel staring*
    👿 *standing three feet off to my side watching*
    :kiss: *stop fry mid air en route to my mouth* 😐 Are you waiting for my plate?
    👿 Yes, you’re done? *without waiting for my response takes plate*
    :kiss: :wtf: 😕 ❓ 😡 👿

    Dave: What is ‘steged’???

    [Comment ID #198001 will be quoted here]

    She shoulda called us over… 😈

  21. StevieC

    … “She shoulda called us over…”

    I’m sure we could keep her entertained. 😈 :wang:

  22. junkman

    i am feeling so stedged today. it’s a stedgy, stedgy day. i’m not leaving tips today just stedges. i would stedge annieb today so she could have a stedged day too. stedge, stedge, stedge. 3 stedges are oh so funny. my powerthirst has been stedged. my personal pee and poo are stedged.

    ps. what the fuck is fucking stedged 😕 😕 😕 😕 😕 😕

  23. AnnieB

    [Comment ID #198015 will be quoted here]

    My thoughts on “stedged” … according to the Urban Dictionary, sted is a contraction of “steroid head”. Seeing as how our Dave likes to tie into his links sometimes, he added his own take to that word, referring to the Video of the Day.

    Having said that, I still don’t know what the fuck he means. We’re supposed to get all pumped up today? Oil ourselves up … hey, wait a minute! Maybe he’s on to something!

    EVERYONE GET STEDGED! :boob: :boob: :wang:

    *notice I didn’t put a “pants” icon 😛

  24. Mikeme

    A woman without pants is a meal in itself! :wang:

  25. Hey mikeme, don’t forget what my daddy always says about honey and alum douches, “For sweeter lickin’ and tighter fittin’.”

    For that sentence, and many MORE, I do believe I’m what they say, “touched” in the head. Just a bit. :wtf:

  26. junkman

    [Comment ID #198032 will be quoted here]and worthy of more than just the tip!

  27. “Is everything tasting okay?”

    My answer: “You’ll find that out when and if you read tomorrow’s newspaper.”

  28. Spud

    Stedged is a word that can’t be made into an anagram.

    That may or may not be an answer.

  29. Servers seem to always come by to check on me when i have food in my mouth so i cant really say anything back

  30. AnnieB

    [Comment ID #198039 will be quoted here]

    I trust you l e i s u r e l y dine luv.

  31. We actually went to a restaurant the other day where I swear 4 different people asked us a total of at least 8 times if everything was ok. After a while, I was like “Well, everything was fine 12 seconds ago, but this most recent bite was a bit sub-par.”

  32. [Comment ID #197998 will be quoted here]

    Not cut and paste. Old age. 🙁

  33. chainstay

    possible, yet terrible, pick up line. “Are you tasting OK this evening?”

  34. [Comment ID #197984 will be quoted here]

    Sledge hit it right in one shot. i’ve seen them standing just out of sight waiting for the customer take a bite…

  35. family jules

    Selected responses to: Is everything tasting ok?

    Why, shouldn’t it?

    Well, I don’t know, since I haven’t tasted EVERYTHING. I’ve only tasted what I’ve ordered.

    Did Harry send you over here to ask that? Well, you tell Harry that I said everything tastes exactly the way he EXPECTS it to taste, thank you very much!

    Oh God. There’s something wrong with the Tilapia, isn’t there? I KNEW I shouldn’t have ordered the Tilapia! Dammit! (spitting food into napkin, rinsing mouth with water)

    I’m sorry dear, the proper phrasing would be “Does everything taste all right tonight?” You could also say, “Are you enjoying your meal this evening?” But “is everything tasting OK?” is a little informal for a person you barely know. The King’s English, fucked again!

    Selected responses to: Do you need change back?

    Why, do you want it?

    No, you can keep the change, but any bills are mine.

    Yes, I need change. Can you give me two tens for this five please?

    Why, are you afraid I’ll stiff you on the tip?

    Actually, yes. I am taking up a collection and any change you don’t need would come in handy too.

    (when paying for a 36.58 dinner with a fifty, for example)…..I’ll tell you what, instead of rounding up to what I gave you, what say we round down to an even $30?

    First, let’s see if you can count the change back to me correctly. If you can, then you can keep it.

  36. family jules

    However, on the other end of the coin (pun intended)…..

    One customer who came in regularly always paid with bills crumpled into individual balls. Because we had to put our bills into the register facing up and one way only, I had to stand there and uncrumple every bill and press them flat. Of course, I did all this BEFORE giving her the change.

    On my last day of work, she came in and paid with several crumpled bills. Again, I uncrumpled each one of them before giving change. But this time, I took nine perfect brand new one dollar bills out, counted them carefully, crumpled each one of them into individual balls and deposited them in her outstretched hands. For some reason I have yet to fathom, she was surprised!

  37. AnnieB

    [Comment ID #198059 will be quoted here]

    More like sex, drugs and rock’n roll than old age!


    Pretty please, with whipped cream on top.

  38. junkman

    dear dave,
    i will be forced to rally a passive stedge-in. inquiring minds need to stedge. this non-word word needs to be destedged. spud has stedged that it is not an anagram. surely the day after stedged day all can be restedged! we are not mushrooms to be stedged in the dark and fed bull stedge. this might just make me lose my stedging mind.
    please dave….have pity on your poor stedglings and tell us what it means. yours stedgily, junkman.

  39. StevieC

    [Comment ID #198074 will be quoted here]

    Dave’s being a little stedgy with a response, isn’t he?

  40. StevieC

    Hmmm …. the possibilities
    Stedge on, stedge off
    If you’ve seen one stedge, you’ve seen ’em all
    When I think about you, I stedge myself
    WTS? What the stedge!
    WWSD – What Would Stedge Do
    Went bar-hopping last night and got absolutely stedged!
    I stedged Astryd last night and it was so good, even the neighbors needed a cigarette!
    Go stedge yourself! And your horse too.
    I took the cat to the vet to get it stedged.
    For those with an Arts degree … You want stedge with that?
    or …. I gave that table great service and ended up getting stedged.
    I got stedged last night and wound up in the hospital to get checked out.

  41. “I stedged Astryd last night and it was so good, even the neighbors needed a cigarette!”
    “I got stedged last night and wound up in the hospital to get checked out.”

    …I’m sorry… tee hee 😈 but to make you feel better, I have a nurse’s outfit that I can visit you in…or out of. 😈

    Dave is enjoying watching us squirm, his meniacle laughter herd further away each time we plead…PLEASE ILLUMINATE US OH WISE ONE. HAVE MERCY ON US YOUR LOYAL SERVANTS… 😛

  42. Russ

    [Comment ID #197985 will be quoted here]

    I guess you could say I’m the cheap jerk. A small group I dined with once left a penny for a tip as a statement of how bad the service was. We didn’t need to tell management because after being seeted for 20 mins we had to flag down a manager to get someone to take our order.

    I have also walked out of a place that seated my wife and I, brought bread and water and didn’t come back. I think 20mins is more then enough time for wait staff to come by to tell you specials and take a drink order.

  43. pablo


    To steadge or not to steadge, that is the question.
    When someone shits on your hedge, you’ve got stedge
    If it smells like stedge, throw it out.
    I’d like a large pizza with stedge and don’t be skimpy
    Waitress! I ordered the stedge! What the hell is this?!?
    If it weren’t for bad stedge I’d have no stedge at all.

  44. Pookazilla (no relation)

    Even worse than being asking if everything is tasting ok, one well known establishment has been repeatedly asking “Are you enjoying your hot meal?” It was as if they weren’t sure what we were eating, nor did they care as long as it was hot.

    After continually making fun of them for their strange question, they eventually stopped asking. I guess they realized the meal can’t stay hot forever. :wtf:

  45. Peaches

    I have been ROTFLMSAO at these comments…
    Junkman…I love you!! 😆

  46. StevieC

    [Comment ID #198121 will be quoted here]

    Yeah, I want pictures of that, complete with the Playboy heels. 😈 :wang:

  47. Natalie

    “Stedged” (I think it’s pronounced with a long E) means to make a particularly stinky mess of something.

    “Dude! WTF is that smell?”
    “I tried to make tuna casserole but I stedged it up.”
    “Smells more like a tuna got into your crawlspace and died there.”

    It’s an old word. Shakespeare used it.

  48. Mikeme

    Anyone see the three stedges? :wtf:

  49. AnnieB

    [Comment ID #198140 will be quoted here]

    Screw Shakespeare! What did that old fart know? Our definitions and usages are a whole lot better!


  50. StevieC

    Getting back to waitstaff – went out for supper tonight and the bill was $28.68. I gave the server two $20’s and got a $10 and a buck thirty-two in change. Okay, so were you thinking that the service was that bad that $1.32 would be a good tip or did you think that you were so awe-inspiring that I should leave a $10?

    Attention! People who depend on tips: if you want some of my money, break up the change so that I can decide how much of it I will leave for a tip. If you give me back a big bill and a small amount of coin; guess what? You’re getting the coins back. If you break the bills into smaller denominations, chances are pretty good that you’ll get some of them back. If you don’t, you won’t.

    That and a buck thirty-two will get you a nice cup of

  51. StevieC

    [Comment ID #198142 will be quoted here]

    Pleased to meet you. My name is Shakespeare. 😈 :wang:

  52. [Comment ID #198140 will be quoted here]

    Please refer to Natalie’s definition of stedged. —The Management.

  53. junkman

    dear dave,
    it may be a fish sauce in some language that i do not know what it is, or, if there is a god, which there is not, would that god reveal to it’s most lowly boot licking servant, in his most graciousness, i mean the god type, even a rind off the fruit of his knowledge so that he, the boot licker, could chew on the original sin, the word, after his display of ignorant blasphemy, the inappropriate expression of the sacred, which by the way, is original sin, the use of the word i mean, not the word of the day from yesterday, just the word, or language in general, if you prefer, or, would god be the silent the un-bribeable ego? gimme a chew. junkman.

  54. junkman

    omfg. i didn’t check for 25 minutes. all that groveling and bullshit for nothing. i totally stedged that one. BUT WAIT!!!! natalie must be god!

  55. AnnieB

    [Comment ID #198169 will be quoted here]

    I can’t find anywhere that Shakespeare EVER used that word!

    I think they’re stedging us!

  56. StevieC

    [Comment ID #198171 will be quoted here]

    Aw, stedge! Stedged again and we didn’t even get a stedging dinner!

  57. AnnieB

    [Comment ID #198174 will be quoted here]

    Stedging A right!

  58. Spud

    You people have been officially ‘Stedged’

  59. StevieC

    [Comment ID #198195 will be quoted here]

    Stedge me baby one more time!

  60. A good stedging is as good as anything! 😛

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