The 8th Deadly Sin

The 8th Deadly Sin

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  1. sledge

    is that a line between gluttony and republican to denote a fat cat? eight deadly sins now I wonder how many more there are

  2. patrick

    Deceit-thou shalt not lie for thy name’s sake.

  3. StevieC

    [Comment ID #197921 will be quoted here]

    It almost looks like Gluttony (fill in the blank) Republican.

  4. Spud

    Give me Gluttony or give me death…

  5. Chris S.

    Those 7 sins on the left are actually offshoots of the core one: Republican
    It’s all in the bible. 🙂

  6. Guy

    I think George Bush and Dick Cheney’s name is the fill in the blank between gluttony and _______ I shutter to say it!!!! OK Republican!!!

  7. Why stop there [at Republican]. I think the list should have been further extrapolated!

  8. junkman

    7 for republicans? i have a feeling iraq’s head is in a basket somewhere.

  9. Mmm, Lust. I like Lust. 😈 Then mix it with a pinch of Gluttony. 😈 Smother it in Pride and scatter a bit of Envy… Yeah, I’m going to hell… ❓
    Any body wanna join?
    I say we make it another roadtrip! CARGASM has earned it’s name! 😈

  10. Tiday is: Raining really hard day.
    What is it raining?
    Cats & Dogs
    Bitches & Hos
    Dolla’s & Coins
    Coochies & Cookies
    Babies & Milk…? 😉

  11. AnnieB

    [Comment ID #197931 will be quoted here]

    I think that’s an excellent (and accurate) observation JMan!

  12. Mandy

    [Comment ID #197933 will be quoted here]

    right there with ya, girl. if you get your lust handled, you don’t need envy 😈

  13. MRDOUG

    I think we are seeing this wrong they are all in a great big heart so it makes it all ok, see a big happy heart makes all sins ok.

    Now what I really want to know is what did big Dave cross out next to greed (Dumbocrats, $tarbuck$, Hillary Clinton?)

    Oh Astryd, know that I will save you a nice warm seat in hell as my family and friends are fond of reminding me that I have a special place waiting for me

  14. [Comment ID #197941 will be quoted here]

    We are the ZillaGirlz, Envied by…everyone else. 😈

    Mr Doug: The more the merrier! 😈

  15. People Guy

    Sorry to get somber on you, but there really is a Heaven and a Hell. I really don’t want any of you going anywhere other than Heaven. Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it.

  16. chainstay

    Dude, buzzkill.

  17. Omega

    I hate to break it to you people, having so much fun bashing Republicans, but the dude was [i]obviously[/i] meaning to say it’s a sin [i]not[/i] to be a Republican.

  18. Chainstay: I concur.

    Omega: Them’s fightin’ words.

    People Guy: Thanks for your concern, we love you too. 😆
    …but, everything depends on interpretation.
    We say things in jest…all the time…like, Darla and I will make you our Chamber Bitch! ;P
    If any statements said here were taken literally imagine what kind of trouble Davezilla would be in?!
    Now if anything is to be taken literally the comments made by MRDOUG and I were statements not requests ‘asking’ to be sent or ‘asking’ for it in any way.
    But again thank you so much for caring enough about us to want to protect us from ourselves. 😛

  19. Lust, wrath, greed, gluttony, sloth, envy and pride: The seven commandments thou shalt not break while in my dungeon!

    Who knew feeling so guilty could feel so good? 😈

    Now where’s my Chamber Bitch?

  20. Maddog

    Just eight deadly sins? You forgot the other political party! So that makes it nine. Which is the lesser of two evils? The choices are limited, you either side with a “elephant” or a “jackass” Hell the original sins seem less sinful compared to the lying and deceitfulness that goes on everyday in the politicing world in which we live. How can another muthafucker tell an American what he must do in order to be a free man in this country? 👿 👿 👿 👿

  21. pablo

    9th deadly sin


  22. Dave

    Was this taken at Gusoline Alley?

  23. [Comment ID #198157 will be quoted here]

    Heh, close. The WAB.

  24. [Comment ID #198117 will be quoted here]

    If it’s Meagan, maybe I don’t want to be free…..I’ll bring the chains…….. 😈

  25. And YES……finally…….someone finally got it right……republican is really the 8th deally sin……..

    And if you don’t agree, just ask President hopeful, Rudy………

  26. [Comment ID #198305 will be quoted here]

    And I’ll bring my whip and stedge you real good! 😈

  27. [Comment ID #198323 will be quoted here]

    Under one condition, I get to bring my cane and have a turn at showing you how it’s done……. 😈

  28. officeratt

    hey meagan do you even know the meaning of stedge??? :wang:

  29. [Comment ID #198570 will be quoted here]

    Hey officeratt, do you know the meaning of “Shut the hell up, you stedger?”


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