Possibly inappropriate times to initiate sex

  1. While your partner is brushing their teeth
  2. In the middle of a funeral
  3. Mid-hurricane
  4. While juggling flaming hatchets
  5. During a tightrope walkover the Grand Canyon
  6. While being hunted down by cannibal clowns
  7. After divorcing them
  8. During a zombie outbreak
  9. While shark baiting underwater
  10. When do you think would be an inappropriate time to initiate sex?



  1. J

    Of course while riding a unicycle

  2. J

    This is gonna get good!

  3. I dunno, I’m drawing a blank, those all sound perfectly reasonable to me…

  4. Wolfe

    As long as both people agree…there IS no innappropriate time…elol

  5. In line at the DMV

    In line at Dave’s Starbucks

    At parent-teacher night ( for the teachers)

    In the grand jury deliberation room

    While waitinng for your STD results

  6. Jack

    While she’s on the phone with her father,( the psyco cop)(personal experience)

  7. DaPopster

    In the middle of doing her sister, mother, aunt, cousin, friend, bridesmaid, etc. πŸ˜› :wang:

  8. Mjaz

    In church – except in the confessional when it’s not occupied for it’s intended use…

  9. patrick

    HAHA, trick question! There is no inappropriate place to initiate sex. :wang: 😈

  10. In the Wal Mart home appliance dept., apparently they can’t sell them once they’ve been soiled :wtf:

  11. Chris S.

    When your wife is in the room.

    During your monthly performance review.

    While picking your kids up from…. well anyplace.

    In the Vatican.

    On Late Night wth David Letterman.

    On David Letterman.

    ehm… be right back……………………. OK I’m back. In the middle of posting on Davezilla. 😈

  12. Bigwavdave

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    I’m right there with you… :wang:

  13. Inappropriate? What is this word? I’ve never heard it before. 😈

  14. J

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    That would totally suck just like when her Marine dad kicks down the door….but I know nothing of the sort

  15. dogon

    At a family reunion…

  16. [Comment ID #287153 will appear here]

    Ummm, Dave’s Sixbucks seems like the perfect place. Granted, I don’t think I’d stedge any of the regulars …..

  17. Here’s a question for those in Zillaland … Where’s the strangest place that you’ve ever had sex?

  18. dogon

    Right after she has had the rape evidence collection examination at the hospitalÒ€¦

    That is about the most inappropriate time I can think of. :wtf:

  19. While going down the wavy water slide in an amusement park.

    Strangest place was in the day time in the grass beside a baseball field.

    Come on the rest of you fellow freaks! ‘Fess up of where you got your freakiest freak on!

    :undies: :wang:

  20. Dogon

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    I was 18 and went to my new girlfriends home for dinner. We got there early and the parents went to the grocery store to pick up a few items, she and I had sex on the parent’s bed while they were gone… (her idea)

    Top of a stairwell in the college union building. We were next to the door to the roof, and dozens of people were using the lower floor stairs just a few feet below us…

    :wang: :wang: :wang:

  21. Drusky

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    Nothing wrong with that unless you live in a area where sex peddling is illegal. πŸ™„

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    All at the same time? 😈

  22. Lake Effect

    At the Girl Scout Cookie Sale kickoff meeting. :thong: :undies: :thong: :wang:

  23. Mjaz

    The most “public” place I ever did it was in a dormer alcove in my boyfriend’s apartment that had floor to ceiling windows, and was 1 story above M street in Georgetown DC – on a Saturday night. We were no more than 5 feet away from hundreds of people. And pretty much anyone across the street could have looked straight in.

    The craziest place I ever did it was in a cemetary, but it was not deliberate for the kinky-factor. It was just that we were visiting his dad’s grave and suddenly got horny.

    Ahhhhhh – the good old days

  24. Bigwavdave

    On more sober (HA!) reflection, I suppose trying to initiate sex at a funeral (#2) if you were trying to get at the corpse, might be considered (by some) to be out of line.

  25. DaPopster

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    Only if you’re really ambitious, really horny ……… or have a death wish.
    :wang: :wang:

  26. [Comment ID #287604 will appear here]

    Do you remember how many brownies you ate? :wtf:

  27. What ?

    How is this funny ?

  28. Spud

    There is no wrong answer.

  29. in your boss’s office while asking for a RAISE :wang:

  30. tina

    during an enema, no wait…. nevermind….

  31. Lake Effect

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    I found a typo…should have been Wow is this funny!

  32. lanabell

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    or while your getting fired for that matter πŸ˜›

  33. Lake Effect

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    Not really–too small. Just like Chinese food, after an hour, you want more.

  34. [Comment ID #287992 will appear here]


    Guess you never heard the joke about the boy getting kicked of Cub Scouts for eating too many Brownies. Brownies was I believe one of the youngest ranks in the Girl Scouts. This was many moons ago, so the name of the rank may have changed.

  35. Lake Effect

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    I really wish you wouldn’t keep telling everyone about my mis-spent youth.

  36. S

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    LMAO I’m from a redneck town in Alberta whats wrong with a family reunion

  37. TimM

    While riding a motorcycle. (That damn vibration can get to you)

    Yes, at a funeral is bad, my Uncle was really pissed off at us.

    On the Dumbo ride at Disneyworld. Sharon and I are now permanently banned from the Magic Kingdom. πŸ™„

  38. neonlady

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    Unless you’re in West Virginia πŸ˜›

  39. Drusky

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    I’d have pictured ‘It’s a small, small world’… πŸ˜›

  40. julesOdeNile

    inappropriate time?inappropriate time…..,inappropriate time… can’t think of any inappropriate time, it’s all appropriate as long as you have the appropriate staying power!!!!!!!!

    places that would be frowned upon… on the parking lot at lowe’s theater, in the car outside my work place (she’d come all the way from NJ to MD for a brief visit, man), on a nature trail (was fun losing all them other guys πŸ˜† :wang: :undies: :wang:)
    but the ONE was while watching the movie 10 things i hate about you (lame movie – great stedging, baby) can’t even tell you how and when it ended but i thank the makers of that movie

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