Overheard: “Sangrina” edition

Bartender: “So what did you two do last night?”
Waitress #1: “We had some sangrinas. They were so good.”
Bartender: “I’ve heard of those. They’re like margaritas, right?”
Waitress #2: “No, they’re a wine thing with like fruits and shit.”
Bartender: “Oh, that’s sound good! What kind of wine is it?”
Waitress #2: “Dark wine.”
Waitress #1: “Yeah, dark wine. I dunno, Chardonnay or something.”

I swear, I lost 10 IQ points listening to that.


  1. donnhw

    I just lost 10 IQ points READING IT!! 😛 Don’t think I’d order a beer from those two! 🙄

  2. Mjaz

    mmmmmmmm… nothing like turds floating around in your chardonnay. Isn’t sangria like mexican or something?

  3. I bet if I ordered a rum and coke from them I’d get a shot of rum and four lines of cocaine. Yeah, that really hits the spot. :puke:

  4. Duh! The wine is dark because of the shit that’s in it.

    So Dave, do Dopey, Dippy, and Dummy work near your Sixbucks?

  5. DaPopster

    Caution no swimming until the gene pool is cleaned …….. :puke:

  6. Chris S.

    MMMMM…Sangrimina… thats better than drinking shit straight up. Or is sangraminda a VD? I keep forgetting…

    I think Lung knows a little bit about sangreenda…

  7. john

    Sangrina? I thought of that douche bag from American Idol…….

  8. …a wine thing with like fruits and shit.

    And I know for sure the shit is bat shit. (Prove me wrong, Snopes!)

    Heh, those crazy sangrina-brewin’ bitches!

  9. Flash Gordon

    AnnieB makes the best sangria anywhere. She uses rum and kerosene. 😳 ❗ 🙄 :kiss:

  10. Supercharged_goddess

    well THAT was three seconds of my life completely wasted. wait, were the waitresses still wasted? 😕 I hate dumbasses :limp:

  11. Bigwavdave

    I hope they didn’t water it down with ice or frozen pee. I’ve always felt if you can’t drink it at room temperature, you shouldn’t be drinking it at all.

  12. Bigwavdave

    Reminds me of the line about the kids who yelled “Hey Mom…There’s lumps in the milk!!!” To which she replied “So chew it!”

  13. Bigwavdave

    And finally…Dave, you’ve got to move…

  14. Lake Effect

    …”No, they’re a wine thing with like fruits and shit.”

    “Oh, that’s sound good! What kind of wine is it? – Wait a sec–what kind of shit is it??”

  15. [Comment ID #288533 will appear here]

    Dark shit. Ya know, none of that greeny, orangey crap.

  16. TimM

    [Comment ID #288232 will appear here]

    I think maybe someone peed in their gene pool.

  17. Sangria = A chilled Spanish watery wine punch, generally mixed for your party guests to drink while you guzzle the decent booze that they brought along with them.

    Sangrina – The female protagonist in the film “Vampire Sex Vixens III”.

  18. [Comment ID #288753 will appear here]

    Porn with a plot? :wtf:

  19. [Comment ID #288995 will appear here]
    I thought they all had the same plot.

    :wang: :boobs: :wang: :boobs:

  20. Yankeerose32

    [Comment ID #288203 will appear here]

    Hey that sound just fine to me!!! Just give me the whole bottle of rum though, a shot just won’t do it! 👿

  21. DaPopster

    Porn? Plot?? What the hell is happening here??? :wtf:

  22. Spud

    [Comment ID #288753 will appear here]
    Well said sir! clap clap clap

  23. [Comment ID #288753 will appear here]

    She gets “staked” several times, I’m sure.
    😈 :wang:

  24. [Comment ID #288378 will appear here]

    No, no Flash you silly boy, I use antifreeze not kerosene! 😛 :kiss:

  25. [Comment ID #288753 will appear here]

    Ah, so that’s what happened to the bottle of 1608 I brought to your birthday bash. Cold man, cold. I was so looking forward to sharing a shot of that with you but I just assumed one of your guests had absconded with it…

    😛 :kiss:

  26. Drusky

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    Isn’t that a ‘Flaming Moe’?

  27. Drusky

    [Comment ID #289409 will appear here]

    There’s a lot of things in that movie that suck… :wang: 🙄

  28. Dear me AnnieB, if I’d known you’d be at my party I would have had my man Carruthers polish the silver, varnish every square inch of mahogany, turn down the sheets in the presidential suite, scrub the kitchen staff pink, dust my stag head trophies, comb the Irish setter and oil my very own stately paunch.

    No sangria for you my dove. I would have Carruthers absail down to the bodega and fetch us a choice Ribera de Duero probably a ’91 Vega Sicilia and after letting it respire for the allotted time, we would sup it on a raised balcony from Waterford Crystal goblets while throwing scratchings to the other plebian guests below.

  29. Spud

    Who you calling ‘guests’? we invited ourselves and we ain’t leaving to we been appeased, appraised and appareled. See my man ‘Dave” for further instructions.

  30. [Comment ID #289823 will appear here]

    I would expect no less from a distinguished gentleman such as yourself my exquisite friend. Although, perhaps in the future, you might consider posting a guard to keep out the unsavory characters that insist on barging in uninvited, lest they disturb our pleasant repast.

  31. [Comment ID #289823 will appear here]

    Who are you calling “guest”, slave?! That’ll earn you a whipping! 👿

  32. you need to stop eating at hooters, dave. :boobs: :boobs:

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