Captiontime #230

Captiontime #230


  1. Even Davezilla falls victim to the gratuitous beaver shot.

  2. Nina

    Wow!!! Look at her beaver!! :wtf:

  3. Lake Effect

    After viewing the Blossom sisters, from Beaverton, I’m gonna break the rule here and pick the one on our right, Cheryl ‘Cheri’ Blossom. :wang:

  4. Flash Gordon

    Jenna and Barbara having fun along the Potomac.

    Or, I guess it could be two more of AnnieB’s relatives—Prissy and Petunia, the Nympho
    sisters. :boobs: :thong: :wang: :kiss:

  5. Spud

    This is an Ahmericun thing right? it just looks to me likes the girl is trying to blockade the poor little wildlife creature… 🙄 😛

  6. Drusky

    Looks like the girl on the right is DOING the beaver with a strap on… :wang: 😛

  7. DaPopster

    Wooden beaver, stop sign, young women, cherry blossoms? Gotta be some kinda DC madam,
    congressional freal show. :wtf: 😈

  8. The new politicly correct name for this animal is Vagina Squirrel. 😛

  9. “Beavers Unite! The new lesbian alliance.”

  10. Cobe

    A bevers teeth never stop growing…..errr or is that my beaver never stops growing.

  11. Next, on a very special episode of “Blossom.”

  12. typhoon61

    Is thsat a strap on or are you just happy to see me? HELLLLO KITTY :wang:

  13. bowler

    Stop. Beaver time. :thong:

  14. droopy

    Stop don’t pick the blossoms, just play with my nuts…oh wait its a beaver? Wouldn’t a squirrel make more sense??? Someone grew up without a See ‘N Say (those pull string toys that say what the animal is called and the sound it makes and points to the picture) “The cow say Moo, MOOOO” “The dog says bite me” “The beaver says f*ck you” 🙄

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