IKEA products that sound dirty, but aren’t

IKEA products that sound dirty, but aren’t

  1. FUKTA Saucer
  2. MODEST Knobs
  3. FARTYG Triple Ceiling Spotlight
  4. KRABB Mirror
  5. SEXTOL Spotlight
  6. TRAMPA Door Mat
  7. SKRUTT Magnet
  8. ABSORB Leathercare Set
  9. KUNGSHATT, Mushroom Decoration
  10. BANGSUND Bed with Storage
  11. BJÖRKEN Mirror Cabinet
  12. FAGELBO Sofa-Bed
  13. JERKER Desk
  14. JUSSI Table
  15. INEZ LÖV Cushion Cover
  16. GROGGY Corkscrew
  17. LYCKEBY Box
  18. MANGEL Drying Rack
  19. NIPPER Spice Mill
  20. VAGIS Key Cabinet
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  1. AAAHAHAHAHA! I found a corner of my garage where I can get Internet access!

    I’m happy.

  2. CJ

    Love the link. Next time I don’t feel like living anymore, I think I’ll have a 3 day standoff between me and my Mr.Coffee.

  3. Bob Boyn

    Screw the Danish! (Hmm…wasn’t that a scene from American Pie?)

    Nasa just came out with the Stay Free Launch Pad.

  4. Spud

    You made those up…

    say you did

    ease my mind


  5. mikeB

    I rubbed my MANGEL all over the JERKER and this hot lookin’ SKRUTT name of INEZ LOV walks in. She was quite the TRAMPA, so we had SEXTOL all night long.

    But the bitch gave me KRABBS. :dead:

  6. Spud

    The links would have been good, reminds me of a thread at Rc about car names.

    The latest out from Toyota is the Kluger, I mean really, who comes up with these names?

    Some web guy?


  7. I just went to Ikea last weekend. I didn’t pickup any FUKTA saucers, but I saw someone knock over and break a stack of KRABB with their cart.

  8. Good thing I didn’t reach for that 239th can of Dr.P yesterday.:java:

  9. As Hustler is to Playboy, so is IDOMO to Ikea

    1. Qing Queen Bedroom Set
    2. Amanda Beech Sideboard
    3. Cholula Armoire
    4. Fiona Computer Desk

    Of course, as in any kind of XXX-rated furniture, you would have to actually go into the store to see hot Bookcase on Armoire action.

    Be sure to ask for Idette. She knows how to take care of a customer… Heaven knows she was conceived for it!

  10. dk

    I have had the Jussy Table and it good; it’s really good.:roll:

  11. The quality of the FUKTA Saucer is, I daresay, orgasmic!

  12. MIKE

    You just can’t keep your hands off the jerker table, Pass some more of that cream polish

  13. BOO

    Is’nt a Trampa pretty much a door mat anyhow?(lost in translation)

  14. Sexy Dyke

    I had Sextol in a Fukta Saucer last week with me babe. wink wink 😛 😆

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