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  1. Not bad at all Dave, good fun in fact, last year it was those traffic signs, now this, where will it all end.


  2. $77.00?! Dave, methinks thou suffereth from an overexaggerated sense of self-importance. I paid $80 to see the Stones, center section next to the extending walk way, shook hand with Ronnie Wood. I’ll give you fifty if you throw in a tee.

  3. I’ve actually heard of a band called The Finger Monkeys but I don’t remember what type of music it is.

    btw what is a “Uggs”?

  4. [Comment ID #74443 will be quoted here]

    I agree with you, they are kinda unnatural. Dave, you couldn’t include Crocs on that list!!!!!!!,

  5. Anyone interested in seeing this concert?

    Blind Prostitute Productions Presents
    Hitler and the Presidents
    w/ very special guest
    Wally the Spitting Llama
    No kidding, eh? 🙂 :wtf:

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    MrDoug correct me if I’m wrong but I believe that is a Buck Owens song .

  7. Genie and Darrel had enjoyed their evening at the concert. Unfortunately, Darrel left his ticket stub in his jeans. Things around Dave’s house started going down hill when he slept in that Saturday. Instead of loading the clothes in the washer (and checking pockets) Darrel caught a flaming scolding for shirking his chores. And since Darrel had no excuse, he had to watch in horror as his wife Tammy cleaned pockets. The concert ticket made quite an impression on Tammy. ‘But that wasn’t a real concert! I just made up the ticket!’ exclaimed Darrel. On a roll now, Tammy also discovered the phone number written on the back of last month’s electric bill, with a heart drawn around it. ‘Who’s number is this?’ Tammy wanted to know. Oh, what a long weekend.

  8. Chicky said:

    what’s a croc?

    a croc is a really ugly looking rubber sandal type thing that’s one of the stupidest shoes ever created, worst part is they were made for chicks, then they made the exact same things in mens.

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