Note to Self, No. 6,015

No matter how good an idea it may seem at the time, do not reheat grilled cheese in the microwave oven at work more than once.

28 thoughts on “Note to Self, No. 6,015

  1. My daughter thinks this is guacamole. I think she is kind of stupid, but that’s beside the point.

    Whatever the f#ck it is, don’t eat it!! :wtf:

  2. ewwww, that looks like cat vomit :puke: :puke: :puke:
    i think i’ll wear that sock monkey dress to prom 😛

  3. Bert: So, do we throw it away in the trash?
    Ernie: No, we should probably flush it in the toilet.
    Bert: But it won’t float, will it? I hate wasting all that water if it floats!
    Ernie: I don’t *think* it will float. But I bet it wouldn’t float if we wrapped it three times in toilet paper.
    Bert: But we only have squares of paper in the dispenser. Hey! We can tape a bunch together!
    Ernie: No, that would be silly. First, the tape would come apart before we could flush it, and then there would be pieces of tape floating around in the toilet.
    Bert: And what if pieces of tape stuck to the sides of the toilet? Would we have to clean it all, and peel the tape loose .. Eww!
    Ernie: Let’s just set this outside for the cat to eat.
    Bert: We’re going to get a kiitty?! Yeah!
    Ernie: No, we are going to let Patches eat it — the neighbor’s cat.
    Bert: But Patches doesn’t come over here any more.
    Ernie: Why did you chase that cat away last week? And why use a fly swatter?
    Bert: I wasn’t chasing the cat, there were flies flying around her tail!
    Ernie: Whatever.
    Bert: I wonder how this would taste, if we covered it with popcorn, and put it in a plastic bag, and sat on it, and sliced it like a pizza?
    Ernie: I don’t know. Let me get some apricot catsup (fresh from Minnesota!). Then we can add the popcorn and heat it again in the microwave, and try it!

  4. hey what’s up with all the monkey business lately? finger monkeys, monkeys and tigers, monkey sock puppets? is this the beginning of simian discrimination?

    that may not be a sandwich at all, perhaps its a wedgie gone wrong. either way it’s enough to get me on trail mix for a while.

  5. [Comment ID #74570 will be quoted here]

    I know honey, but being the first blogger to point out (in Wired Magazine, no less) that cheese sandwiches fill the majority of blog postings, I feel I have the right to get mine in sometime.

  6. :mrgreen: 😐 😈 :boob: :boob: 🙂 :thong: 8) :dead: 👿 :geek: 😀 :puke: 💡 :java: :kiss: :limp: 😳 🙄 :wang: 😕 😮 😆 😡 🙁 :wtf: 🙁 ❓ ❗ :undies: 😐 🙁 8) 💡 😛 :wang: 😆 :java: 😀 😀 :geek: 🙂 🙂 :boob: :boob: ❓ ❓ 😐 💡 💡 ❗ ❓ 🙁 😈 :wtf: 😐 8) :kiss: 😕 😡 :wtf:

  7. It ain’t a wedgie unless you get him off the ground…

    Well he could wear a sock monkey dress and not have to worry about it…

  8. no, no, no … it’s the newest addition to Aqua Teen Hunger Force! It’s Commander Cheese-a-Lot! You know, there’s frylock, master shake, meatwad, and Cheese-a-Lot! it’s like, he’s, you know, the talking sandwich, and he’s, like, related or something to Carl? yeah, and he’s, uh, totally badass. like, he shoots these cheese strands at you, and so help you god if you get caught with one, because, uh, then, like, you’ll have to wash with SOAP. and then where will be? CLean, with SOAP, that’s where, and that’s no place to be, because, because, because soap is like, how THEY get you. never mind who they are. if you don’t know who THEY are, it’s because THEY don’t want you to know, is what! Of course i know what i’m saying, the words are coming out of my mouth, aren’t they?

  9. You know what, i think it looks pretty good. I’d eat it any day. sometimes i even wish i could eat that rather than the school lunches. i’m mean one time we had chicken nuggets, and i found a bunch of white hairs all over them. I didn’t eat school lunches for a while!! :puke: :puke:

  10. Alright ladies, you might agree with me on this one….
    Why men are not suspose to cook without proper training… :wtf: :wtf: 💡

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