32 thoughts on “Hey ladies!

  1. “Hey TomSparks, when you’re finished proving what a stud you are to that Pablo guy on that Davezilla site thing, come sit on your Uncle Chester’s lap! :wang:

  2. “Surprise! Me so horny, Me love you long time”, he sniggered. When I spotted the pimp hat, I divorced his pathetic ass. Shortest. wedding. night. ever.

  3. Dave, sorry about your cancer. I haven’t gone thru it, don’t have any close friends or family that went through it. So I can’t say I know how it feels to go thru it. But I know it sucks, as in: not being good in any way. Hope you get better and better.
    But now let’s talk about me: Can’t get my old icon to work, also can’t upload a new one. Is there a web site glitch and should I try again another day?

  4. So that’s what happend to some of the ‘pimp extras’ from Risky Business. Still tryin’ to live the dream.

  5. [quote comment=”406285″][quote comment=”406281″]hi dave, i did just copy that note. my avatar is actually 100.jpg.[/quote]
    Seems to be showing up for me. :D[/quote]
    for me now too. thanks!

  6. I swear that looks like the guy who played Mel on “Gimme A Break”!

    No wonder Flo was always telling him to “Kiss my grits!” :puke: :dead:

  7. He looks familiar to me too, like a character actor, I wasn’t thinking Vic Tayback from “Alice” but some other character actor.

  8. Dave, I feel so special… My avatar STILL won’t appear. I did what you told me to do. πŸ˜₯

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