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What was your first experience seeing a naked person in a movie?

Summer of 42, that was mine. I mean, that was the name of the film, not when I saw a naked person in a film. I thought Jennifer O’Neill was the hottest woman on the planet at the time. I was probably 11 years old and Summer of ’42 was playing on TV after midnight (yes, we had color television back then). Someone in the station forgot to censor the movie, and I saw my first bit of girl bits. Amazing.

Not that I hadn’t seen them prior, they just weren’t … moving. Girly bits in movies jiggle; something I hadn’t picked up from anatomy books or National Geographic . Nor had I expected it. My sisters both had Barbies and doll bits never moved. In fact, doll bits had me thinking that playing with girls’ bits wasn’t going to be any more fun than fondling a teacup, despite what my friends were telling me. I am glad they were, for once, correct.

Out with it, then. What was your first experience seeing a naked person in a movie?

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  1. I saw Beyond the Valley of the Dolls at a drive-in movie theater in 1972 when I was 10 years old. That was also the first time I saw cocaine use and transvestites. I’ve been traumatized ever since. 😕

  2. andrea

    single white female. when i was about 7ish. if you have seen the movie, youd understand why it might be strange to a little girl. all i remember is when i saw her girl bits, is thinking, “i have those!” then……..”woa.”:wtf:

  3. Spud

    It was either Summer of ’42 or Billy Jack for moi.
    My sisters played with cracker guns, slingshots, bows, bats et al, not dolls.

    They were good shots as well.


  4. Hobbit

    When I discovered that my father (who was quite fond of crossing his legs)did not wear anything under his robes in the morning… :wtf:

  5. Anna

    I’m not trying to be “foreign” or anything, but it was a movie called “Turks Fruit”, author Jan Wolkers, early ’70. Didn’t much care for the female wobbly bits, but Rutger Hauer at age mid-twenties sure was yummy.
    (no, “Turks Fruit” is not A turkisch fruit, but a candy).

  6. ‘Thunderbolt and Lightfoot’ if my memory serves me well and I was young enough to be only vaguely interested.

    Anna I believe that the word used is ‘Turkish Delight’. (not that it sounds any less saucy)

  7. frisko

    I think it was Blue Lagoon, however bits weren’t a mystery…my folks were “hippy-ish” to a degree, or perhaps swingers. I will stay in denial about the latter.

  8. When I hid behind the couch to watch Excalibur. The parents thought I was already in bed.

  9. Christall

    DANG! i can’t remember the name of the movie but i do remember that my mother took my two brothers and myself to the local drive in, and i can remember her saying this was a movie for the kids and much to her dismay we three kids had to cover our eyes for my mother simply took us to an R rated nudie movie!
    How she thought it was for kids we’ll never know.

  10. It was Revenge of the Nerds for me. At the time I thought it was the raunchiest movie of all time!!

  11. the first girl bits i saw in a movie was at the drive in where the double feature was “Superman 3” and “Cannonball Run 2” (or was it Superman 2 and Canonball Run? i don’t remember). my parents though i was asleep but i saw all the boobie action. i think i was 8.

    not that it was a big deal, since i owned a pair of my own, but the chicks on the screen had adult boobies and mine were just little ones. i wanted the big ones. irony: now that i have them, i wish they were smaller.

    good times. :boobs:

  12. Mandy

    Benny Hill. Sometimes they would slip a nip here and there. I admit it. I liked seeing the :boobs::boobs:

  13. Around 7 or 8 my friend came to my place for a sleepover. so we rented couple of Friday the 13th and Nightmare On Elm Street. Although We saw some girl bits, but I associate :boobs::boobs: with heads being chopped off.

  14. Mikel

    Debbie does Dallas!:wang:

  15. Carl

    The OLD 42nd St. NYC. Movie theaters had “nudes” with all the body parts you wanted to see “blacked out.” But I was 14, and it was all good to me back then in the early 60’s.

  16. Like Frisko, it was the Blue Lagoon, in my case.

    I think I was 11? I wasn’t so much shocked by the girly bits (I had seen an aunt breastfeed her baby), but I was quite stunned by what goes on between the lead pair. I had heard, rather cryptically, from older girls in school that a man’s fluid impregnates a woman. Before watching Blue Lagoon, I firmly believed the male saliva was the culprit and that kissing would cause pregnancy. 😳

  17. Chris

    The movie Hooper. I was 8 and the woman had the biggest :boobs::boobs:

  18. pancona

    It was 1982, and my dad brought home our first VCR-we thought we were living the good life since he opted for VBHS instead of BETA…our first movie was Airplane! When the flight attendant tells everyone to assume the crash position, and all of a sudden these perfectly bosombous :boobs::boobs:run across the screen, stop dead-center for everyone to take a gander, then off they fly! I was 4. I remember thinking “I hope that’s what mine look like when I get older!”:oops:

  19. my first time was “The First Time” with Jaqueline Bisset. It was showing in Oakville/Tokeville/Jokeville in the early 70’s — and as it was set in Nagger Falls (that’s NIAGARA to the un-eddykated) — and as such, qualified as Canadian Content.

  20. I so can’t remember, but I’m thinkin’ an early teen flick, like ‘Friday the 13th’ or ‘Blue Lagoon’.

  21. JFLY

    Monty Python’s Flying Circus…or maybe it was the movie Carrie?

    Funny though, I can’t remember the first time I saw a nude man on film. I guess he wasn’t that impressive…lol. :limp::razz:

  22. Wendy

    The first I saw was when my dad would watch “BIZARRE” on HBO…early 80’s I think…I was about 7, maybe 8, and he thought he was slick and would try to change the channel beofore I saw anything. Didn’t work. Now if I wanna see any, I can look in the mirror!:boobs::boobs:

  23. dougieace

    the movie “used cars” with mom,dad,3brothers,1 sister at the drive in.i was about 10.mother was shocked,and ive been :boobs::boobs:lover since.damm you hollywood,damm you

  24. mikeB

    I still haven’t seen any. I have no idea what you mean.

  25. dweeb

    In 1972 I got to see Walter Matthau’s ass in Pete and Tillie. Scandalous! I have to say at least it wasn’t co-star Carol Burnett’s ass – I might have been even more scarred as I envisioned it each week during her show.

  26. Bizarre also qualifies as Canadian Content. If I recall correctly, it was shot at Baton studios up at Channel Nine Court in Asiancourt — errrr Agincourt. Byner was great. Tom Harvey, Luba Goy, Jayne Eastwood, Don Lake, even Ziggy Lorenc(!) and a bunch of other Canadians. CTV showed it, but sans :boobs::boobs:

  27. Lace Valentine

    If you’re curious, the first film screen star to bare herself was Hedy Lamarr in “Ecstasy,” a skinny dipping scene. :undies:

    One of the prettiest ladies to walk the planet.

    Hedy Lamarr Linky Thingy

  28. Oh, I forgot about Canandian TV. In the D, we always had Channel 9 (CBC) to watch Monty Python and other uncensored movies on.

  29. Daria

    American Gigolo. Richard Gere. Really nice at the time

  30. The Graduate, at the drive-in, about 10 years old. My parents obviously did not know that there would be approximately 0.082 seconds of nudity flashed on the big screen or I know they would not have taken the kids. Funny how you never forget these things, isn’t it?

    Hey Rust, u from my hometown of Scarberia?

  31. tawana

    I believe my first was probably Blue Lagoon. But I also remember seeing a naked Cybil Shepard and Randy Quaid in The Last Picture Show!! :wtf:

  32. tawana

    Oh yeah, and Benny Hill was outrageous!:lol:

  33. The movie was Big Bad Momma with Angie Dickenson when my family first got HBO in 1975. Seeing naughty bits plastered all over the screen at age 11 while sitting next to your parents is very traumatic!:wtf:

  34. Good Lord, you people are babies! :wtf:

    I mean that only in the comparitive sense. The oldest movie mentioned here was, I think, a 1972 release! I guess I must be the “Creepy Old Guy” here. Thanks for relly making me FEEL old! :limp:

    …although, thinking ’bout :boobs::boobs: always makes me feel better 😀

    BTW, Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice, 1969 – Natalie gave me “wood.” :wang: (Not my first, just first movie girlie bits)

  35. Stephanie

    I would say “The Shining” when Jack Nicholson went into room 237 and the naked lady came out of the tub. It even showed bush. She was quite lovely until she turned into the old woman with weeping abscesses. 😕

  36. hippychick

    1st girly parts was Carrie (Sissy Spacek) and 1st guy parts was a porn movie. Can’t remember name but this guy brought a movie projector and showed the movie to a bunch of us girls. Was quite shocked that people actually did all that “yucky” stuff. Now I wish I was doing that “yucky” stuff again & again & again! 😈

  37. kwang

    1st guy bits in a movie: Monte Python’s “Life of Brian” (Hilarious movie- I still watch it often).
    1st girlie bits was “Summer of 42”. My mom really liked that movie but wouldn’t let me see much of it. I eventually snuck it in the VCR and understood why she was reluctant. A good movie though. Since then, I have matured into a
    porn junkie. (Debbie does Dallas was a classic).

  38. Marcus

    :roll:First time to see nekid lady was, I believe, in a Clint Eastwood movie. I think she got her head cut off on broken a fish tank:wtf:. Liked it but then was traumatized. Maybe reason why I like the rough stuff. LOL:twisted:

  39. Patrick Elifritz

    “Vanishing Point”, 1971 or 72, I think. A California babe, tanned and blonde, totally naked, riding a Vespa across the desert, looking like she didn’t have a care in the world! Saw this one at the drive-in because there’s no way in the world they would have gotten that movie into a theater in the 70’s. Guilt and censorship were all the rage, don’t you know. This one also has what is arguably one of the top five car chase scenes of all time. Don’t fall for the Vig Mortensen made-for-TV remake.

  40. Paige

    First guy parts- Ron Jeremy in the “Erotic adventures of Lolita” First girl parts- I think it was the movie “Halloween” Ron was a BIG act to follow- all other guy parts pale in comparison:twisted:

  41. Xenoglyph

    Okey dokey, toddlers… 🙂

    Back in my day, (I was 11 or 12) it was “Logan’s Run.” Mom and Dad let me go to the theater by myself and the image of Jennie Auguter (sp?) dropping her dress to put on the fur skin has been seered into my brain ever since…:wtf: 💡

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