I’ve decided to ask a question every Friday this year. We’re starting out with a two-part question. Try to keep up.

Guns or bacon and why?


30 thoughts on “Friday Question #1

  1. Guns, of course. You give me a gun and I can get my own bacon, eventually. Either on the hoof or in the bag. Who ever heard of sticking up a bodega with a pound of bacon? “Gimme all your loot and nobody gets cholesterol”? Fuggedaboutit! Getthefuckouttaheah.

  2. [quote comment=”594735″]Guns, you can get bacon with them…

    I agree, most logical response. With a gun, you get bacon any way you want.

  3. Guns. Give one to my father and you have Adirondack Venison for a year. Much better investment. Oh, that, and my parents house looks like a Bass Pro Shop, give him a gun…we’ll all be safe.

  4. Bacon, guns kill. No, wait, bacon eating people kill….or does bacon kill if you eat it long enough? I’m so confused….. :wtf:

  5. [quote comment=”594737″]Bacon. Who ever heard of guns & eggs, a gun cheeseburger, bringing home the gun, or makin’ gun?[/quote]
    omg too funny!!!!

    both, cause i love getting porked and i don’t mind when a guy shoots a load either.

  6. Bacon… The Silent Killer. Guns are so loud. If you hear one, you’ll look to see what happened. But bacon? You can slowly murder your spouse via heart disease and have years of secretly celebrating his/her demise! 😈

  7. [quote comment=”595265″]
    omg too funny!!!!

    both, cause i love getting porked and i don’t mind when a guy shoots a load either.[/quote]

    AMEN to THIS!!!! Morning, noon, or night, heck, even in the middle of the night!

  8. Bacon. Slower death plus unlike gun oil you can reuse bacon grease in the making of other things like gravy.

  9. Bacon, definitely bacon, I can’t eat a gun, I can’t eat bullets. I can eat bacon and I can eat ham. This hand is red, this hand is blue, if you ask another question I’ll smack you insida you head.

  10. I want the best of both worlds. I want a gun made out of bacon.
    “You can’t prove that I shot him, where is the wepon, ‘BURRRPP’ ‘scues me. I could really go for some orange juice about now.”

  11. Correction: You’ll put your eye out!

    I’m about two weeks late with the “A Christmas Story” reference.

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