23 thoughts on “Caption Time #265

  1. I guess we should be glad that his hirsuitism does not include a ‘treasure trail’: hair that continues from his chest, across his belly, and down there. He could have made a huge arrow pointing to his, ahem, buried treasure…. :limp:

  2. JL? maybe the pubes are shaved in a K? cheesy no? hint: kraft

    p.s. happy new year everyone. bin in hollywood for two weeks. missed y’all.

  3. And right before she bolted out the door his soon to be ex-sweetie, laughing hysterically, proclaimed, “That stands for Justified Loser”.
    What a mooroon. What a nincowpoop. What an imbullcile.

  4. [quote comment=”595729″]Uh oh, somebody’s been in the shallow end of the gene pool again ……… :wtf:[/quote]

    I think this is more proof of him needing a little chlorine in the gene pool! lol

    Dave, I just choked on my cereal…too funny!

    (and I bet his gf has more chest hair)

  5. Look at what’s poking out from beneath his arms! I bet he could braid that!
    I shudder to think what his back looks like.
    I guess he could shave slogans on the front and back and hire himself out as a human poster-board.

  6. This is what you find running around the funny farm, AnnieB. This iS why I don’t
    want to go there again. Yes, I am back to my fabulous self again. Thank’s for

    Glad you’re back Junkman. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜ˆ :kiss: :boob:

  7. CAPTAIN’S LOG, Stardate 2009.3

    We’ve been on a trade mission to the Hairnip Nebula, looking to finalize an agreement with the inhabitants of the planetoid Rectum for a shipment of Norelco Shavers. Star Fleet Command would have us communicate directly with their Queen who seems to have special requirements for grooming. This is one Alien Babe that will require double bagging. On a happy note, early reports have indicated they have absolutely no gag reflex. Spock has been on the lookout for any Negative Space Wedgies just in case there is trouble.

    KIRK out!


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