Fashion victim

Clown beast

Giant-clown-troll-polka-thing spotted at Starbucks today.
Another view. Click to enlarge:

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  1. Get home, turn on the computer, check Flickr, go to Dave’s site. Reaction: “Oh my.” (keep scrolling) “Oh my God!”.

    Uh..*damn*. :wtf:

  2. mikeB

    Please don’t tell me that in the second pic she is encouraging us to pull her finger. :wtf:

  3. Mandy

    A little too much junk in the truck :puke:

  4. Bjorn Freeh

    I’ve never understood the attraction of Starbucks. Still don’t.

  5. With women like that in there, it’s slipping fast, Bjorn.

  6. Ace

    I think she just came from wal-mart. She was in her fanciest clothes (see the ruffles) and decided to pop into “that future looking store what makes all them fancy coffees.”
    BTW even I know that her shirt does not go with her pants.

  7. Ace

    I think she might be going for a retro look, a WAY retro look from the victorian era where women wore underwear that looked like that but less tacky of course.

    I like how Zelda is revived by a gay fairy who pokes his ass.

  8. Ace

    The only victim here is us for having to see this thing. Yowza!

  9. GFL

    Haven’t seen a great pair of kankles in a long time.
    Thanks man!! :limp:

  10. humpty

    Wow I just have to have that outfit I want to wear it this weekend with my new polk a dot green flip flops and my airplane ear rings. I wonder if it would make my butt look as big as hers… hmm ❗

  11. Driver

    I thought Attack of the killer clowns was just a movie

  12. GFL

    Thong or bikini???

  13. Driver


    Thats an image I DID NOT NEED in my head.
    Thanks for the nightmares. :puke:

  14. Spud

    I’d say nappies GFL or boxers.

    Devil-Clowns come to mind with this one dave.

    Interesting social scene.

    … and I’d also say she probably got more than junk in the trunk Mandy, more like an entire trailer.


  15. Master Solace

    What in the blue hell is that?

    Wait…….I think I’ve got an answer to that. It either Mimi from The Drew Carey Show, or an over-obsessed fan. Either way, we must find a way to stop it from ever getting out of it’s cage again. I mean come on, what if a little kid was to see this…er…woman, that child will be scared for life. I would be, but the picture from yesterday kinda is a cure for this.

    And as for the link, reminds me of the Mario Marimba link you had last year, Dave, in the November 28 post. Teenager(at least I hope they are)with a little too much time on their hands making a Nintendo related……uh……creation for people like all of us to enjoy. I kinda liked it.

  16. Master Solace

    And that was supposed to be scarred for life, but scared for life seem appropriate as well.

  17. JFLY

    Dave…you didn’t recognize Mimi from “The Drew Carey Show”? You had a brush with fame!!! 😛

  18. Marcus

    This is obviously a picture of Bozo The Clown’s sister. I bet she has a whole closet of clown close. Either that or she is one of the ‘special people’ my mother always told me to be nice to. At least she isn’t wearing yellow or horizontal stripes, then she would look much bigger.

    Zelda rules. 😛 😕 8)

  19. Marcus

    Opps.. clown clothes… not clown close. A little tired today.

  20. Becky

    Sh$t way too early to see that! :puke:

  21. Let this be a lesson to all of you. NEVER, clench your buttocks while hiding behind a pair of curtains and think you can walk away scott free.

  22. lalli leppikorpi

    Oh, just like me when I’ve dressed myself for circus :wtf:

  23. mitch

    The real Dick Cheney emerges. When not out hunting for elderly lawyers, he cruises the local fast food joints looking for left over mystery meat. There have been rumors of this sinister transformation, but Dave you have finally confirmed it.

  24. [Comment ID #33531 will be quoted here]

    Worse, I think she’s pulling her own finger. 😐

  25. Craig

    Love the shoes, bozo!

  26. cbatdux

    I was in that Starbucks the other day and had to leave – Bozette and I were wearing the same “close” and I HATE when that happens – then people stare at you….

    Ya think she went with the cream or the skim milk in that Venti Mocha Frappuncino with extra hersheys…

  27. arch

    end result of yesterdays girl not being able to do sit ups???????? 🙄


  29. dixie chick

    if that was the only thing i had to wear, i would’ve stayed home…. :puke:

  30. brainchallenged52

    Call the Police…someone took ALL My Sunday Go To Walmart Clothes!! Won best dressed in walmart 4 years running. Now What the HELL am I going to do?? Get the Clown!!

  31. laceylegacey

    That Zelda thing was great Dave. I remember playing that as a kid and that was so close to the game it’s unreal.

  32. djemm

    Dang it after maw done spent a whole fifteen minutes gettin dressed up.Yall come and start makin fun of her.The lady at the Target said the pants was the latest from News York high fashion.

  33. Da Popster

    :puke: :limp: ’nuff said

  34. Meagan

    OMG, like, pink and red, like, so do not, like, go together! 🙄

  35. Ron

    All we need now is a bull and someone to ride it. LET GET READY TO RODEO!! 😛

  36. Ron

    This is the “Before” pictureof the woman on yesterdays post. All that working out moved her ass to her :boob: :boob: 😀

  37. Patrick

    Someone call the Fashion Cops! Tell them we have a 459, Sumo Clown in public. Tell them we need tach team and shift commander stat!
    Zelda was hilarious LMAO!

  38. bennendetto

    i think the lady from yesterdays boobs have shifted to her ass. an the only thing she could find that would cover them was….er…..well im not quite sure

  39. Anita Mann-Badley

    At least she was out venturing around the real world, not tied to a keyboard just complaining about how the outside world lives.

    She’s her own person.

    Good for her.

  40. Paige

    Three different shades of pink, ruffles and pink tennis shoes. I think this lady needs to be on an hour-long very special What Not To Wear!!!!!!!!!! Ill just bet that shes wearing pink undies too. :undies:Just a little something for you to think about!!

  41. [Comment ID #33748 will be quoted here]

    Gee thanks, Paige. :dead:

  42. [Comment ID #33742 will be quoted here]

    I couldn’t have said it better. Be an original! Live life to the fullest!

  43. No, that isn’t an original person. It really is a clown! We hate clowns!

  44. Paul

    She’s holding her hands behind her back, what self control.

  45. cbatdux

    [Comment ID #33742 will be quoted here]

    Is she tawking about us? Huh? Is she?

  46. cbatdux

    One Adam 12 – see the clown…..

  47. [Comment ID #33751 will be quoted here]
    But is it hatred born of fear?
    And did she have her red ball clown nose on in Starbucks? And pancake make-up?
    If so and she is truly a clown, I stand corrected.

  48. Spud

    Oh you’re a mean lot, what would you say if I told you all that I am a 48 yr old that weighs 450lbs with a fashion sense that would turn the stomach of a Wal-Mart shopper?


    (Let him that is without seven arse cheeks, first sit on the plastic furniture. Spud 34:12-4)

  49. Elektra

    I agree the clothes are rather terrible, ok really I am sad for her, however most of the people out there have various amounts of junk in the trunk. Sorry if that offends the skinny people out there. 👿

  50. [Comment ID #33758 will be quoted here]

    A real fucking clown. She had a red nose and freckles painted on her cheeks in perfect isosceles triangles. She came in with a guy dressed like Elmo.

  51. cbatdux

    [Comment ID #33751 will be quoted here]

    Is that the ROYAL We?

    Who is We?

  52. JFLY

    Ahem…one of my best friends is a clown. 😐
    Really sweet guy and he makes a few hundred bucks for a couple of hours work. At least he isn’t posting complaints about people posting complaints when they should be out in the real world, not tied to a keyboard posting complaints about people posting complaints…that would make him a hypocrite, wouldn’t it? 😛

  53. Ace

    Ok, wait a minute, this is a real clown? Then why the hell are we talking so much crap? This is what a clown SHOULD wear.
    And Dave, why didn’t you take a pic of the guy dressed like Elmo? That would have been great!

  54. I am not claiming to be one of the sane folk. :kiss:

  55. I did take a pic of Elmo, but it wasn’t that good. 😐

  56. Peaches

    [Comment ID #33760 will be quoted here]

    Please, tell me, where can I get a copy of the “Book of Spud””?

  57. Mandy

    [Comment ID #33834 will be quoted here]

    Speak for yourself, toots. You just did the same thing. 🙄

  58. Ace

    I liked it better when I didn’t know she really was a clown.
    Ignorance is Bliss, I guess.

  59. Anita Mann-Badley

    Oh, she was really a clown trying to look like Gramma? Shame on her. When she got her double mocha latte suffle ole, did she say that it tasted funny?

  60. Spud

    I love this place, it’s got it all.



  61. Spud

    Oh yeah, the “Book of Spud” can be purchased at all good book retailers for the meagre price of only $34.95*


    (*plus sales tax, dealer charges, postage & handling)

  62. [Comment ID #33876 will be quoted here]

    I want a signed copy. I’ll trade you an autographed Davezilla calendar.

  63. Spud

    Calling my bluff huh?

    I’m not playing with a full deck perhaps?


    (um, I fold..)

  64. Master Solace

    I thought clowns were bad enough, she…er…it came in with a guy dressed up like Elmo. Please DO NOT POST THAT PICTURE, I AM BEGGING YOU. It took a lot to get rid of the images last night so I could actually go to bed, after seeing the clown/Mimi/Curtain-Display-Demo Model last night. I AM BEGGING YOU.

  65. Master Solace

    And Dave…uh…the title of this post is “Fashion Victim”…exactly who are the real victims here…anyone that has to look at her…er…it.

    My eyes, my eyes, some please fix my eyes.

  66. JFLY

    [Comment ID #33851 will be quoted here]

    I wasn’t complaining, I was being silly…hence the emoticon that followed my statement. And I’m not anyone’s “toots”, thank you. 😐

  67. Coleman

    Its Ronald McDonalds illegitimate sister.

  68. Timmmy

    [Click to enlarge]… But I don’t want to enlarge THAT!

  69. Jeffro

    Isn’t Starbucks like the Walmart of coffee shops? If so, then there is nothing surprising or out of the ordinary about this picture

  70. [Comment ID #34056 will be quoted here]

    At $4 a cup, I would say not. It’s a bit too upscale. Dunkin Donuts is the Wal-Mart of coffee shops. :java:

  71. The Cynical Villain

    now this is just wrong. She knew better in leaving the house like one of Bozo’s mistresses.

  72. Jeffro

    Aahh yes, dave. I see your point. I guess Starbucks would be the “Pottery Barn” of coffee shops. Or perhaps the “Sharper Image”
    depending on how complicated your drink of choice is.

  73. crazed and dazed

    I agree. starbucks costs too much. :wtf: and OMG, i guess she has major pantie problems. :undies:

  74. All clowns are evil. Plain and simple. 👿

  75. Mary

    Okay..First, she ain’t no clown! She’s my “Aunt Pearly Sue” from right her in our own hometown in NE Texas. And she dresses like that cause’ she thinks it pretty…and so does “Uncle Barney”, so ya’ll can just stop poking fun at my kinfolk..Else we can do something your NOT going to like..and we mean it…Aunt Pearl say,”pretty is as pretty does”, and ya’ll ain’t very pretty folks, so go sweep round your own doorstep!!

  76. Rotten Ron

    What is a girl like that doing in starbucks??????

  77. In the second picture, she’s making the international sign for “kolache.” Or “pigs in a blanket” for you non-Texans.

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