Caption Time #102

Caption Time #102

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  1. mikeB

    Boy, you got yourself a panty on your head! :undies:

  2. plopsie

    “I’m Buttman!”

  3. Driver

    Though Billy orderd goose pate,
    He recieved grape pan-tay,
    He was pleased non the less,
    And try’ed an intense taste test,
    Call the manager he exclaimed !!! ,
    For this does smell of foul game.

  4. Master Solace

    Hey look, it’s Spiderman’s arch-enemy, “Pantywaste”. And the guy beside him is feeling the effects of Pantywaste’s special secret weapon, the “scent of ass”!!!
    Headline of the Daily Bugle-“Pantywaste Causes a Stinch in a Local Bar”

    I don’t where it came from tonight, but hey it works.

    “Beware of the evil Pantywaste”

  5. Spud

    bwwaaaahhhhhhaaaaaa geezez I fell down laughing so hard at that menu. πŸ˜€

    Let me try an order.

    Appetizer –
    Sweet and sour bone in fragrant spinach

    For soup I’ll have the –
    Big bowl flavor vegetables pigs living bowel.

    Well that should get me started, so for mains I really can’t go past the –
    Cowboy leg with block pepper sauce retchup and dlum juice mexico cilliy sauce.
    also could I have a side order of –
    Wood flower picks sea cucumber hoof and som J&J large intestine pot thanks.

    That should see me well on the way to cullinary fullfillment, however I think I should have some dessert.

    soooooo …..

    I reckon I’ll give the –
    Steamed forest frog plaster w/double boiled a go and before I finish I will need to wash it all down with –

    1 Large tumbler of – Fragrance flies around cocoaut-wood

    yep, that should about do the trick.

    oh, could I also have a take out order of –

    Benumbed hot vegetables fries fuck silk?

    Yes, I feel satisfied now, thanks, charge it to room 457.


  6. Ace

    It’s that time again! Time for the 13th annual Panty Challenge! Contestants from all over the world come to compete for the illustrious title of World’s Best Panty Sniffer. Contestants have to wear the cafeteria lady’s underwear. Easy you say? The cafeteria lady has been wearing that panty for a whole week while working in hot kitchens and even while working out. As you can see contestant #1 could not take it for more than 1 minute. We hope there was no permanent damage done.

  7. Your posted pic matches the link. I think that grimacing guy just had the Cowboy Leg, and the one beside him had Every Form Rape.

  8. JFLY

    Did this happen at Starbuck’s? πŸ˜†

  9. Coleman

    And all of a sudden the waitress felt a quick breeze….

  10. Master Solace

    [Comment ID #33905 will be quoted here]

    Can’t be…alcohol on the table…Starbuck’s keeps it behind the counter.

  11. Becky

    Hey I found my brother’s missing underwear!

  12. Marcus

    Stupid college student forget how to put on underwear and the difference between men and women’s underwear.

    Love the menu. Think I will have Chinese food tonight. Believe or not that menu is typical Chinese food, but the English is terribly funny. :wtf:

  13. mitch

    The Jayster’s first attempt at terrorism didn’t go off too well. First he got real drunk. Second he was hanging out with some reall a-holes. And then he couldn’t find a ski-mask. I might want to mention that it was also his last attempt at terrorism.

  14. bhamm

    The Lunchtime Auditions for villians to appear in the new Batman Begins film started off on a very poor note.


    Panty-man: “Ha ha! You’re so drunk you’re gonna throw up! You’re gonna look like a total ass! I’m glad I’m not that stupid!”

  15. Craig

    “They don’t smeel like you’ve been wearing them all day!” 😈

  16. Craig

    Sorry, smell :java:

  17. Jeffro

    That’s one way of getting in her pants.

  18. Jeffro

    Panty boy:(breathing in & out loudly sevral times) “Luuuke… I’m your faaather…er um… siiister.
    Boy in red:(luke) ” huh huh huh…umm…I don’t get it.”
    boy in grey:(laughing uncontrollably, tears welling up in his eyes) “stop…stop! I can’t take anymore. I just peed a little!

  19. tenderflower

    They told me this was an alien mask!

    In honor of the Festival of Extraterrestrial Abuctions

  20. The Cynical Villain

    Gaze upon me. I’m the Purple Pantied Pansy! I go around stealing girls purple underwear and wear it upon my face. Not only do I get to smell the scents of these women, I can to strut around looking like a total dork. Gaze upon me in fear and awe! :undies: What an idiot!

  21. Bjorn Freeh

    “It’s hard to believe one pair of panties can contain a sphincter that big”

    — or —

    “Sorry, dude, she already has one asshole in her pants”

  22. Peaches

    I have laughed so hard my co-workers think I am nuts!! I can’t get past the menu to comment on the picture. Too funny!!

  23. djemm

    Man is he stupid he’s wearing it on the wrong side. Oh wait you didn’t read that right . The doc said it was kind of normal.Really!! :undies:

  24. Jorgen von Hymenmiester ze vorld vedgie champion vonce again shows his prowess und consummate skill by ze lightning extraction of his dining neighborÒ€ℒs undergarment. As is traditional in Austrian boarding schools, Jorgen proudly vears ze trophy over his head vile his partner bows his head in zubmission and vinces at the ruptured testicle zat ze maneuver has caused.

  25. MrDoug

    Little did he know when he aggreed to put the panties on his head as part of loosing the bet that they still contained the previous owners used panty liner.

  26. Paul

    [Comment ID #33903 will be quoted here]
    This really made me laugh as well as most of the comments here. If I were eating right now I would be like the guy in the picture who looks like he is choking. It is totally like they are eating and ordered from the menu referenced. LMAO

    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜†

  27. Logan

    new meaning to strap on dick in the mouth

  28. John K

    Order of the Day.

    Panties over easy & cum a la pew.

  29. Jeffro

    I guess he ate her ENTIRELY out

  30. scamper

    He couldn’t decide what to order from the menu, so he ust orderd the weitress’s edable pantys. I do wonder tho if they tasted any diffrent after she farted in them.

  31. Bob

    Looks like the new emergency gas masks have been released,and they come in designer colors. :undies:

  32. bennendetto

    he finally got his wish to be in his girlfriends pantys

  33. JFLY

    “Scent of a Woman” movie poster?

  34. The Cynical Villain

    I wonder of those are the period panties that he is wearing too…ewwww he could be earing his red wings right now. nasty bastard!!! :puke:

  35. Master Solace

    [Comment ID #34179 will be quoted here]

    Guess so.

  36. Driver

    Dude like that was the best panty raid ever man!!!

  37. Duke

    I’m sitting in the computer lab, and after reading those menus there are probably 30 people trying to figure out why i’m shaking and sobbing :mrgreen:

  38. |nSan|ty

    Damn… you said it tastes just like chicken…. πŸ˜•

  39. Steppenwolf

    Unable to refuse the dare to eat sushi Billy Bob tried to get in the mood.

  40. crazed and dazed

    OMG, i could’nt stop laughing, my friends at work thought i was mental. 😳 :undies: ❓

  41. ssterchaos

    *sniff* Is that your breath or your ass?

    His breath smells like ass, dude…

    Oh God, I’m going to spew! :puke:

  42. arch

    no really……. there was this woman at starbucks ya see ….. and she was like dressed like a clown………..

  43. Lace Valentine

    Super hero bachelor party. :wtf:

  44. Mandy

    [Comment ID #33906 will be quoted here]

    LOL! πŸ˜€

  45. Anita Mann-Badley

    “Young Vincent Price, discussing his project idea, The Fly, with fellow out-of-work actors.”

    Help me… help me!

  46. Meagan

    It’s Nacho Libre! :mrgreen:

  47. Jane

    I am Zorro the masked bandit

  48. melinda

    “omg this food is nasty” :puke: “but I am totally loveing your new look” :undies: “do you like cotton or silk?” Underwearman “Duh Cotton its more breathable” Ewwfooddude “really now thats intresting if only this food was, May I borrow them for my date tonight?” Underwearman “no dude get your own pair :undies: these are so mine. ahh what a sent”

  49. JFLY

    [Comment ID #34391 will be quoted here]

    LOL…I thought of The Fly, too….and the scene from Beetlejuice where Alec Baldwin and Geena Davis stretch their faces.

  50. JFLY

    And this just in: A friend of mine revealed he frequented a Chinese restaurant in NYC for their chicken dishes, but then they were closed down…for selling raccoon meat in place of chicken. He said it actually did taste like chicken…:puke:

    And I know what you’re thinking…no, it wasn’t the clown, silly. πŸ˜›

  51. Mandy

    “Do I look like a tare-ist?”

  52. joeho

    Come on people these are just a new type of goggles. So many sick minds! See, designer goggles too, they come in colors.

  53. White Trash ™ Spiderman Mask – get yours today!

  54. djemm

    [Comment ID #34418 will be quoted here]
    More like the ASS BANDIT

  55. Paul

    The WWE wrestler tryouts didn’t go well for Extremely Gay Pantyman. Even thought his signature move, the Testicle claw” worked just as promised.

  56. Master Solace

    [Comment ID #36127 will be quoted here]

    Been a wrestler for a long time now, and they really do have a move like that…they call it “The Groin Claw”, made famous by the hardcore icon Cactus Jack, Cyrus from ECW fame, and the legendary “Nature Boy” Ric Flair…they don’t call Ric Flair the “Dirtiest Player in the Game” for nothing!

  57. Master Solace

    [Comment ID #33979 will be quoted here]

    :wtf:…your…brothers…underwear…??!!!!???!!!!!!!!??????? :wtf:

  58. Timmmy

    What Happens Here, Stays Here! “PITTSBURGH”

  59. brittany

    damn that bobby, I told him to get his grubby hands off my undies when theira hangin on the line. Sic the dogs on him next time πŸ‘Ώ

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