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  1. *does best Mr. Bill voice*


    In other news, it’s amazing what a simple google search will do for you.

    Apparantly, I’m not the only one who doesn’t like the Snuggles Bear.

    Here’s more info than you needed to know about him, including a Letterman Top 10 List from the 80s

    And once upon a time, Snuggles got into a Grudge Match with Winnie the Pooh!

    And I don’t quite know WHAT to say about this…

    Oh, and looks like Snuggles learned the hard way where not to put Vicks Vapo-Rub. 🙂

    Stay tuned to my site for my own Snuggles Bear torture. 🙂

  2. PaganJewLilBro

    This is a test. It has been reported that your comments are down, but personally I think it’s just that my big sis’s computer is fucked. If you’re reading this, that is the case.


    PS: Irrelevant first post

  3. Apparantly, I’m not the only one who doesn’t like the Snuggles Bear.

    Google “Snuggles Bear” and see what you find. I tried 35464242554 times to post links and shit here, but apparantly, this site doesn’t like my html or something. D’oh!

    Stay tuned to my site for my own Snuggles Bear torture. 🙂

  4. Anna

    Non-Americans …. please unite against this americanization of Dave’s site.
    DO you feel left out when ‘they’ discuss all these bears and boys and toys we know nothing about? Are your feelings hurt?
    Shall we get back at ‘them’? Please send suggestions about how to do that.

  5. Oh now, Anna. If you want me to spend a week making fun of the Netherlands, just say the word. 😉

    Stacy, because of the popularity of this site, I am a major comment spam target. To eliminate the comment spam I have WordPress set to hold for approval any comment with more than two links. If they are sitting in queue waiting for me to approve, I can release them.

    Sorry about the inconvenience, but I just can’t spend an hour each night tracking down casino and porn ads in my comments (no exaggeration). I should really add a note to the comments form about this.

  6. Anna

    YES please, dooooo!!

  7. Frisko

    I think it would be grand to see what other terrible advertizing characters exist in other parts of the mudball waiting for us to make fun of.


  8. But, but… he looks like he is enjoying it. It can’t possibly be torture.

  9. From the looks of it,no one taught the poor little guy how to use a double ended dildo.

  10. mikeB

    Perhaps you could demonstrate for us, Moxie. RAWR 😉

  11. Well, I dunno. It looks like Pop’n’Fresh just popped a WOODY

    Poor deformed little blob of dough.

  12. Esther

    In bad Dough-boy voice:

    “Cooo Coooo!”

  13. Anonymous

    I love the little dough boy in the oven in the link picture.


  14. Lace Valentine

    “Is that a rolling pin or are you just happy to cookie-cutter me?”

  15. Rotten.com got in deep doo-doo after posting the picture that is linked at the top. There’s another, equally disturbing image of the Doughboy at rotten.com if you look hard enough.

  16. Dave –
    Thanks for letting me know about the comment spam thing. Glad it’s your site and not my computer, I was starting to get worried!

    I feel your pain about that. I’ve got MT Blacklist and stuff, and no matter how many updates I give it, somehow they still find a way around it. Yesterday I got hit with 25 comment spams.

    Oh, and expect to be pinged soon. 🙂

  17. My dirty little secret.
    Lately on my favorite fun site, Davezilla, we’ve been talking about supposedly cute corporate mascots that we’d rather see die in a terrible, horrible way. Featured have been the Arby’s Oven Mitt, the Hamburger Helper Hand, and the Pilsbury Dough…

  18. I remember that letter Chad, as I do getting my own C&D from Toho. There’s not much these corporations can do against parody, though. 😉

  19. verago

    Wow…did you snap that pic when i was in the kitchen a few months ago?
    Oh…okay then…I didn’t do anything…
    If the dough boy accuses me of anything, he’s a fawking LIAR!!

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