Apologies for the down time yesterday. It wasn’t the server. For some reason (that is still not resolved) the company that I purchased the domain Davezilla.com from assumed my ownership had expired, when in fact it expires next year in 2011.

32 thoughts on “Eep!

  1. Just in time!! I was standing on the bridgezilla, about to jump, and thought I’d try the site one last time.

    Boy that was close. 😳

  2. Maaaaaaaaaan. I was starting to worry that my puter was broken. I tried it on my game puter, and my laptop, and even my husbands setup. HEY! Did you know you have a wiki page? (Yeah – I googled davezilla in case I screwed something up). Anyway – I am like.. ya know… totally honored to be allowed to post on a CELEBRITY’S blog.


    Welcome back!!

  3. The great and powerful Zilla has returned ! Now I can put down the shotgun and wiskey…well the shotgun anyway .

    No shit dude I was about to have a conniption fit thinking you had been kidnaped by the amish and we would never have laughter in Zillaland again…OK that and the fear of never seeing the Zillagirs again .

  4. Whew…I reinstalled Internet Explorer, then XP, then upgraded to Vista, then trashed my router, changed ISPs and finally bought a MAC. Whatever I did finally seems to have worked. Great to have you back. 😆

  5. Comments for this post will be closed on 20 June 2008.

    Alright! Maybe I’ll think of something funny by then! 😛

    Good to see the site back, Dave!

  6. Geeze, man! I was doing DIGs and TRACEROUTEs and WHOISesez, chewin’ my nails down to thuh nubs. Figgers it was JOKER. Couldn’t you do business maybe with MIMEhosts or cL0WNw3b?

    Dammit, I almost thought it was my employer blocking access. Like they just started doing with my “new” (and soon to be ex-)hosting company.

  7. Dave, I have MY internet bill automatically payed from the debit card so there’s NO service interruption…

    I’m just saying… 😀

  8. I also have domain fees paid automatically, but that still doesn’t stop the buggers taking down a site I do nearly every other year. It’s so bloody frustrating but everyone is sooooooo nice about it and after a few days everything returns to normal.

    IT is an apt metaphor for ‘A Shrubbery’

    That maybe a bit cryptic, but hey, what the hell, it’s Friday night, 3 JD’s & coke into relaxing, I’ll let it fly.


  9. Maybe they saw that dude in a thong pic from your last entry and decided enough is enough. :puke:

    Seriously, I’m starting to worry about you man. 😛

    On a serious note, I’m glad to see the site back up and running. It caused quite a panic here in Zillaland. I was so depressed about it that I called one of those suicide hotlines. As would be expected I got connected to a call center in the Middle East someplace. The first thing they asked me was if I could drive a truck… :wtf:

  10. As I was futilly trying to access my daily dose of Zilla goodness, I kept getting an error message that said,

    ” there has been an error, and your last transmission was either rejected by the satellite, missed, or ignored entirely. try again later.”

    I just figured the Navy shot down the wron piece of shit in the sky and you were the casulty.

    Glad you’re back! 🙂

  11. Well, the technical difficulties beyond your control did give me a chance to find several other outlets for the Zilla creative energy – Nice photos & links (although some of those links eventually took me places we don’t talk about at cocktail parties).

  12. i took my shoes off and ran around in the snow with my cat strapped to my head cursing the eclipsed moon from the day before in my turquoise lululemon bodysuit. i wrapped my hands in baggies and electrical tape and i fired a blunderbuss at the powerlines then climbed atop a neighbors shed and waited for the spell to work. i am not surprised to see you back. let me know if you evar need more jou jou.

  13. Oh thank God! I was going through such a bad withdrawl that I barely made a hilarious or kinky quip all day yesterday! Now that you’re back, I need my fix.

    Who wants to be spanked first? 😈

  14. I thought that my boss figured out that I spend my days laughing at the zilla shit and put up a firewall ~ I was looking for ways to disable the f-ing thing!! THANKS FOR COMING HOME :wang:

  15. Shit happens, glad you made it back. Can you immagine this bunch of pervs running loose unsupervised and nothing to keep their attetion. One day was almost too much.

  16. [Comment ID #231341 will appear here]
    You were unsupervised, Pablo? I’ll have you know the only thing loose around here might be the Zilla Girls…

  17. [Comment ID #231184 will appear here]

    Pardon me for interjeculating here: that damn Zillagirls.com is up and down like a yo-yo AGAIN this morning!

    I barely have the strength to run around like an unsupervised perv the rest of the weekend… but somebody has to do it! :wang:

  18. we missed you dave!!!! :kiss: :kiss: :kiss:

    [Comment ID #231742 will appear here]
    hey, is there a zillagirls.com? dave? if not you need to make one and we can send you naughty photos. :boobs: :boobs:

  19. Thought of trying GoDaddy? it’s who I use. Totally worth it. 😎
    jimsstudio.net/breannasblog check it out!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. [Comment ID #233293 will appear here]

    Nope, I refuse to use American registrars as they only lease you URLs; you don’t own them. European registrars sell you the URL.

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