Consensus needed

Consensus needed

Does the message on her shorts say:

  1. Spoiled
  2. Soiled
  3. Oiled
  4. Foiled
  5. Boiled
  6. Who cares? Nice ass!


  1. Esther

    How about ‘recoiled’, as in ‘recoiled in horror’? If she insists on wearing her thong outside of her clothing, she should have invested in some quality booty floss at Vickie’s Secret, and perhaps matched it to her ‘outfit.’

    I think those gozangas that belong to the friend standing next to her frighten me even more. Do the folks at Sesame Street know that Elmo was sacrificed for the greater good of coconut coverage?

  2. Spud

    Thanks for that Esther, I didn’t notice the gazongas before reading your comment. :mrgreen:

  3. Anna

    What is this fixation with asses Dave? I’ve noticed a ‘downward trend’ in your writing. Care to talk about it? Groupsession?

  4. ReV.JeLLyBaBY

    Today I’d like to talk about butts. Yes you heard me right! I wanna talk about the anus, rear end, buttocks, arse, money maker, bum or any of the colourful names we use to describe this most wonderful of creations.

    How many times have you just sat there and stared as the most wonderful ass in the world passes you in the street?

    How many of us can resist a quick glimpse as an attractive girl bends over to pick the car keys she dropped, only moments ago?

    If you are honest WE are all hypnotized by the simple yet charming magic of the ass, but ever asked yourself why?

    The answer is quite simple.

    We as a race crave other peoples asses!

    Because at the end of the day we are all SICK little monkeys that think about sex WAY TOO MUCH!

    Now it appears writing on your ass is the fashion. Whats next? Advertising?

    Face it guys and girls THE ass has EVOLVED!

    But luckily I am here once again to SAVE you from yourselves by cleverly compiling a list of things to do instead of thinking about the devils gymnastics!

    REV’s LIST:

    1/ Housework (It’s good for the soul)
    2/ Compulsive Eating (No SEX for you fatty)
    3/ ?

    Oh sod it.

    Just go out and get laid!

    😯 P.S I cant believe I just said that.

  5. ReV.JeLLyBaBY


    I think you had better hire a bigger hall!

    This group session for people with “ass fixations” is gonna be quite crowded I’m afraid.

    Can you sign me up? Im sick, sick I tell ya!


  6. Anna

    At the request of the Rev I’m hiring a big hall so alle the ass-fixated peoples can come and talk about it. Ofcourse this hall will be somewhere in Amsterdam (town of the ass-for-hire, and pretty close to my hometown). So sign up and join us.

    @Rev: we knew that you were sick baby (even before ‘the ass thing’).

  7. ReV.JeLLyBaBY

    Gee, Thank’s Anna.

    I love you too.

    Wanna sit on or next to me at the group session?

  8. No ifs, ands or butts about it, Anna. Summer is here and that women are dressed to display their assets. I didn’t want this subject left behind so I have been giving it the coverage it deserves. Bottoms up!

  9. Spud

    I knew we’d get to the bottom of it eventually

  10. Steppenwolf

    That’s a spanking idea Anna! Sign me up.

  11. Frisko

    Going out on a limb here, who exactly will be recruted to facilitate the ass-fancier therapy group?

    Dave, do you have any equal oppertunity pix of granny panties hanging out, or the perfect plumber crack?

    Oh my, maybe I need group too.


  12. Esther

    Glad I could help, Spud. 😉

  13. Dave, do you have any equal oppertunity pix of granny panties hanging out, or the perfect plumber crack?

    Oh, Frisko. Who on earth would want to see that?


  14. Frisko

    Dave, It is true that there is a taste for all in the world……LMAO

  15. kermit

    I’ve noticed a disturbing trend of pictures of asses in the last few posts. This really should bother Natalie enough to make you stop tormenting us with them. I mean if you’re going for an ass theme, I demand a little variety, such as asses of varying symmetry, weight, protrusion, etc. 🙂

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