Complete this Sentence:

“The geese were so huge, they could barely fit in the ___________”

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  1. Nunu

    penis pump :wang:

    But seriously… Jacking off during a child murder case? That’s pretty sick :wtf:

  2. Tina Marie

    Where’s his dominatrix? Maybe he was hiding her under his robes, too. πŸ™„

  3. The geese were so huge, they could barely fit in the oven. Pate, anyone?

  4. Spud

    Ò€œThe geese were so huge, they could barely fit on the deck of a cargo ship, this created a new set of problems for Gary, he now needed some other way to transport these mutant geese back to the lab before anyone figured out what had happened.Ò€

  5. Kirk

    Blender ! :wtf:

  6. The geese were so huge, they could barely fit in the coffee grinder.

  7. Pappy

    “The geese were so huge, they could barely fit in the judge’s robes along with his penis pump.”

    Okay, what the heck is a penis pump? :wtf:

  8. Mandy

    [Comment ID #73719 will be quoted here]

    If you don’t know, then you probably don’t need one! :wang:

  9. Patrick

    The geese were so huge they could barely fit in Rush Limbaugh’s bloated ass!
    See, it’s kind of a variation on ‘when monkeys fly out of my butt’ thing. Oh forget it, it’s Sunday, I was out late.

  10. greyoutlook

    just for some context about the judge, we call the county crook county

  11. Irish

    The geese were so huge, that they could barely fit into the door for the unemployment line. :wtf:

  12. Zinta

    Ok..the obvious… The geese were so huge, they could barely fit in the PENIS PUMP.

  13. scamper95

    The geese were so huge, they could barely fit under the judges robe, so he used a penis pump instead.

  14. …they could hardly fit into the white robes, so Davezilla had to think of some other religion to baptise them into.

  15. Flash Gordon

    The geese were so huge, they could barely fit in Bruce’s codpiece. πŸ™„ :wang: πŸ˜• :thong: :wtf:

  16. the geese were so huge they coudln’t fit up the judge’s arse without someone notiseing so he moved to a penis pump. which worked much better to his satisfaction. :wang:

  17. silentstorm

    The geese were so huge…i can’t even go into where the geese can’t fit, didn’t that judge learn from pee-wee herman? but nooo, he had to take it further and use a penis pump in a court room during a chilid murder case, i’m going to bed πŸ™„ :limp:

  18. family jules

    The geese were so huge, they could barely fit in Elward’s and Ivanheld’s Ford Taurus, thus causing it to break down just outside the annual Geek N Chic Fair at Castle Doofus. Not being present to collect their prize, and thus having forfeited their ill-gotten gains from Sir Prancelot’s bloody victory over the Lord Peynespomp, the duo fell into a deep gloom and climbed to the top of the tallest rampart and cast themselves off in a fit of despair.

    They made a spectacular synchronized swan dive, went through the required four skydiving formations and landed with a very satisfactory SPLAT. The crowd applauded and then promptly removed the overgrown fowl from the fallen Taurus and held a savory feast in their honor.

    To this day, there hangs a plaque with the names Elward the Morose and Ivanheld the Flexible upon it, and the spot is known as Dorkus Landing.

  19. [Comment ID #73719 will be quoted here]

    Watch the first Austin Powers movie and you’ll find out.

  20. Drusky

    Ahhhh! Now I understand why they say ‘All Rise’ in court… 😈

  21. Dennis Bookhart

    :wang: The geese were so big they couldn’t fit in the oversize dildo.

  22. Kristen

    Bathtub. ( the kids have moved on from the rubber duckie days)

  23. Nunu

    [Comment ID #73737 will be quoted here]

    uh, yeah… it was so obvious it was the first comment πŸ˜›

  24. The geese were so huge, they could barely fit in the court! :wtf: So the judge decided to use this penis pump and go have fun with the geese later..

  25. “The geese were so huge, they could barely fit in the … ”
    doghouse. Ralph and Glenda were happy with the pair of mated geese, they kept the neighbor’s dog out of the garden, and kept the garden weeded, too. But Rusty the family dog wasn’t as happy. When forced to share the yard with the geese, Rusty spent the day mostly in the doghouse, until the geese moved in at sunset. Ah, the life of a dog. Since the geese moved in Rusty very seldom got to chase a squirrel, a cat, or a neighbor kid. The geese were ever-vigilant to intruders, and had no patience. They drove off the chances for barking and chasing and left Rusty to watch.

  26. misty

    the geese were so huge they couldnt fit in :undies that he was wereing also hiding that from his wife.hid: :thong: :thong: :thong: :thong: :kiss:

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