Caption Time #131

Caption Time #131

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  1. Spud

    motherfuckin snakes on my motherfuckin plane

    motherfuckin snakes on my motherfuckin wheelchair

    motherfuckin snakes every fuckinwhere


  2. silentstorm

    Gotta love the advertising. When I walk past a travel agency, a leprechan holding a snake always gets me inside that door and has me thinking “Man, I need a vacation” πŸ™

  3. cbatdux

    I miss Carnac….

  4. family jules

    Sir Prancelot!

  5. Samuel L. Jackson sports a new ‘do for the premiere of Snakes on a Plane.

  6. Drusky

    Steve Irwin hits a new low on the Croc Hunter Show…

  7. zinta

    Where ever that travel agency wants to send me… I AIN’T GOIN!!!!

  8. Tattoo gets a new gig as a window display model.

  9. Patrick

    That guy erroneously thinks he’s got his mojo workin’.

  10. Da Popster

    Oh sure, snake, leprechaun ……….. and a video camera in the background. What IS this, some kinda weird animal, midget, porno promotion?? :puke: :wtf:

  11. Eastern European travel agencies are pretty weird, huh?

  12. Kristen

    Boy George takes a day job.

  13. family jules

    oh god, the video!

    the singer has a white belt, and the stage moves of a pong game on slo-mo. the original very-talented keyboard player walked out after hearing the singer during rehearsal, so they grabbed the singer’s brother, who had never seen a keyboard before, and taught him that one riff this morning. the bass player and guitarist are so stoned, they think it all sounds great.

    the talent agent who was called by his brother-in-law to hear “this awesome band” is now telling the feds about his brother-in-laws tax evasion scheme, providing names and details, before heading to the ER to stop the bleeding in his ears.

  14. scamper95

    The dude and his snake have been smoken way to much crack.

  15. Bigwavdave

    Sufood, sent to Earth to photograph carved wooden figures, manages to sucessfully disguise himself and easily blend into the crowd in San Francisco after landing his inter-galactic ship during a particularly foggy day along the coast.

  16. Irene

    Maliqui, never to be outdone by his fellow alien visitors taes the concept of wearing a boa and teasing one’s hair to a new extreme… :wtf:

  17. Driver

    [Comment ID #73766 will be quoted here]

    Yeah me too .

    While I found most of Mr. Fentons sillyness funny I cant help but wonder , was he to stupid to spread his fun and games around to other stores OR was he trying to get his wife bannend from K Mart ?

    Is that a break dancing Yoda to the right of freaky snake loving green midget man ?

  18. mikeme

    Hillbilly snake worshipers in West Virginia!!!

  19. Drusky

    [Comment ID #73815 will be quoted here]
    Since I live in Reno, I can tell you that since K-Mart closed a bunch of stores (read: streamlining the number of stores to enhance company stability…) we only have two stores here. One is a super center where Mr. Fenton pulled his stuff and a smaller store in a rough neighborhood where Mr. Fenton probably would have just simply ‘disappeared’…

    The question is: Could this idiot have pulled his antics at, say, a Wal-Mart where Sam’s little army of blue aproned minions tossed his sorry butt out in a heartbeat due to the sheer number of them in the store at any given time?


  20. He was dressed up as a leprechaun around St. Patrick’s, and for several weeks afterward. Then I think he disappeared for a while, which was a relief. Now he’s back, with various accessories. I try not to look at him when I walk by.

  21. umm

    PM Pervez Musharraf poses for the cameras to launch a new national 2006 tourism campaign: “Pakistan: Not just for terrorists anymore”

    “With the recent spate of unfortunate acts of terror in Madrid, London and New York, we felt it was time to time to step out of the tired stereotype of Islamic militancy and put on a friendlier face,” said a coyly smirking Mushrarraf.

    “We want western tourists to once again feel comfortable in our hotels, and in no way should be feel threatened while they sleep by swamis, oversized crawling reptiles, or gollywogs wearing gyncologist’s gloves, particularly ones who look like Danny O’Day.”

  22. Driver

    [Comment ID #73821 will be quoted here]

    Drusky , thanks for the details but I was kinda hoping he was just trying to stop his wife from buying Martha steuart shit .

  23. Tina Marie

    I love that KMart weirdo! That’s my kinda guy! πŸ˜†

  24. Here we see the Moomba Loompa, cousin to the Oompa Loompas, recognizable by their brown skin and purple mohawks. They are always accompanied by snakes, whom they worship as gods. In a daily ritual, the Moomba Loompas will drape snakes over their shoulders and lick their scales to achieve a trance-like state that they believe gives them the ability to fly to the heavens, while the snake becomes highly aroused.

  25. Chris

    where the hell did this snake come from and wait a second…… who the fuck did my hair im going to kill them assholes!!!!! 😈 :mrgreen:

  26. It wasn’t working. George just hadn’t counted on the negative impact of using the stereotype images for recruiting for entertainers in the India outback. Yes, the snake represented competence, yes, the traditional headwear denoted respect, and the character they used for a model represented affluence and influence in the community.

    But the salacious grin. That smarmy smile offended the honest people they most wanted to attract.

    Not to mention how the feedback metrics — online, realtime video and audio monitoring — violated city, state, and national privacy laws, and seemed to be a monstrous magnet for every pervert, snake worshipper, and flasher in a 1,000 klick square.

    The only positive result of the whole campaign was the papier-mache festishist George met, and started dating.

  27. Drusky

    [Comment ID #73830 will be quoted here]
    O.K., Too much information… Sorry…
    I was just finding the idea of a virtual army of Wal-Mart Employees picking this guy up and kicking his sorry ass out of the store while wearing vests that say ‘How May i Help You’ kinda funny…


  28. I just passed by him and I noticed that you didn’t capture the stuffed panda at his feet. Which, of course, makes this so much less disturbing than it could have been.

  29. hank

    snakes at a rave

  30. J k s

    You people need to get a life… πŸ˜•

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