Coke: You doin’ it wrong

Coke, you doin it wrong


  1. junkman

    nothing more boring than a room full of coke heads.
    p.s. nazi dinosaurs rocked

  2. That girl’s smiling but you know she’s thinking… ain’t no fucking way I’m putting THAT on my head! Losers! 😯 😛

  3. Patrick

    5 liter bottles??
    With all that coke on the table, the undercover cop knew he was just minutes away from offering the code word that would start the drug bust that would make his career. Unfortunately, the code word was “lollipop”. His services will be next Tuesday at 11:00 a.m.

  4. fruf

    how you gonna get all that up your nose?

  5. [quote comment=”627852″]That girl’s smiling but you know she’s thinking… ain’t no fucking way I’m putting THAT on my head! Losers!



    She’s either thinking “they can’t be The Real Thing” or “I want to sit on that head!”

  6. Ha. With these cunning disguises, the port authorities will never spot us.
    By this time next month, we shall be in America, Comrades!

  7. DaPopster

    Does the term “GET A LIFE” ring a bell ? ……………. :wtf:

  8. Just don’t be snorting Coke and Mentos. That combo can be fatal. 😯 :dead:

  9. chainstay

    At least there is a J.D. Poster on the wall. That Is why they are so happy;
    the other table is full of whisky.

  10. chainstay

    Jack an’ Coke party game, ring toss.

  11. Chris S.

    Things at the annual Coca-Cola Tokyo division Christmas party take a sudden turn when the employees are given their annual bonus.

  12. Lounge Puppy

    Re: Nazi Dinosaurs
    Very creative film making actually. Love the sound effects. I only wish I were as talented.

  13. Spud

    You learn something new everyday, I would never have known coke bottles could be used as ring toss hats at a Jack Daniels party until today. Thank you internets.

  14. Margaret

    Teacher to class at School of Hard Knocks: “This is NOT what is meant when someone talks about Coke Heads!!!”

  15. Drusky

    She thinks it’s funny NOW, but just wait until they whip out the straws for her to suck on… :wang:

  16. Spud

    The Dali Lama instigates new cost cutting measures that prove very popular with the ladies.

  17. ducatisti

    Nazi Dinosaurs were freakin’ awesome. I mean, that guys’ got talent out the butt. The coke heads have coke out their heads. I’m thinking Nazi Dinosaur guy will have a better paying job in 10 years.

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