25 thoughts on “Caption Time #274

  1. “Ooohhh, Fish! I think i’ll just try some… Ouch! Stop that! Just a little closer… Damn dog! Morris, a little help here!”

  2. …and after Odie ate yet another Garfield cat actor, the director finally sighed and said.
    “Aw fuck it. Nobody’s going to watch this piece of shit movie anyway. Let’s just do him in CGI.”

  3. [quote comment=”627833″][quote comment=”627796″]Gives a new meaning to “eating pussy”:)[/quote]
    you stole my comment!! :P[/quote]

    Sorry Mandy, that just means great minds think alike 😉

  4. I hate that little kitty! This is the third time this week that I fell for the old you want to get that for me line. I’ve spent so much time in that dogs mouth lately that his breath smells more like pussy than a lesbo porn star.

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