Things to yell when some idiot is using their cell phone in the restroom

  1. “Is that your wife? Does she know you’ve been sacked?”
  2. “Oh yeah, baby! Do it to me like you did in prison. That’s it! Right there.”
  3. “Hey, get off that phone! We got more work to do. This bank ain’t gonna rob itself!”
  4. “Dude is that, my wife’s lingerie you’re wearing?”
  5. “Oh my God! You just peed on my carpet! What is wrong with you?”
  6. “Go ahead and call! This changes nothing! You’re still going to jail.”
  7. “Don’t ignore me, you son of a bitch. Get off dat phone. Vinnie wants his money now!”
  8. “Hey! You’re on in 5. Quit fondling the bouncer and get ready.”
  9. “Scuse me is this… I was told I could score here. [whisper close to phone] The pasword is Winston.”
  10. What do you yell at these people?
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  1. crash

    1. Hey Don’t be in such a hurry she can wait
    2. Tell her i love her too.
    3. Hey can you finish mee off here first
    4. Hey we have a peeping tom in here
    5. My :wang: is bigger than yours :limp:
    6. Keep suckin no talkin pal
    7. Wipe the cum off your mouth before you put that phone up to your ear stupid.

    I must be really bored to be the first to post today :dead: ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. crash

    link of day: What can be said
    what the f…..k you thinkin dave! :dead: :puke: :limp:

  3. crash

    Video of Day: What can be said …..But awsome :wang:
    Definently want to be the fuzz chasing her :wang:
    Wouldn’t kick her out of my cell for eating crakers :wang: None the less if the bitch can’t do the Time then for christ sakes don’t do the crime….geeez won’t these people evr learn.
    No animals or sea creatures were harmed in this video……..I hope the poor little doggy on the shovel however may not have made it? ๐Ÿ˜ˆ :dead:

  4. crash

    [Comment ID #192351 will be quoted here] Little added suck up time this bitch hasn’t got anything on the Zilla Gurlz…… OOOh lalah….

    :boob: ๐Ÿ˜› :wang: :thong: :undies:

  5. crash

    [Comment ID #192351 will be quoted here] Little added suck up time this bitch hasn’t got anything on the Zilla Gurlz…… OOOh lalah….

    :boob: ๐Ÿ˜› :wang: :thong: :undies:

  6. Bigwavdave

    Shut the fuck up!

  7. sledge

    you just dropped that cel phone in the urinal and you’re talking on it euhwww

  8. Paris Hilton in jail (what a surprise) and she’s telling everyone she’s found God… long has she’s been in jail!?!

  9. Paris Hilton in jail (what a surprise) and she’s telling everyone she’s found God… long has she’s been in jail!?!

  10. Only 10 comments for 6 hours Iam disapointed in you guys!!!! ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  11. Driver

    Link of the day
    you have no words-now I have no sight and I lost my dinner :puke:.

  12. [Comment ID #192333 will be quoted here]

    Hey, blame Pete, not me. ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

  13. [Comment ID #192413 will be quoted here]

    It’s Sunday and I posted late. Blame me. ๐Ÿ˜ณ

  14. StevieC

    [Comment ID #192413 will be quoted here]

    Sorry, Sunday is ‘Orgy Day’ in ‘Zillaland.:twisted:

    Astryd, in her Jessica Rabbit dress, is busy pinning some of the Zilla guys down with her Playboy heels so that Meagan can carve her initials in their butts with her whips.

    As for what the rest of them were doing, it’s all a blur right now. I’ll let them each fill you in on the sexcapades.

  15. Spud

    [Comment ID #192362 will be quoted here]
    That about sums up the appropriate response…

  16. True story:

    Back in my former life in corporate jobs, I was taking the bus home from work. There’s this teeny-bopper gal talking on her cell phone to her boyfriend Jeremy. For the entire 45-minute ride, she’s wheedling him and pouting and talking disgusting baby talk – really loud so the whole bus (which was packed) knows she has a boyfriend.

    Right as I was getting off the bus, I picked a rare lull of silence and then screamed

    “Dump her, Jeremy! She’ll never give you a moment’s peace!”

    …and then ran off the bus.

  17. Lake Effect

    “You sank my battleshit!!”

  18. Chris S

    Man, if I took a dump THAT big I would have to call someone too! Is that Guiness on the line?

    *very loud so the person on the other end can hear you* OK OK! I’ll keep sucking! Just don’t hurt me! PLEASE! *Yell in agony* Why did you stab me?? AHHHHHH!! You sick bastard! AHHHHHHH!!!
    *keep screaming until the asshole leaves the restroom*

  19. Oh Dave, this is why I love you. I’m so going to use one of these the next time I hear some idiot talking on her cel. phone in the loo.

  20. Be careful with that detonator Ahmed, you son of an infidel goat!

    So you in here on a bigamy rap too, huh?

    Get outta my light will ya! Iรขโ‚ฌโ„ขm looking for a good vein here!

    (Kiddy voice) Help! Iรขโ‚ฌโ„ขm trapped here in the basement! He wonรขโ‚ฌโ„ขt let me out!

    Keep your head down, Loco. Eez a lot of the Border Patrol in theez parts.

    Naw, donรขโ‚ฌโ„ขt cut it with baking soda Asshole!

    My names Jerryรขโ‚ฌยฆand Iรขโ‚ฌโ„ขm an alcoholic! (Applause)

  21. yankee04

    Plop Plop fizz fizz OH WHAT A RELIEF IT IS?

  22. jeffro

    WHO…DOES…NUMBER TWO…WORK…FOR?[Comment ID #192505 will be quoted here]
    Cracked my ass up! love that movie.
    [Comment ID #192362 will be quoted here]
    OOOHHHH…I get it. I thought you were talking to crash. I mean he posted 5 times, quoted himself, and doubl dipped all in about an hour.

  23. If you know if they are the person that dialed out:
    “Hey, order some pizza for me while yer at it, I think I’m gonna be in here for a little bit” and then moan and grunt like you are dropping a stink pickle the size of your forearm

    If you know that they are the that recieved the call:
    “We will now begin this meeting of the Royal Order of the Homely Looking Nudist Fraternity…….Cledus, you know the rule, there is only one place you can hide a cell phone anyway”

    And I will tell you, I HAVE done the first one before….. ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

  24. should say “the one that recieved the call”……I’m working on only 2 1/2 hours of sleep and only 3 shots of Crown…….one of those two needs an increase…….

  25. I know I shouldn’t do a third one in a row, but I don’t know why, but I just got the image of a nudist’s ass ringing…………

    Make that 4 shots of Crown……..working on #5……

  26. I know I shouldn’t do a third one in a row, but something just crossed my mind…….

    I don’t know why, but I just got the image of a nudist’s ass ringing…………

    Make that 4 shots of Crown……..working on #5……

  27. StevieC

    11a. (guy’s washroom) In your best effeminate voice “Okay, Slim Jim, I’m greased up and ready, just like you like it”

    11b. (gal’s washroom) In a deep voice, “Okay bitch, hit me with it, hit me hard!” Then clap your hands together, let out a screech and say “oh yeah, baby! Again! Again! Again!”

    12. Bang hard on the stall door and yell “Give me your fucking phone. This place is swarming with cops and I need to call my fucking lawyer NOW bitch!”

  28. Drusky

    ‘Hey, get off the phone while it’s your tun on the glory hole…’
    Master Solace had it right… Just start passing gas and groaning/grunting like you’re passing a Volkswagen thru a garden hose…then flush several times while banging on the wall and saying ‘Damn! you’d better pull up those pants! It’s gonna flood!’

  29. ~”You use the restroom as your office too, huh?”
    ~Invade personal space, whisper loud enough for the other party to hear “does he/she know about me?”
    ~”Ask him/her if she’d be interested in a threesome.”
    ~”Would you mind muting it for a minute, I think I’m gonna fart and it’s gonna be a loud one?”
    ~”Who you talkin to? Is he/she hot? Can I talk to him/her? Please? I just came from the free clinic, I know I’m clean. Shit, c’mon, lemme talk to him/her, I’m not trying to screw with your shit, I just wanna hit something? Are you gonna be busy for the next 15 minutes?”

  30. [Comment ID #192413 will be quoted here]
    [Comment ID #192442 will be quoted here]
    Sorry, I had my hands full. ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

  31. StevieC

    [Comment ID #192686 will be quoted here]

    And those are mighty talented hands you’ve got there. At least, I hope they were yours and not Bigwavdave’s.

  32. [Comment ID #192442 will be quoted here]

    Ya know, I’ve been practicing on some of my subjects how to write “Darla was here” with my whip. Care to offer up your backside so I can practice? ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

  33. StevieC

    [Comment ID #192691 will be quoted here]

    Sorry Darlin’ Darla,

    You need a bottom’s bottom for that, not a top’s bottom. ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

  34. “You got the cherry bombs, man? All right, this will teach them to fire me!”

    “Hey dude, you calling that chick’s number on the wall in there? She’s a freak!”

    Egad, that guy in the link brings a whole new meaning to “tucking it back.” :wtf:

  35. Link of the day: :wtf: is that a Chick or a Chuck?

    SteveC, No worries, I do believe Bigwavdave’s hands were busy elsewhere. ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

  36. chainstay

    “Wow a lot more floter’s than sinker’s; how are you doing?”

  37. Mikeme

    Are you looking at my ass? ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

  38. Drusky

    [Comment ID #192686 will be quoted here]

    Oh, that reminds me, Astryd. I found one of your ear rings on the trampoline… It was covered up by one of Meagan’s leather hoods… ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

  39. Drusky

    As far as the link of the day, It’s nice to see Steve Urkel keeping busy since his ‘Family Matters’ days… ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

  40. [Comment ID #192753 will be quoted here]

    Thank you so much but…That’s not the ‘__ring’ I’m looking for.
    I’m starting to think someone swallowed it. ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜ณ

  41. officeratt

    Who’s the idiot listening on the other end. did you just hear the melon drop? ๐Ÿ˜• ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

  42. I usually just say, “Hey, aren’t you the guy who was taking a shit in the phone booth outside?”

  43. StevieC

    [Comment ID #192768 will be quoted here]

    Was it strawberry flavoured?

  44. Yes, that released my juicy center ๐Ÿ˜ˆ !

  45. AnnieB

    I usually just keep flushing the toilet over and over and saying loudly … OMG, I’ve got the runs!! There’s no toilet paper in here! Does ANYBODY have any toilet paper?!? I NEED TOILET PAPER!! (Repeat as necessary.) ๐Ÿ™„

  46. bigboy

    HEY ! ! Asswipe, get off the phone and get that hooker out of here! I gotta take a dump. รขโ„ขโ€š รขโ„ขโ‚ฌ

  47. Driver

    Hey are you gonna wash that phone when you wash your hands or just keep putting your crotch sweat on your face over and over?

  48. crash

    so sorry didnt realize i double dipped told you i was bored ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜€

  49. [Comment ID #192753 will be quoted here]

    So that’s where I left it! Thank goodness, ’cause that one is my favourite. I especially like the zippered mouth hole.


  50. [Comment ID #192662 will be quoted here]

    VW through a garden hose………another painful, yet funny thought……

    It looks as though I doubled I a comment too… was the Crown I tell you….I was doing doubles…….

    All of this talk about Orgy day in Zilla-land, an earring + trampoline, and Mistress Meagan with her extensive array of leather equipment has got me thinking…………..hmmmmmmm

    Hey Mistress, let me know when you need someone to work over…er……work on………….er……..I got it…… with……..I’ll run if I have to, cause driving and flying ain’t gonna be fast enough………


  51. Well, if you’re gonna run, don’t wear yourself out before you get here. That’s MY job. ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

  52. mikeB

    “Mr Cheney? Please put down that gun.”

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