Things to do during a boring meeting at work

  1. Psychically melt the brains of the person(s) responsible for the meeting.
  2. Switch the agenda for one written in Pig Latin.
  3. Stare intently at the speaker’s face as if they have a monstrous zit on their cheek.
  4. Give the “your zipper is down” signal to the speaker numerous times during the meeting.
  5. Scream at the top of your lungs that you, “…just had the worst nightmare that I was in this horrible meeting!”
  6. Perform a striptease. Request unusual music.
  7. Inquire where this “box” is that everyone is thinking outside of, cause you sure haven’t seen one lying around the office.”
  8. If there is a window view, bolt from your chair, dive under the table and yell, “Incoming!” This works especially well if there are any war veterans in the room.
  9. Open a jar of spiders on the table.
  10. What would youdo during a boring meeting?
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