The whole of the Interwebs are alight with chatter of whether or not a nekkid lady is reflected in Dick Cheney’s sunglasses. I say that’s ridiculous. Have you ever seen Dick Cheney? No woman would get naked in front of him. Here’s a few guesses of mine.

Dick’s shades

What are your guesses?

33 thoughts on “What’s in Dick’s shades?

  1. [Comment ID #270370 will appear here] so funny coffee spewed!


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    Blame the mission statement, not me. :puke: :java:

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    Why thank you, kind sir.

  3. Now, seriously, Mandy- enough of this recalcitrant reticence- out with it, already(!):
    How do you REALLY feel about Dick Cheney?

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    I agree. Winner winner chicken dinner.

    However, maybe he is looking at whatever he keeps in his man-sized safe. Hmmmmmm…. A nekkid MAN perhaps? That’s man-sized. Judging by the look of glee on Dick’s face (this is the part that people should worry about, not the reflection in his shades) I am guessing a nekkid man being eaten alive by scarabs while being forced to dance a jig at shotgun point.

  5. My feet.

    Oh. I misunderestimated the question. I thought it asked “What’s in my dick’s shade?’

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    That’s O.K., ‘Tripod’. It’s your dream so you can make it as wet as you want… 😛 😀 :limp:

  7. Look again people, that is none other the the Zillaman hiz self from a few short months back, all dressed in white.

    No wait that does not explain the smile…Has to be Halburtons earnings statement from last year, with the naked lady on the cover…the caption, She will screw you like we screwed the Goverment….

  8. I say it is a nekkid Hilary Clinton, and that smile indicates he has come up with a cheating, lying scandelous way to get some action…and then blame it on some democrat…Gawd he makes me puke…

  9. After Sol discovers that Soylent wafers are made from human flesh, and decides to end the horror by signing up for government-assisted euthanasia, Sol is shown a montage of beautiful natural images in the euthanasia chamber projected on Dick Cheney’s blue blockers: flowers, deer, mountains, and rivers. When Thorn rushes to the euthanasia clinic to try to stop Sol, he is too late to save his friend, but he is able to share Sol’s final moments. In Sol’s last minutes alive, “Thorn shares Sol’s nostalgic moment” as Sol asks “Can you see it?” and “Isn’t it beautiful?” This helps Thorn to realize what he and the rest of the world have lost. And he thinks “Sure we’re eating people…… and we’re fucked…… but Dick’s ok with it……so……let’s do whatever he says….. so he doesn’t tell on us and awaken george w. kraken.

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    It was quite easy, really. I just typed in what I wanted to say and clicked the “Say it!” button underneath.

  11. Not sure what’s on the inside of Dick’s shades, but I’m pretty sure that the smile is a reflex from the pacemaker shocking his ass for the third time that day….

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