52 thoughts on “Captiontime #224

  1. Life is full of interruptions. Thank goodness Cialis works for up to 36 hours.*

    *If you get an erection lasting over 4 hours, don’t call your doctor — call his nursing staff.

  2. Tonight on the new reality show Intervension , Bob N Jonny realize the error of their ways and stoped doing it…missionary style. [ this is were an ASS icon would fit nicely ]

    No pressure Dave 😀

  3. Live from New York, it’s SATURDAY F’n NIGHT! The entire crew was subsequently fired except for the girl on the bottom. She received a big raise. :wang:

  4. [Comment ID #238666 will appear here] don’t want to make this relationship any more complicated but i think that’s me an my ex “barbara” son. bro?


  5. [Comment ID #239554 will appear here]

    Mmmm…Ice cream…Let’s talk :wang:

    Well, I think so, but where will we find a latex underware shop at this hour?

  6. [Comment ID #239669 will appear here]

    That’s “What would you do TO a Klondike Bar?” 😀

  7. [Comment ID #239669 will appear here]

    I spotted a typo…did you mean to type “The Depends are where it was melting”?

  8. [Comment ID #238657 will appear here]

    If I join the league to watch, is it extra to participate? :wang:

  9. [Comment ID #238767 will appear here]

    No if you have an erection for more than four hours order take out.

  10. Members of a local 4-H club widen their horizons when their TV broke. “You know, this is better than a That ’70s show rerun, Who’da thunk?!” said Hoit McGee, “I’m doing it next week. I’m a little nervous but I know my friends will be there for me making sure I pull through alright.” :geek:

  11. Somewhere I see some office pool betting going on.

    Alright place your bets…will Chuck make the spread of 5 minutes with our resident porn star Lotsa Cox. Bets are at 4 to 1…damnit Ray stop trying to give a shotout over there. You know that there will be some side bets goin on too let’s see if he can pull it off. no pun intended

    The crowd goes wild as Chuck makes an impressive start…I can’t even finish it but its crazy. But it does end in a 2nd round knockout and poor Chuck falls flat in the end. 👿

  12. [Comment ID #239669 will appear here]

    I’m layin on my stomach and it’s meltin on the small of my back. I tried to balance it on a buttcheeck but it kept rolling off. 😈

  13. [Comment ID #240352 will appear here]

    If your butt cheek isn’t willing to hold your Klondike bar, then it will need to be punished. I’ll be gentle this time and will let you stop counting at 12.

    When you’re done, I’ll lick off the remnants of the offending bar and kiss your rosy cheeks better. Afterwards, we’ll repeat the process until are able to successfully balance your Klondike until it has finished melting. Proper posture would ensure that it melts away from the small of your back and drips gently between the cheeks.

  14. [Comment ID #240411 will appear here]

    So, now it’s “WHO would you do for a Klondike Bar?” 😀

  15. [Comment ID #240435 will appear here]

    or if I’m reading the last line properly perhaps it should be “Who would you do WITH a Klondike Bar” 😛

  16. [Comment ID #239554 will appear here]

    For you I would drag my nuts across a football field of broken glass baby!

  17. Dragonhose: … :wtf: I’m truly flattered. 😳 Thank you. You may now rise… 😈
    BTW, I believe I’ve discovered the origin of your name 😉

    Steve: Thank you, sir… 😳 and only as long as you’re willing to lick it off. 😀

    Coley: It’s better than flavored lube. 😈

  18. [Comment ID #243564 will appear here]

    Not braggin, but there is more than one reason for the name.

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