Caption Time #89

Caption Time #89

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  1. Rachel

    wow, my robot is soooo cool… maybe i can try and be like him.

    he failed…. horribly 😆

  2. evilqueen

    Jimmy was enjoying his lead paint covered robot with awesome sharp edges when looked out the window with his non worksafe spy peeper you will be blind soon binoculars and saw his sister get impaled by a lawn jart.

    Ah the memories. They just don’t make fun toys like they used to anymore.

  3. Spud

    Boy Oh Boy! A Lincoln Toy!


  4. ssterchaos

    By golly, we’re going to take over the world, Robo. It’ll be swell!

  5. Spud

    Oh, yeah, these taxidermy links are very strange…


  6. And then they hooked billy up to the machine and made him watch horrible horrible images for the rest of his days.

  7. JFLY

    This kid really sucks at badminton..he should’ve watched the birdie.

  8. Amanda B.

    That alligator creeps me out!

  9. mitch

    Tommy climbed out of the shallow end of the gene pool and soon earned the title of “World’s Biggest Geek”. :geek:

  10. Craig

    After seeing himself in the mirror, young Johnny Dumbass realized how ridiculous he looked with that goofy hat and those silly glasses. 👿

  11. cbatdux

    A young Donny Rumsfeld begins his quest for world domination.

  12. me

    Robo Cop…the Early Years!! 🙄

  13. “I’m like the robot in Lost in Space. I’m danger, danger!

  14. Space Cadets get special training these days: polarizing optical supports, atomic-powered robotic assistants and a special handheld electro-shock unit. Officials plan for the new decade to improve the gyro-stabilizer, when it is expected that the new supercomputer (UNIVAC Mark IV) will be able to calculate 100 operations every second! This will be a gift from the scientests to the people of 1950!

  15. How swell Robo. I can see Norma-Jean in her underclothes with these things.

  16. Braenwen

    Mom says if I wear my heard gear all the time maybe I can have a REAL friend!!!

  17. It was the best orgasm he’d ever had in his life….

  18. Sami

    Little Timmy was overjoyed to see his new robot toy, which his mother had given him for Christmas. He oh-so-carefully removed the packaging, his eyes gleaming with excitement. However, much to his parent’s chagrin, upon picking up the remote control, Timmy lost all control of his body and mind, succumbing to the evil robot’s powerful grasp. Needless to say, Timmy’s parents expect a full refund.

  19. abby

    yeah…okey thats really stupid….

  20. abby

    wow x-tra strong….wow

  21. MandyLocke

    Gee Robo! Every time we look at these :boob: :boob:, my :limp: gets all :wang: What gives?

  22. Kaylee Smitherson

    All right, now lets go take over the plant. We can call it robots attack. 👿 😡

  23. Kaylee Smitherson

    Damn Bot why do :boob: :boob: :wang:

  24. Patrick

    re: alligator-Don’t be surprised if someone from PETA shoves that pipe up his taxiderming ass! That thing is creepy on several levels. :wtf:

  25. juliebeanpie

    Caption by James

    Another relaxing evening basking in front of the RadarRange.

    Caption by Julie:

    Timmy’s Siamese twin was removed from his hip, and was fully funtional.

  26. nicnic

    I wonder why no one has purchased the alligator, it only cost a dollar. 😆

  27. hippychick

    Fifties era virtual reality gaming at its best

    Only the best brain programing for my child!

  28. Sarah

    Yep. Thanks to the magic of eBay….somebody somewhere WILL buy that alligator 🙄

  29. Wendy

    ok, I have nothing to say other than it really makes me hear the words ” Danger Will Rogers, Danger!!”

  30. marcus

    A recently discovered picture of Bill Gates. He knew one day he would take over the world and turn everyone into little robots.

    I am the alligator. 😆

  31. BHamm

    Just too many things to say about this…

    – Auditions for “Mike Teevee” in the new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie get more and more extreme.

    – Can you imagine your grandpa telling you about this product? “Back in my day…we didn’t have these new-fangled video games. We just had a robot that you had to control with your EYES and a F*cked up space helmet. That’s all we had and we liked it!”

    – Johnny wasn’t like other boys…

    – Attention, Future Mad Scientists of the World! Now you too can control an army of barely moving robots! And wear cool headgear too!

  32. jayray

    “You’ll put your eye out with that thing kid!!”

  33. MaryL

    Another perfect example…..
    Of a dysfunctional family

  34. Darren

    with help from his x rax goggles, robot, and parents tommy found out how babies were made

  35. tony

    oh snaaap! 😈

  36. tinamarie

    I see dead people!

  37. Daniel

    OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It’s true, it’s true. Robotitis is contagious. Poor boy don’t know it until the airplane sprouted from his head. The eyes are the second to go. Then, there’s something about metal balls, not sure, I’ve only heard. 🙄 :wtf: 😈

  38. A-ToM-O

    …I know it’s a bit late, but that picture pretty much sums up everything. I mean, to me. Oh, Dave, you get the idea. And happy New Year, by the by.

  39. Spud

    [Comment ID #17530 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Um, could that be “Danger Will Robinson, Danger!!”


  40. bryan

    Aaaw Mom, just 15 more minutes!

  41. bryan

    Aaaw Mom, just 15 more minutes!

  42. john

    MOM? Was that cough syrup you gave me? 😛 my eyes are really bugging out of my head! Do you have any Visine?

  43. dude… i used to have one of those…wait nvm that was another life..

  44. Spud

    Gosh! look Robbie, you were right, mom does have bush!


  45. Kris

    wow my eyes are two times stronger now!!!!!! oh nevermind it was just my glasses : ❓

  46. Kent

    Wasn’t this an episode of Star Trek:TNG? The one that guest-starred Ashley Judd?

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