Caption Time #303

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  1. Bear

    Now I see where the pink wigs come from…lol

  2. Linda

    Maybe an overdose of pepto….. gone awry Hhhhmmmm :puke:

  3. Don

    Paris Hilton and her new dog

  4. Naw, I can’t. I’m working the RNC meeting tonight.

  5. Patrick

    Photo taken from Dave’s recent trip back to Arkansas, providing proof positive that Paris Hilton’s reality show “The Simple Life’ did have a lasting impression.

  6. Lung the Younger

    Three Mile Island cotton candy.

  7. fruf

    that’s so baaaad
    she must come from the wrong side of the tracks
    see what happens when her gay brother breeds with sheep

  8. Timm

    A girl walking her pet. A fairy recent breed of dog, imported from the Ukraine, called a Chernobyl Chow Chow.

  9. Cobe

    Mary had a little Lamb
    She always kept in tow
    All the chicks would point and say
    “That bitch is such a HO.
    But,the Dudes, they didn’t mind
    If Mary’s Lamb was pink
    For they all knew that Mary blew
    Down behind the rink. :wtf:

  10. ddlee

    Rancher’s dream team.

  11. Sircut

    Do the curtains match the drapes?

  12. DaPopster

    Damn, somebody forgot to flush the gene pool again ……….. pink shit ???

  13. Urban D. Kaye

    Would make a nice gift for a gay shepherd

  14. nuilogad

    what happens when a giant needs a tampon? We now know.N

  15. Sammy

    Little Bo-peep

  16. Bigwavdave

    Love me – love my sheep!

  17. Whether it was the woman or her sheep, but somebody lost a bet…

    But I got a strange question… those spectators across the tracks… why isn’t anyone pointing and laughing? I sure as hell would be…

  18. SamIAm

    Nancy Pelosi’s daughter takes Barney Frank for a walk.

  19. Startrtl

    So, uhm, you all know that’s a goat right? Cause walking a pink sheep would just be trashy and all. But a Goat?! All the stylish women have goats.

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