20 thoughts on “Caption Time #303

  1. Photo taken from Dave’s recent trip back to Arkansas, providing proof positive that Paris Hilton’s reality show “The Simple Life’ did have a lasting impression.

  2. that’s so baaaad
    she must come from the wrong side of the tracks
    see what happens when her gay brother breeds with sheep

  3. A girl walking her pet. A fairy recent breed of dog, imported from the Ukraine, called a Chernobyl Chow Chow.

  4. Mary had a little Lamb
    She always kept in tow
    All the chicks would point and say
    “That bitch is such a HO.
    But,the Dudes, they didn’t mind
    If Mary’s Lamb was pink
    For they all knew that Mary blew
    Down behind the rink. :wtf:

  5. Whether it was the woman or her sheep, but somebody lost a bet…

    But I got a strange question… those spectators across the tracks… why isn’t anyone pointing and laughing? I sure as hell would be…

  6. So, uhm, you all know that’s a goat right? Cause walking a pink sheep would just be trashy and all. But a Goat?! All the stylish women have goats.

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