Caption Time #276

Caption Time #276


  1. Patrick

    Dibs on firsties! That guy is either really desperate to get to the outdoors shitter or the shower, I’m not sure which. That large spot behind him, that would be where his balls fell off. Grande cajones no doubt- no brains but grande cajones!

  2. Buck

    There was shrinkage! :limp:

  3. Bigwavdave

    I’ve heard you like ice fishing “up there”, but I never knew!

  4. …and when the disciplinary committee told the CEO that they would divest him of his executive cover and that he’d have to become a hatchet man if he wanted to avoid getting his assets frozen, I don’t think he realized that they weren’t speaking metaphorically……

  5. Jeez dude, talk about overkill. I’m sure the freezing water will kill the bitch, you don’t have to axe her to death too! :wtf: 😛

  6. Just to spite the Democrats, disgraced ex-senator Ted Stevens decides to lay his own damn pipeline.

  7. fruf

    If he’s not careful, he may participate in the woodchoppers ball so to speak

  8. Angela

    When the tinman said he needed oil he really meant lube

  9. Ice fishing the hard way. At least he has a worm. 😯 :limp:

  10. Patrick

    “Frozen Assets”–he shoots, he scores!

  11. [quote comment=”628263″]”Frozen Assets”–he shoots, he scores![/quote]

    But what about the liaballities? 😛

  12. cbatdux

    Dad? Where’s Mom?

  13. Sherri

    Is he really naked or just wearing really wrinkled flesh colored clothes? 😛

  14. nina

    Damn you ice covered lake give me back my clothes I told you that this was a one night stand.

  15. ReV.JellYBaby

    Sorry guys for not posting just been training. Pic is my first patient by the way. NHS vasectomy! Here’s Jonny!

    OK now he’s gone………………………………

    Go Home and no bed for you.

    Or house..

    Recession and crunch….ring any bells? lets just forget freezing cold pond and axe?

    Peace Out

    ReV 😉

  16. gello

    Paul, is that you?…Paul Bunyan, is that you??? ….

  17. DaPopster

    OK, now the idiots have frozen the gene pool and are trying to thaw it out ??? :wtf:

  18. Tammy

    I think that is my ex husband…seriously!

  19. Spud

    “Ah, it’s the Viking life for me!
    Chopping my through the ice
    All on my way to the sea!
    Chop chop chopping is so nice
    Ah, it’s the Viking life for me!”

  20. junkman

    old man winter?

    p.s. i think this accurately depicts what my mind does every morning to get through the hangover from the night before!

  21. chainstay

    Oh, I’m a lumberjack and I’m ok. I sleep all night and I work all day…

    Dean Martin and his dream cocktail.

  22. Tonka

    Looks like it could be a picture from my local newspaper up here in South Canada, ie. Nordakoda. It’s an icefishemean chopping a hole in the ice to set up his darkhouse for spearfishing. Just hope he uses the right spear.

  23. Spud

    [quote comment=”628292″]lumberjacks. you doin’ it wrong!!!![/quote]
    I was channeling Monty Pythonesque type theme music to that. And just as he gets close to the other side of the river, a big foot comes down out of the sly and crushes him. Laughter is heard off camera. 😛 😆

  24. Ayatrollah

    How to survive Obama!

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