Friday Question #8


What’s the worst thing you’ve been given to eat at work?



  1. A spoonful of wasabi… I was young and had no idea what it was. I was told it was “kind of like mustard.”

  2. Failboat 9000

    Hmm….. thus far, perfume-lotion flavored chocolate truffles. :dead:
    Not the best christmas surprise – and made me wonder how many OTHER christmas bakers ‘forgot’ to wash their hands! 😕

    Eep!! :wtf:

    Or maybe the time I was given festive popcorn balls (hee hee) made from stale popcorn, rice krispy treats, m&m’s, peanuts, and 3 other kinds of candy… it was like someone made a snowman from the floor of a busy, seldom-cleaned theater. 😳

    No, wait – the lotion truffles were worse.
    Why must we be subjected to the brunt of these during jinglemas? 😕

  3. Scamper

    Bullshit from the company ass kisser who was eatn at the Y on his office desk

  4. Jay

    After 8 hours of grueling construction work in 8 hours of constant rain, with the understanding that we would be provided dinner, I and my co-workers were provided with:

    Stale white-bread/Kraft single-slice cheese/brown-lettuce sandwiches,
    left over from a reception from 3 days earlier…

    (Granted, there were a shitload of them…)

  5. Margaret

    Every time we have a pot luck at work, the same person always brings potato salad that has a green hue to it. We try not to hurt his feelings, so everyone takes a little. Because we put it on our plates, he thinks we love it.

    When I lived in Germany, my German co-worker would bring what we called ‘mystery meat casserole’ it contained some sort of meat, a gray paste-like substance, and rhubarb to our pot lucks. :puke:

  6. Bigwavdave

    Jay – Reminds me of the old couple in the restaurant – He says “This place is horrible, the food tastes awful.” She replies “I know, and the portions are SO small”

    Moving on – Since I’m in the kitchen design business, I almost always eat well at work. I suppose the worst was some sort of sweet, creamy, macaroni salad with little marshmallows and bits of celery in it. :puke:

  7. What I eat at work depends on what I bring with me, so I normally have something tasty. But there was this one time I tried this protein bar that was supposed to be “cookies and cream” but was more like “watered-down cocoa” with a bad aftertaste. Yech! :puke:

  8. gello

    Tacos from Taco Bell :puke:

  9. Bigwavdave

    [quote comment=”628316″]Tacos from Taco Bell :puke:[/quote]

    On you, they look good! 😉

  10. Ducatisti

    A long time ago, I worked for our state Social Security office. Weird people get jobs working for the state, because it’s darned near impossible to get rid of them, and they are usually some bosses’ relative.

    One lady in the transcription department was a hoarder. She wore clothes from her high school days 20 years ago. She brought her lunch in the SAME brown bag every day for a year or more. Her car was completely packed with stuff – the only space left was a tiny bubble of driver’s compartment.

    We’d have potluck and she would usually bring bean dip and a bag of chips with a ‘freshness date’ of three years ago. There was no date on the bean dip. That was bad. Worse was the time she brought store-bought potato salad which had been frozen and wasn’t completely thawed by lunchtime. Couldn’t read the ‘use by’ date on it because the carton was so old and faded.

    I can guarantee I never ate anything she brought because I am still alive and my stomach lining is still intact.

  11. gello

    [quote comment=”628317″][quote comment=”628316″]Tacos from Taco Bell :puke:[/quote]

    On you, they look good! ;-)[/quote]

    Looks are OK on girls . :wang: :wang: On food I go for taste….

  12. Spud

    For me it was doing a job for a mate of mine’s mother, we were there for about a week and she loved to fuss over us with morning tea and lunches.

    One day she made a casserole that I liked with veggies and put it out on the back table. I was under the house doing some pipework when I got the yell for lunch. I get out from under the house, come around to back verandah and there’s her cat munching away on my lunch.

    Just then the woman comes out the back door, sees what’s happened and by the time I get around to the stairs, she’s folding over the casserole that is left on the plate into itself so as not to leave a hole where the cat had been eating.

    She then sits down with me and starts a conversation while I’m supposed to eat this food. She doesn’t leave for ages and I can’t bring myself to eat it.

  13. How you kept from throwing up while it was sitting in front of you is beyond me Spud! 😕

  14. janeeto

    I work at a school, and there are quite a few pot lucks. It’s nice when people are aware that hot foods should stay hot and cold foods should stay cold (the 40 degree -or whatever- rule). So I appreciate those hot foods in the crockpot. However, someone keeps bringing meatballs in some kind of sauce. I am reluctant to try this because by the time we get to eat, this sauce is nearly black, just shy of the darkest purple imaginable. It’s just scary!

    For Wednesday’s potluck, I will be bringing meatballs in a beef gravy in a crockpot and rice in a rice cooker. Hot and fresh! Heck, I’ll even bring a power strip to make sure both are plugged in to maintain the integrity of the temperature!

  15. DaPopster

    [quote comment=”628308″]Bullshit from the company ass kisser who was eatn at the Y on his office desk[/quote]
    BS from the resident ass kisser on how great he was after he lunched on the boss’s ass and gobbled his stick pussy for dessert. :puke:

  16. fruf

    Co-worker and I go out to lunch to a tex-mex restaurant with a 15 min. or free policy on a special menu.After we ordered, a large group form a seminar arrive ( 85 ) people not expected arrive. After waiting an hour ,the server advises that the food is free. Too bad that the food wasn’t cooked. A steak sandwich was raw and the chili still had ice around the rim.Thank god for the nachos

  17. ReV.JellYBaby

    A ham and cheese roll without the cheese or the ham. So i took it back and was offered another cheese and ham roll. This one however had cheese and no ham.

    Attempt number three in this prepacked roll truma……….

    A cheese and ham roll without butter or ham…………….

    At this point i decided to go for a jacket potatoe and after much apologising from the canteen staff I sat down to eat. The potatoe was however uncooked in the middle…..for fear of reprisals I threw it into the bin and left without comment.

    Now I bring my own lunch..

    Peace Out

    ReV ❓

  18. AlexBallew

    I purchased some home made tamales from a Latino co-worker. I took them home. They were incredibly delicious. But, I got gas so bad I thought I was having a heart attack!

  19. junkman

    someone tried to get me to eat a home made moose sausage from the moose they shot the weekend before. i did not eat it but gave him a bottle of christmas wine we had received from a trucking company 2 years earlier to go with it after work. :puke: 😉

  20. kathleen

    [quote comment=”628338″]
    For Wednesday’s potluck, I will be bringing meatballs in a beef gravy in a crockpot and rice in a rice cooker. [/quote]

    Just curious…. where are you from? Meatballs and rice are a very unusual combination where I live.

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