32 thoughts on “Caption Time #244

  1. Now Astryd and the rest of the Z-gals would have had that one on the first try. I do like her style though… :boobs: :boobs:

  2. πŸ˜› :limp: :wang: :boobs: :undies: :thong: πŸ˜† :kiss: i just dont know about this photo πŸ™„

  3. While she definitely has the admirable Zillagirl enthusiasm, I think I’d prefer going for something Hard, Sweet and Sticky… πŸ˜›

  4. Here we see a photo of the lesser known and rarely spotted, “Mustard-guzzling gutter slut”.

  5. I always knew Aliens knew how to use the right bait for the job… Women and hotdogs, rednecks and their sisters, rich people with $100 bills.

  6. are we sure that’s a hot dog? it could also be:
    1. a yeasty tampon
    2. severed :limp:
    3. her eye being yanked form the socket


  7. Don’t worry, everybody is a winner in this competiton. Everyone who enters gets a fre breast & pelvic exam (non-professional) and the winner gets a lifetime supply of birth control, a case of tequilla and an invitaton to the judges house.

  8. [Comment ID #391353 will appear here]

    Or, Dog Hog, for that matter…Speaking of Dog Hogs…Where Astryd?

  9. Pablo, How’s it feel to have Mandy on top of you? It kind of looks like she’s sitting on your finger. 😈

  10. Hey theres nothing like rubbing a mustard covered hot dog across your face while riding on the back of a motorcycle-woo hoo!!Now thats rad

  11. If she could’ve used hers hands for guidance, she wouldn’t have got it all over her face…unless she’s a practicing porn star, then smearing it like that is the point of the contest……either way, I think I would be more than happy helping her out……

    Oh oh……almost forgot, a caption……

    “Missed it by that much… ~John Holmes”

    “Maybe it would’ve been easier going downtown.”

    “Blonde figures she could ace her porno audition if she remembered her sunglasses this time.”

    “Man disappointed that after all he’s taught her, she still couldn’t get the little weiner in her mouth on the first try without her hands.”

  12. Oh that Olivia Munn thing:
    OMG. Mustard shot? And did you notice that Ms. Munn spits, not swallows?
    Bad girl. :limp:

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    LOL. Seriously though, can you imagine her suddenly disappearing into the sky if she managed to bite the hot dog. And does God catch and release, or does He eat skank? And if He eats skank, does He like His skank fried, grilled, or RAW like most guys I know?

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    Oh, I’ve always been around to at least take an overhead view of Zillaland, but most of time I don’t have the energy to post. I’ve been really sick for awhile now, and just about everything drains me. But I’ve always been around my friend……I just couldn’t pass up some good cocktail jokes…….

  15. Dude with the heavy frown, this wouldn’t happen if you fed your woman before you leave the house, you know…

  16. [Comment ID #391343 will appear here]

    Yeasty tampon? I WAS in the middle of lunch when I read that but now I have to take a break. :puke:

  17. “When Rednecks Come Out to Play”, next Oprah. Swear to God, this is what rednecks do after they drop the kids off at school. That is after they finish Community Service. She’s a 36 C now, but she’ll be a 38 Extra Long in two years.

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    OK…FINE…Ya made me go back and look again…I suppose I should thank you?

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