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  1. Remember to use the buddy system when hiking. That way you don’t have to outrun the bear, you just have to outrun your buddy.

  2. Not only does Grizzly Bear shit have bells in it and smell like pepper, it will also have pieces of pic-a-nic baskets, Ranger Smith and Cindy Bear’s vajay-jay in it.

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    By the same token, if you’re close enough to tell the difference between a black bear and a grizzly, you’re too close to run. Just raise your arms to Jesus and pray. I’m serious. The bears are out there, and they’re mad.

  4. Outdoorsmen should wear little bells on them to give the bears advanced warning. The deer, elk, wild boars and other animals you may be hunting will appreciate the warning, too… 😀

  5. Dave: A friend sent me a link-perhaps you might use it as a post. How do I send this to you, and not post it here?

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    Hint…Look under the ill up there ( ^ ) in the header.

  7. [Comment ID #391047 will appear here] L E: Thank you! I am such a novice at these things. I hope you enjoy what I sent to Dave; that he sees that it meets with the standards of this site. Hint: cake.

  8. i’ve gotta say, that sign started well, then something went very wrong in all the beautiful ways we’ve come to hope for from Dave. and now my boss (with whom i have the misfortune of sharing an office) thinks am cracked in the head! (may be it’s the coffee all over the place) i did’t see that one coming!

    • engrossing reading ain’t it? “by the time you are done reading this long ass notice, check your surroundings for others who have been similarly swallowed whole by the bears who put up this long ass sign”

    • the only way to get through reading this is to do a few sentences at a time and duck from time to time

  9. Back in Girl Scouts we learned the “real” way to tell the difference between a brown bear and a grizzly:

    Just climb the nearest tree.
    If the bear climbs up the tree after you, it’s a brown bear.
    If the bear pushes the tree over, it’s a grizzly.

  10. [quote comment=”391902″]That’s a lot of build up for a punch line. Sheesh. I think those rangers have too much time on their hands.[/quote]
    Well. They ARE Canadian.

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