Caption Time #243

Caption Time #243


  1. Russ

    How Marky Mark got his role in Boogie Nights.

  2. Bear

    OH SHIT!
    How did you get that pic from my wife…

  3. Chris S.

    Two male members of the Manson family having repeatedly insisted their picture NOT be taken… “SHARON! We said NO cameras! I’m telling Charles!”

  4. julesOdeNile

    “Tym t’getcha hair Did boo!”

  5. Spud

    The moustachio’d ones?

    but fair dinkum, the things girls make blokes go through just to get a bit.

  6. Proof that there is no limit to what a guy will do if he thinks it will help to get him laid.

  7. An IRA training video circa 1979 from their Espionage Division:
    Thee Ort of Dusgays and Onfultreeshun – 101.
    (The Art of Disguise and Infiltration – 101)

  8. Earl and Randy long before they discovered kharma.

  9. Bigwavdave

    [Comment ID #389970 will appear here]


  10. Memphisbandman

    Dad? er, Mom?

    aw, ferget it!

  11. junkman

    i didn’t know gary oldman and susan dey where a couple back then?

  12. “… And then we’ll do each others make-up, put on some of our mom’s clothes and dance around singing to ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’. Best slumber party evar!!!” 😛

  13. Kind of reminds me of an episode of “That 70’s Show” where Kelso lets Jackie dress him up as a girl…… hoping to get laid of course!

  14. WELL! this explains the two Dalmations that we saw earlier…

  15. The cat video was cool. It reminded me of all of the polaticians out there. They can be made to sound like they know what they are talking about for some treats, some scratches or in Clinton’s case, some snapper. (that was a Bill Clinton reference, well maybe Hilary too)

  16. junkman

    perhaps the zilla girls can help me with this. when the “do” is done here..does it just make women so horny they need to be stedged hard and put away wet? or is it just deluded pussy whipped mother fucker’s hoping for something they weren’t getting anyway? don’t lie cause i’m not doing it anyway. :wtf:

  17. Drusky

    Ben and Billy read in a National Geographic somewhere inbetween the naked tribal women and the Ford ads that wild monkeys preen each other before sex and thought ‘Hmmmmm….’

  18. Flash Gordon

    Which twin has the Tony? and which pair have the penises? 😕 :wtf: :limp: 🙄

  19. dnjc

    This is not what the Eagles were singing about in life in the fast lane :puke: 😆

  20. Maddog

    Ahh the 70’s,,,. The things you would do for a “hummer” talking about depress uhhh where was I, I remember, memories!

  21. julesOdeNile

    [Comment ID #389918 will appear here]


  22. JMR

    “Bill and Chip didn’t remember it being this hard to get chicks in college.”

  23. Secret Agent Man

    :wtf: I swear I went to high school with those two guys. I swear the guy on the right is named Bob and the other is Kevin(?). “class of ’82”

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