More Annoying Words

  1. Putty
  2. Pewter
  3. Sputum
  4. Guffaw
  5. Gewgaw…
  6. …And its evil twin geegaw
  7. Hijinks
  8. Hinky
  9. Hella
  10. What words are annoying you, lately?


  1. janeeto

    Stay-cation. Families held close to home who can’t vacation in other states/counties due to the high price of gasoline.

    I was fortunate to go away and have a proper vacation.

  2. Lounge Puppy

    Jism, used by business types in meetings when they mean to say flotsom and jetsom. And when I say I’m annoyed, I mean I snigger and tell everyone later.

  3. [Comment ID #389088 will appear here]

    When I say “Jism”, I’m usually talking about the liquid exchange that happens during peak moments of intercourse.

    I find “Be-och” (however it’s spelled) esp. annoying, along with anything quoted from a Jim Carey movie. An annoying string of words comes in the phrase, “Get’er Done”. Please, if you use any of these words or phrases and you think you’re cool, go to the doctor and have your reproductive organs removed. Don’t breed, because anyone that would sleep with you after your lame excuse for a “come on” is probably just as socially retarded as you and any children you will produce will just bring down the average IQ of American society. But, hey, look at it this way, they could become President.

  4. tomsparks

    When someone keeps saying to you,”You know what I’m saying?” Like they think you don’t understand and they keep checking to see if you do.

  5. kheas

    i hate the word “Holla” it just pisses me off some times.

  6. patrick

    [Comment ID #389258 will appear here] AMEN! Every time, and I mean EVERY time, I hear that phrase I want to say, “Yes I do know what you’re saying. I understand the English language as is evident by the conversation we are trying to have. I had the benefit of a good high school and college education. I do, in fact, understand what you’re saying”. However, what you’re saying bores the hell out of me and I’m leaving. Have a nice day and a big steaming bowl of shut the fuck up!


  7. J

    I’ll say it again -segway

  8. Bill Smith

    OMG- and any version of it!

  9. Bill Smith

    “Big steaming bowl of shut the fuck up” has immediately risen to the top of favorite phrases…nicely said Patrick

  10. Vajayjay – Just say vagina and get over it. 🙄

  11. junkman

    [Comment ID #389327 will appear here] um….just say vagina and get INTO it!

  12. I hate all the convoluted word-twistings of account executives:

    Silo (as a verb)
    Asset matrix
    Due diligence
    Media Agnostic
    Post-mortums (Yes, plural)
    The Dog’s Breakfast (I don’t even know what that means)

    and my all time favorite:

    “Channel-specific concept development”

    I don’t know what any of that means. Why can’t they just speak plain English?

  13. Any word with shizzle added to it.


    player (playaaaa)

  14. mzlan

    the onus is on you.


  15. Well, like, whatever. I’m just sayin that, like, Hello? Just git er done, beyotch and don’t get all up in my face, you know what I mean?

  16. OC Beavis

    Any combination of last names/first names used to describe any Hollywood/Entertainment couple: Brangelina, TomKat, etc. Its not funny. Its not cute. And its especially NOT clever. 👿

  17. Rufus G. Garvin

    [Comment ID #389540 will appear here]

    Does that mean that you can’t get out of bed? Welcome back Ms AnnieB! I’ve
    been missing your trenchant and sometimes vitriol-dripping comments. :kiss: :java:

  18. Flash Gordon

    That last entry is my alter ego. 😈 🙄 :wtf:

  19. dnjc

    ACTIONED. As in ‘ Yes, Barry, I have actioned your request for new paperclips.’

  20. janeeto

    [Comment ID #389486 will appear here]
    Not tonight, honey.

  21. tomsparks

    Someone that ends their sentence with “and that”. My Mom,my brother,and my cousin do that all the time.

  22. Lake Effect

    Phlegm, dude.


  23. patrick

    Grammar nazis say “impacted” is one of our least favorite words. You are impacted if you’ve not had a bowel movement in seven days and your abdomen is as hard as a rock, that’s impacted. Otherwise, something has had an impact upon you. I hate the trend of taking nouns and trying to turn them into verbs by adding “ed”. And there’s no such thing as “conversate”. No, you didn’t conversate. You conversed. Or you talked. Or you spoke. Or you chatted. Okay, I’ll get down off my soap box now. My spleen is vented. Woo, do I feel better.

  24. Lake Effect

    Britney. Surge. Madonna. price @ gallon. Paris Hilton. Drill. Obama. Global warming. Cleveland Indians. Branjelina. Barrel of oil. Amy Winehouse. Election. Olympics. Economy. Hork. Sucking chest wound. Google. Achmadinijad.

  25. [Comment ID #389452 will appear here]

    My son says this EVERY time I tell him that I don’t care why he did whatever it is that he did in that 5 minute period to piss off one of his brothers. I agree. The person who uses the phrase, “I’m just saying” definately deserves to be smacked “I should have had a V8” style, REPEATEDLY.

    Also, the phrase (or if you prefer, string of annoying words), “It’s not my fault.”
    YES, it is. You were in the wrong place at the wrong time saying the wrong things to the wrong people. You put yourself in that situation, therefore, it IS your fault. The same son that uses the “I’m just saying” phrase likes to throw this one around, also. As soon as it leaves his mouth, he amends it with, “Well, you know what I mean. I’m just saying.”

    WHACK!!!!!!!!!! :wtf:

  26. Yeah, “Just sayin'” is usually preceded by something awful. Usually someone says something horribly offensive about you, then they add “Just sayin'” as though it absolves them of any assholery.

  27. Crystal

    “Wuter”…as in the stuff that comes from the tap….the stuff you cleanse your body in. Commonly referred to as water by those with a couple of brain cells to rub together.

  28. tomsparks

    Someone that says”yea theys got all up in my grill”. Maybe everyother sentence. Or end a sentence with “that uh”.

  29. Timm

    The words “McCain” and “Obama” and “Democrat” and “Republican” and “President” and “Campaign”

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